Vampire Hunter D belong Hideyuki Kikuchi. Valentin Garde are a character of me. He is a vampire with a french accent and this fanfiction show his connection with D. (In the german version I can write his accent, but in english... I had no idea, sorry, imagination must be enough ;)

A picture of Valentine Guard can you find on deviantart. The link doesn't work.

I hope the translation is to understand (I give my best and have at the moment no beta-reader) and hope you enjoy :)

In the most of my stories from VHD are a big crossover of Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing Ultimate, Van Helsing and the true historical life of "Dracula". In this fanfiction it is not so strongly represented. For a better understanding you can read other fanfictions of me, if you like.

I hope the translation is to understand (I give my best and have at the moment no beta-reader) and hope you enjoy :)

Kisses of a vampire: Part One

The little boy looked curiously out from behind his mother. The dainty hands clung to the fabric of the white dress.

"D , come forth , my dear. "

The boy looked anxiously up at his mother. But this only smiled encouragingly , took his hand and pulled him forward.

"Say goodnight and stand in front of the nice gentlemen. "

The four- year-old chewed nervously on the lower lip , but raised his head and bowed to the great man .

"Good night, MyLord . I'm Dracula, but mom and dad just call me D. "

The man smiled and went to his knees.

"Nice to meet you, young D. My name is Valentin Garde. You can call me Valentin. Alright ? "

D smiled shyly and nodded. D' s mother laughed and gave her son a kiss on the forehead.

"Good, then I'll leave you two sweets alone. Have a nice time. "

"Mom ," he held her firmly back and trembling , " You must not go away ! "

"Don't worry . Monsieur Garde will protect you. You have to be nice to him . I 'm sure he can teach you a lot. "

Reluctantly, he let go and then nodded hesitantly.

"Yes , Mommy. "

She smiled at them again and then left the room with fireplace. He looked suspiciously at the man.

He was beautiful , like any vampire , yet somehow different. His emerald green hair fell smoothly over his shoulders. The oblique bangs covering his right face. The facial features were narrow and friendly. He seemed to be really nice.

His Mommy had told him that the vampire was the oldest and closest friend of his father. He even belonged to the strict guards.

"Do you know why you're here with me?"

"No, My ... I mean Monsieur Garde. "

"You can call quiet me Valentin." The vampire smiled and took the little hand . The touch felt cold, but D did not shrink back. The Monsieur drew him to a chair . He sat down and patted his thigh.

"Come, D. Sit here. "

D hesitated, but then he jumped on the lap of the vampire.

"Well, your father thinks you 're old enough to learn to defend you. "

"And like that?"

"I am a master of swordsmanship . And I will show you how to fight. "

A beam passed over his sweet face.


"Of course and not only that. "

The vampire raised his hand before the boy's face . D felt it was colder. Hoarfrost forming on the pale skin of Valentin . Ice crystals create a new body.

" A butterfly ! Beautiful - how did you do that ? "

" Magic ," said Valentin. He blew his dead breath against the butterfly. The ice turned green. Emerald-colored flames licked the delicate work of art. The butterfly flapped its wings and flew up from his fingers. It rose into the air without melting. With shining eyes D watched the magical butterfly.

"I will also learn this? "

"Exactly. Would you like that? "

D nodded eagerly .

"Please, Valentin! Please, please!"

"Wonderful, then let us begin. There is so much to learn for you... "


"Valentin Valentin ," D ran crying on the training pitch . The eight- year-old shivered as he stopped in front of his teacher.

"D , what about you? Why are you crying , little one? "

D sniffled and wiped his face.

" The ... the soldier hurt me ! See!" The boy held the vampire towards his bleeding hand back.

Valentin suppressed a shrikes , when he saw the delicious sap of the young dhampir . Before he had noticed the sweet smell , but now to see how the blood ran over the Little hand made sure that he trembled . But not only because of the blood. Even in anger.

" Which soldier did that? Which this vile vampires was that? "

" I do not know ," D' s voice trembled , "I do not know his name. ... But he has been lying to me . I've seen him often. He scares me ... he has white hair and ... a scar under his eye ... and I was afraid ... his eyes ... he's evil ... I ... I- "

" Pssst ... " Valentin took him in his arms and pressed his students to his chest. While he calmed the child to his noble face twisted into a mask of rage.

He knew that soldier . He had often seen him at their training or in the vicinity of the prince. The whole time he had a strange feeling . This was have a sequel . For this the son of a bitch would atone. Of this he had to report the vampire king.

Dracula would be very angry when he heard that one of his soldiers had attacked his beloved son.

D had now calmed down and wiped the tears from his face.

"Tell me, my little one . How could you escape? "

An almost cheeky smile passed over the face of dhampir.

"I scratched and bit him!" D bared his pointed teeth. Valentin blinked. D' s teeth were unusually large and long. Correct vampire teeth. Strange, usually had his fangs just a little pointy and not as pronounced.

Valentin's finger slide in the small mouth and pushed back the upper lip. In fact, they had become very long. Blood was on them. The vampire let the boy go.

"You 've done well . I'm going to make a real fighter out of you . Now ... I think that you can awaken enough of your vampiric powers and magic. "

"I can finally take a real sword?" asked D beaming of happiness. The happening seemed to be forgotten.

" Yes. But before ... wait here . I still have some work to do, yes?"

" Okay ... but please come back soon. "

"Do not worry . I'm always there for you. That's what I promised you. "

Valentin leaned forward and gave D a kiss on the forehead.

"I always take care of you."