Chapter 16 - One BIG hot foot


Susan was right, everyone was paying attention to the end result and not who was causing the mayhem. Although many swore it was just the luck of having a bad storm hit when they needed one, others swore Merlin himself had jumped out of the earth and raised hell.

Once in the room it started, "But how?"

"I have no idea; there is no information other than mythology writings over being an elemental. For all I know it's a bug and since you live with me you caught my bug." I was not a scientist and I sure didn't want Hermione or Dumbledore involved so they could explain what was going on.

I got a lot of staring from Susan before she unloaded a mini rant or "Why didn't you tell me you were that powerful?" I just shrugged my shoulders and tried to redirect the whole thing. I had told her I was an elemental and with so little written about something that was centuries old plus I was afraid. I was afraid to tell her I was holding back and that today was a controlled power display. I wasn't quite sure what would happen if I just let loose. I was afraid what she would do if I told her I could most likely have destroyed the entire town in a mille second. She was a witch until a few minutes ago and had only so much magic in her core and reasoned that way. An elemental did not use a core or if I did it was the elements provided by the world itself, I was just the conductor. The Elementals go back before the beginning of religion. Before there were angels there were Elementals who inhabited all things. Religion taught that there were no such things but Merlin was the last recorded elemental or was inhabited by an elemental. I then asked her why she had been hiding her Elemental power. "I didn't know I was just so afraid for you and me and it just happened. Harry how did this happen I thought Elementals couldn't have wizard magic?" SharpKnife was going to have some questions really soon,

The Dailey Profit reported on the deads in Hogsmeade Village. They seemed to take joy in reporting in minuet detail of each death with accompanying photographs. It seemed someone was not reporting a few minor facts. Like the one armed Deatheater named Malfoy who got an ice spear to his chest was supposedly in Azkaban at the time. That brought up that the Ministry controlled the Dementors who were all confined to Azkaban.

Luckily I was just Harry or her Harry and soon my weirdness was forgotten like what the Goblin had told her about me long ago. SharpKnife was no help other than suggesting it was the bond. Susan's attention turned towards Dumbledore and his burnt hand. Rumors ran amuck and he finally told me he had found and destroyed a ring that was a Horcrux. All I knew was Susan was due her NEWTs in a few months and we turned seventeen this summer and I really loved her. Then things started going strange.

I was leaving Hogwarts during the day to practice my water element. I couldn't have the lake at Hogwarts suddenly have a tidal wave. I needed to be at sea and my tidal wave had to have control and not race towards an inhabited land mass. OK, maybe not a real tidal wave but a large wave without any earthquakes. Earthquakes I had no idea how I was going to practice them. Any which way I was away from Hogwarts and even with Susan in class all day she noticed I was gone. Call it jealousy or just that I was her property she got slightly upset. Well more like boiling mad. I had explained where I was going and what I was doing but I guess it's just in the nature of married people to have fights. AND she was in the mood for a fight. Let's just say that words were exchanged and then I got stubborn and she reached out like she was going to grab me or strangle me. I am happy Hogwarts is made of stone because she didn't grab me but let her anger out of her hands. She shot some blistering flames out of the palms of her hand. I stopped her cold with water coming out of my hands. That stopped the fight cold.

"What in the hell?" Susan gasped.

"I'm not sure dear but that sure looked like some Elemental fire to me dear."

"But I haven't been able to produce any since the Hogmeade fight."

"Well let's just see what's going on as I am as lost as you are."

Her wand worked just fine as she was using her magical core. Then we tried to have her flame a chair and got nothing. She kept trying at my request but all she did was get pissed. Now whether that was at me or not being able to produce what she just did a minute ago, I wasn't going to ask. Well she got mad and then flames erupted burning the chair, the rug and blackening the far wall, she was lacking any type of control.

"Well my dear you and I have to start training together to get you some kind of control."

That did not set well with her as an answer and more of the furniture went up in flames. In the end we found she had only the fire element and had kept her magical core. All our spare time was in the desert in Nevada to practice near our cave in the mountain.

/Scene Break/

Meanwhile at Malfoy Manor Voldemort was plotting, "WORMTAIL!"

"Yes Master"

"Get me Anderson."

"Yes Master"

"My Lord"

"I want a plan to take Hogwarts. Get that idiot Thicknesse to turn over the Dementors to you and get everyone out of Azkaban. If they don't want to join me, kill them. Get someone to get the Vampires, Giants, and Trolls if they refuse kill them. And see if you can get those spiders in the Forbidden Forest to join or whatever is necessary."

"Yes Master it shall be done."

"Good, get to it, I give you two weeks for the plans which will take effect September 1st."

/Scene Break/

"Say Neville have you seen Dumbledore around?"

"No Susan I haven't notice him around, why?"

"You think there is a problem or what?" I asked.

"All the activities have been run by McGonagall; Dumbledore seems to be on vacation." Susan mused.

"Think that Black Hand of his has done him in or something." Neville asked.

"Let's ask McGonagall, she should know."

The question got McGonagall to look and what she found caused quite a lot of commotion. St. Mungo sent in a team and after a lot of sweet talk the St. Mungo team hauls Headmaster Dumbledore away. Rumors ran from simple to the insane and as usual they had some truth to them. McGonagall called me and Susan in since it sort of involved Harry Potter.

"Harry this is to be kept quiet. I would not tell you except it involves you as it always has with Albus. You are aware his interests in you since you were a baby. I always thought he was obsessed with Harry Potter way too much and it finally broke him. We have unraveled what happened as best we can so here it is, Albus Dumbledore is insane."

"Could you fill in a bit more information? I don't want any of his gazillion plans to catch up with me because I think I'm safe."

"Very well, he had ordered a Hogwarts House elf to answer to the name of Harry Potter. Well you know how they obey the orders of their masters. So when I found him he had the elf Harry Potter in a chair as Albus explained about the seven Horcux and his plan to have Harry Potter defeat Lord Voldemort by a combination of the Horcrux scar in Harry Potter's head and the Death Stick. He wasn't rational so I called St. Mungo and they sent a team. He is still claiming he must get the Wand of Destiny to Harry Potter or the world as we know it will fall."

"Well he is definitely obsessed but a lot of what he said is or was true…"

"What, you can't believe that the Wand of Destiny or the Death Stick is real, they are children's tails."

"So what does St. Mungo say about a cure?"

"No they say at his age he was probably half senile and obsessed which has led to his insanity. They hold no hope of his returning to a sane mind."

"Thank you Professor, Susan and I will be heading to our quarters. Have a good evening."

"You as well Lord Peverell."

/Scene Break/

Well the NEWTs were over and the break had started. Susan now insisted that we make plans for when she graduated. She was of course a pureblood and as Lady of Lord Peverell needed the proper Manor for receptions and parties that were required of high society. So, instead of kicking Voldemort ass and joining Sirius on a deserted island I was house hunting. Thus getting a sun tan and raise little Peverell's was out and I was to make like a Malfoy. I was not to know that Susan's plan would only last a while before the "Fates" stepped in and did a change in plans.

The first sign of things not going per Susan's plans was that no house suited her needs, likes or grandeur. Susan was beginning to worry me. I was raised as a nobody so acting as a somebody left a bad taste in my mouth. Susan was raised as a pureblood somebody so I couldn't have her just throw all that away as it was part of who she was. GRrrrr! SharpKnife was getting a work out as he had to provide the available houses locations. All the Manors were under some kind of wards so you didn't just walk up when you saw a for sale sign. Then there were the parties that we had to attend.

"Lady Avery how nice of you to invite us, don't you look ravishing this evening. Lord Puffitup sterling vote on the flubber worm protection act and on and on it went. If I didn't love Susan so much I would just throw up my hands and hide in my cave. I could just see myself saying at one of these parties, "Oh Lord and Lady Upunose, Me? I was raised as a muggle and I live in a cave and wish I was there now."

Soon it was all over and September 1st had arrived and the train ride. The compartment was full of Snakes and Girls so Ron didn't stop in. Draco was still kissing hems as far as we knew so the ride was enjoyable. The carriages deposited us at the front door to be met with a sneering Snape who didn't say a word. I was enjoying the feast when Headmistress McGonagall made the announcement that all students were to report to their house common rooms as Hogwarts was under attack. Funny that I had forgotten that I was seventeen years old, I had a prophesy and I had a strong hunch as to who was knocking on the front gates.

I was surprised that they didn't give me a fight to stay out of the fight. They tried to send Susan off which we thought was funny as she was the second most dangerous person in the castle. Well at this minute.

The first line of defense was the front gates which were warded. So while the giants, trolls and Deatheaters were hammering on the gates Snape devised a fool proof way of staying alive come what may. He had us lock him in a cell in the dungeons without his wand. So whoever won he could say he wasn't involved or couldn't be involved. The second defense was the castle itself. Had been only the castle defenses it would have fallen sooner or later. Voldemort was going to be in for a shock when he found two Elementals defending the castle. A clanging alarm told of the gates falling to admit the hordes. Luckily there were not many vampires as they were the hardest to kill. Tom had only picked up a few renegade vampires. The werewolf's were in full force and the he had a hundred or so Deatheaters. The Deatheaters were directing the six giants and a dozen or so trolls. I was going to have a word with the Centaurs after this was over. They could have at least shot an arrow or two at the Deatheaters herding the Acromantulas. The silly Centaurs always threatened us when we went in the forest but couldn't spare an arrow for real intruders.

Their curses bounced off the castles walls and only the most powerful gouging or blasting curses made a dent. They were relying on the spiders to scale the walls and the vampires to smoke in and get the doors open. One of those stupid vamps almost got me but I entered the void. The warned me something was behind me so I spun away as his sword passed where I just was. I hit it with a bold of electricity which seemed to aggravate it until Susan sent a wooden stake through its dead heart.

The skies darkened and then turned black. Thunder rolled across the sky as rain fell and lightning flashed. It was show time. I sent a wave of water from the black lake and had it wash everything in its path against the castle walls. As it receded it took many into the lake where the mermen were ready with their trident. Even the giant squid joined the games. Ice wolves began the hunt of anything in their way as rock creachers rose out of the ground pounding flesh into the ground. Lightning bolts found giants and trolls in other words this was turning into a rout. When I say that lightning bolts rained down it was not figuratively speaking the grounds of Hogwarts became a disaster area of smoking craters. Susan was throwing balls of fire as fast as she could and taught the Acromantula hot foot dance to those that were wall climbing.

Silence fell over the grounds as the skies cleared and the sun came out. A wind blew across the grounds clearing the smoke to see Voldemort standing there like nothing had happened. "Catch you later Lov I believe I have a prophesy to fulfill."

I flamed down to behind Voldemort. I wanted him as ignorant about what I could do as I could keep him. Although, he would be stupid to think all this destruction was not me in some manner or form.

"So we get to match our magic and our magical core one on one." Did I just think he was not stupid?

"Yes Tom we get to end it today."

After a maniacal laugh he gives me "I am Lord Voldemort and I cannot die, how many times have you tried and I am here, you cannot kill an immortal."

I almost laughed and would have if it wasn't so serious. The prophecy clearly stated this was his time to go to hell. I just had to make sure I didn't get too cocky. "Dear old Tom, relying on those little Horcux-maa-call-its again? That changed his facial expression.

"You know the diary, snake are gone…" He laughed, "You will never find them all."

My gave a twinge so I waited no longer and I flamed. He fired his normal 'Avada Kedavra' but I was no longer there as I was giving him a big hug.

I believe I mentioned that it was tiring melting down gold into ingots. Since my fire doesn't bother or burn me I was giving Voldemort an 1850 degree's Fahrenheit hug. I was encased in flames and now so was Voldemort. Hogwarts anti-apperation and anti-port-key ward left Voldemort only one option, die by fire, he did.

When the ashes fell to the ground I was encased in another hug.

"Susan you realize we are in trouble?"

"How's that my hot little lover?"

"You do know that most likely half the castle was watching our little fight. Those in the castle by now have seen Lord and Lady Peverell turn into two hot items. You have noticed that both of us are still on fire?"

"Oh Shit!"

That was not our only problem but it would take a while to figure that out.