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Chapter 4: Epilogue


Then, a gold glint touched the corner of Ella's eyes, and she looked up, realizing that it was sunrise. And then, looking to Schrileah, she blinked as the pale girl was gone in the flick of her snowy silver hair……


Standing up, Ella looked around, wondering where Schrileah had gone. Wandering through the forest, her thoughts rested on Gau for only a split second before she decided that he could take care of himself, and didn't need her to watch him every second.

Treading quietly, she looked around the general area where she had been, and she simply couldn't seem to find the girl. She wanted to ask her more about……she didn't know what; she just wanted to talk to this girl some more………

……sitting down on a boulder in front of a waterfall that she had found on accident, Ella sighed and removed the drapphe from her belt; she hadn't found Schrileah, and it had been a day already; the bloody sky was fading to bruises as she watched [1].

Putting the clarinet-like instrument to her lips, she began to play as she used to with Caelqua, and memories began to flow back to her, some fond, some not so pleasant. She remembered Caelqua's kindness, her patience; she hadn't deserved to die in that cell with the slavers all around. Hadn't deserved to die at all in fact. She was one of those people who deserved to live for years and decades and centuries without aging a day, and staying just the wonderful, kind person that they were by nature.

Blinking, she felt someone, or something watching her, and turning to look at the forest behind her, she saw messy brown hair and matching eyes watching her.

"Where have you been Ella? I've been looking for you all day." said Gau, emerging from the shadows. Standing up on the rock as she turned the rest of the way to face him, she said,

"Oh, nowhere. I figured you needed some alone time; I was looking for a … friend … she gave this to me." She gestured to the drapphe in her hand. Then, she heard something behind her. Turning quickly, she saw that it indeed was Schrileah. She stood on the lake, feet barely touching the surface of the water. She smiled at Ella, he voice came to the Seville's ears,

"I have done as asked; I can go to see my mother now. Goodbye Ella Seville." Her voice had a dreamy, sleep-like quality, that made Ella think that perhaps she wasn't really there. Then, cast down from the moon came a beam, and it lit on Schrileah, illuminating her paler-than-pale features, and making her almost invisible with light, so that she glowed like a goddess and couldn't be looked at. Then, something materialized behind the girl. Straining to see through the moon beams, Ella gasped as she heard an oh-so-familiar and long-missed voice whisper,

"Be happy Ella." And then, the light ceased, and when the lake could be viewed again, there was no one to be seen; they were both gone. Goodbye Caelqua; 'm glad you're ok, and 'm glad that you're happy, thought Ella as she stood and wrapped an arm around Gau's shoulders.

"Who was that Ella?" asked the confused boy that was her younger brother. Smiling, Ella looked up to the full moon and said,

"Just a friend Gau; just a friend."


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