Jason woke to Dick's callused fingers trailing across his face, like he was memorizing it by touch. Dick's blue eyes were sleepy and almost content and as soon as he saw Jason was awake he pressed in for a kiss, morning breath be damned.

"Thank you, little mouse – Jason." He ran a hand down Jason's chest, and down towards his hardening cock. He smiled. "You have given me everything. I never thought I would actually have this."

"Yeah, well don't get used to things like last night –it's going to take me more than a while to recover," Jason groused. Now in the cold light of morning, he hurt all over. He was bruised, there was dried blood on his neck from Dick's teeth, and his ass hurt.

Dick looked at him seriously. "I was thinking, this morning, you could take me. You seemed overwhelmed last night, and I would love to understand what you were feeling."

Jason thought about his half-formed plan, about the Court of Owls hunting them, and about Dick impaled on his cock and moaning his name.

He pounced.

Dick was on his back, his hands clutching at Jason's shoulders. His body was hot and tight as Jason fucked into him with even, controlled motions. The expression on Dick's face was an amazing combination of lust, pleasure and mild surprise, like he couldn't work out why it was feeling so good, but he didn't want it to end. He was also noisy, every thrust eliciting some strange sound – a moan or groan, or a strangled curse. He was clawing at Jason's shoulders, one strong leg wrapped around his waist. He was uninhibited and full of wild joy, and it was mesmerizing to watch, endearing and somehow humbling. When he came he practically savaged Jason's back, tearing it to shreds. The pain carried Jason through his own orgasm on a tide of pleasure.

He was half-dozing when Dick poked him in the side. "How long before you recover. I want to do that again."

Jason groaned.

By mid afternoon they had fucked every-which way. They were both sore and aching, and sated – for now. Jason was dosing half sprawled over Dick's body. His Talon didn't seem to mind being crushed to death by Jason's bulk. But the calm was shattered when the first alarm tripped.

They were both up and pulling on clothes in moments. Fucking Owls.

When fitting out this safe-house Jason had included a number of bolt holes, including one that led through the floor to the room below. They spent seven hours sitting cramped and bored in a wardrobe, surrounded by Armani suits.

They spent the next seven hours running.

Now it had their scent, the Court was relentless, and Jason's plans went straight out the window. Jason hadn't truly anticipated just how much they wanted their baby Talon back. Or how well they knew him. They destroyed his safe-houses and turned the familiar streets into death traps. Dick was apparently resigned to their inevitable fate, but Jason was less accepting. If they could just gain a little headway, if he could take the time to think, then he could figure out a second plan – so far all he had come up with was getting to Bruce without leading the Court straight to him, and without looking like he needed the help.

By midnight he was flagging. He had sent several distress calls to Batman, to Oracle, to any fucker that would listen. He had never, ever asked for help before, and it made him feel ashamed. But he managed to convince himself it was for Dick, not him. He totally wasn't running for his life.

When it seemed they had lost their pursuers for the time being, they holed up in an abandoned building that was little more than a construction site.

Dick watched the city from under cover of a sheet of billowing plastic and cleaned blood from beneath his nails with one of his knives. Jason sat against a pillar and attempted to salvage his phone – it had suffered a killing blow from a Talon's dagger, but saved him from the same.

He was sure the Bat brigade was hunting for them. He just needed to get a signal out, but that was easier said than done.

"They're here." Dick called out softly.

Jason swore quietly and got to his feet. Time to fight. Again.

There were four of them, more than he and Dick could handle, as tired and drained as they were. The problem wasn't delivering a killing blow, it was keeping the bastards dead.

He spun and struck out with his knife, sinking the blade into the first Talon's eye and kicking out a savage blow to the second assassin as it lunged at him from the side. It went down, and he only just managed to block a blow from the first, as it yanked the dagger out of its head and turned it on Jason.

He slipped in a puddle of blood, which saved his life when the Talon swung the weapon a second time. It sailed through the empty air where his head had been moments before. The Talon he had downed before grabbed him by the throat and would probably have throttled the life out of him, but Dick's dagger came flying from the left and straight into its skull.

He had a horrible suspicion that had been Dick's last weapon. They were going to die here, and that really pissed Jason off. He had just found someone crazier than he was, someone he could relate to, someone he could work with and have mind-blowing, slightly violent sex with. The universe just liked to tease him with shit he wanted, before it took it away again.

Well not this time. He lashed out with Dick's knife, aiming low. He hamstrung the first assailant and spun to block a slash from the second. Then a batarang knocked the knife from the Talon's hand and Jason had never been so happy to see something in his life. It wasn't Batman though. There was a flash of purple and gold and Batgirl landed on the Talon with a satisfying crunch. She shot him with something from a dart gun, and the Talon reared back and fell to the floor.

Batgirl fired again, felling the other Talon as it tried to drag itself away.

"Nice timing," Jason gasped. "What's that stuff?"

"Freezes their blood," Batgirl said, and she sounded out of breath.

She shot the third assassin as it tried to rise. Meanwhile, Dick was beating his would-be assassin into a pulp with a length of wood. It lacked finesse, but he seemed to enjoying himself so Jason left him to it.

"Very, very glad to see you, Bratgirl," Jason said as he slid to the floor.

Steph huffed at him and winced as she eased herself down beside him. She had a split lip and was favoring her left arm. "Be a super hero they said, it's awesome they said."

"Who has ever said that? Aside from Superman."

"I'm retiring," Steph declared, wagging her gloved finger at the sky. "I am done with owls and crazy shit and I have a paper to write for tomorrow."

Jason gave her a tired smirk. "Can I have your Bat Stuff then?"

"No, get your own." She gave him the finger, but ruined the effect with a warm smile.

They lapsed into an exhausted, comfortable silence and watched Dick scrape brain matter off his boot with his piece of wood.

"So," Steph said casually. "Who's murder boy over there?"

"Long story. Long, sordid story."

"This I will want to hear, I'm sure." She yawned. "God, I am shattered. The past twenty-four hours have been mayhem. But B has them on the run, the Court has slunk away to lick its wounds, just these stragglers left."

"Thank fuck," Jason said, with feeling.

"No, thank us. And speaking of Batman, he's been frantic since you fell off the grid."

"Batman, frantic. Sorry, can't picture it."

"Ok, well he was more growly than normal, and he told us to find you. The 'or don't come back' was in the subtext. But it was definitely his emotionally stunted version of frantic."

"Tell me you didn't tell him where we are," Jason said, already pushing himself to his feet.

"Of course I did! He's super worried about you."

"It's going to get complicated really fast, and I'm not ready for him yet – there's shit I need to work out."

"Like him?" Steph pointed her thumb at Dick, who had been busy removing the Talon's armor and was now hacking what was left of its head off.

Jason winced. "Yeah, like him."

"Is he the reason they chased you all over the city, and sent twice as many Talons after you?"

"Yeah. And it's going to get very difficult when Batman gets involved."

Steph just looked at him. Jason rubbed his face tiredly. How was he going to deal with this? He was certain that despite Dick being a Talon, once Bruce had DNA tested him and assured himself it was his missing Robin, he would welcome him home, get him the help he needed. Dick might not understand that process though. He was sure to be locked up for a start, and he was afraid of Batman.

He beckoned Dick over, and his Talon stalked towards them, heedless of the gore splattered all over his face. Jason checked him over and pulled the hood of his hoodie up – just in case they got interrupted – because one shocker at a time. Dick stared at Batgirl, and Steph stared right back, curious and unafraid. "So, murder boy. What's your story?"

Dick blinked at her, blood clumped in his eyelashes.

Unruffled, she offered him a tired smile. "Nice to meet you, murder boy. I'm Batgirl."

Dick flinched and looked at the floor. Jason remembered Barbara had been Batgirl when Dick had been Robin. They had been friends.

"Go play with your buddies," Jason said, waving him off and Dick returned to the fallen bodies of his would-be murders, his knife already out.

Steph shot him a slightly appalled look.

"They're already dead. Let him have a bit of fun."


"He needs the release, Steph. You have no idea what he's been through."

She studied him carefully, before nodding. He was ridiculously grateful to her for letting it go, even if she did wince at the squelching noises coming from where Dick was getting to work on the next fallen assassin.

Batman landed almost silently, but Dick still heard him and twisted round, drawing back with a hiss. Jason caught him by the arm. "It's ok, we're going to have to deal with this at some point."

Dick wasn't listening though, and he struggled free. "You traitor! What was the point of this if you were only going to give me up at the end of it?"

"Red Hood," Batman growled, but the whiteout lenses of his eyes were fixed firmly on Dick. Thankfully Dick's features were hidden by his hoodie, but things were going to get out of control anyway.

Batgirl was still beside him, and he made a quick, brutal decision. He dug Steph's standard dart gun from where it was holstered on her utility belt and shot Dick low on the thigh. Dick looked at the dart protruding from his jeans and then at Jason, before his face contorted with fury. He snarled, once again an angry bundle of animalistic rage, and lunged across the space separating them. Thankfully his reactions were already slowed or he might have ripped Jason's head off – that seemed to be what he was aiming for. But the Bat-Tranqs were fast acting and he collapsed in a heap at Jason's feet.

"Wow, harsh," Batgirl commented casually.

Jason glared at her. "Shut up," he grunted as he gathered Dick up in his arms, trying not to show how goddamn heavy the bastard was. "B, we need to get back to the cave. We have a lot to talk about. Alfred will back me up on this one."

The Bat was inscrutable, eyes still on Dick. But then he turned and sailed from the building. Jason seriously hoped he was moving towards the Batmobile, because his legs were about to give out.

Steph helped, and Jason didn't even pretend not to be grateful.

They blindfolded Dick, although he was unconscious – it was the only way Jason could think of that Bruce would allow them to enter the cave without a detailed explanation.

Alfred was waiting for them. Tim was asleep, slumped over the computer, his right leg in a cast, and a neat bandage wrapped over his head. At least Damian wasn't there. Although there was a cat curled up on the monitor above Tim's head. A cat in the Batcave, that was a new one. Bruce wouldn't even let him have a gold fish.

Jason carried Dick out of the car and laid him on one of the medical tables, carefully keeping his face concealed. He was going to try and explain before he dropped that bombshell.

"Why is the Court after this young man?" Bruce asked, striding towards his computer. There were three red dots, milling about on the map of Gotham, and several motionless blue ones. The Talons left in the city, and the neutralized ones. Bruce very gently moved Tim aside, without waking him. It was a show of concern and tenderness that made Jason's gut twist, but he found the feeling wasn't as unpleasant as it usually was. If Bruce truly loved them, he would accept Dick, despite his crimes.

"Jason?" Alfred asked, and his eyes were fixed on Dick's still figure. Jason nodded at him and Alfred took a breath, clearly battling for control of his emotions. Jason waited for the surge of jealousy, but it didn't come. The old butler sent him a look that was full of pride. And Jason's heart swelled.

He turned back to Bruce. "So, B," he began, but then stalled. What the fuck was he supposed to say? He looked at Steph, but she was busy writing offensive things on Tim's bandages.

Batman gave him a look. The 'tell me now' look. But underneath it, Jason was shocked to see the 'I'm mad because you made me worry' look. That had been a frequent one when he had been Robin.

"Well?" Bruce asked

"I was attacked by a Talon, and I captured him to get info." Bruce's eyes narrowed – he probably didn't approve of Jason's methods. Jason chose to ignore it. "Turns out he was stalking me, he wanted to be free of them – he's still alive." Jason jerked a thumb back at Dick's unconscious form. Alfred had him hooked up to an IV and was taking samples and fussing around him.

"Did you not consider the idea he could be a sleeper agent?" Bruce asked, his voice a familiar, deep rumble.

"I did. But I don't believe he is." God, this was hard. "Thing is Bruce, I recognized him, and I sent Alf a DNA sample to be sure. Because whatever our history, I didn't want to get your hopes up. Turns out I was right and Alf will back me."

"About what? This prevaricating is not like you, Jason."

"The DNA was a positive match for Dick Grayson." There was a palpable silence. He was vaguely aware even Steph had stopped whatever horror she was inflicting on Tim's sleeping form. Bruce turned stiffly and walked to the gurney that Dick was laid out on. He looked at Alfred, who was wearing an expression that was both relief and sadness. And yeah, Jason could relate to that.

Bruce looked into his foster son's face and his hands clenched. Then he touched Dick's cheek with his gloved fingers.

"How can we be sure–" Bruce started.

But Alfred broke in. "I did the tests myself, sir. It is Master Dick."


"Do you mistrust me, sir? I trust Master Jason completely in this matter. He has done his best to protect you both, I think."

Jason felt overwhelmed and achingly tired. "It's him, Bruce. He can't remember much, and they've conditioned him to feel pain at mentions of his past. They've had him a long time."

Bruce looked like he was shrinking into himself. His failure to find Dick before this happened must be crushing. But instead of the condemnation he expected to feel, Jason felt protective – of both of them.

"We didn't even know they were there, B. Let it go. Help him now."

"Tell me everything," Batman said.

And Jason told him.

Mostly everything, anyway.


When Jason woke he hurt. There was no part of his body that wasn't singing in pain. But there was a warm body next to him. He looked at his bedmate. Dick was snoring quietly, and drooling onto his pillow. His beat-up face was the best thing Jason had ever seen. They were actually ok. They had survived the Court, and they had survived the first round with the Bat.

Then he felt hard, calloused fingers on his throat.

"You betrayed me!" Dick snarled at him.

"Nope, really didn't," Jason grunted, despite his constricted airway. "Why'd you think you're asleep in bed and not dead or in a cage?"

Dick looked around and the grip on Jason's windpipe lessened.

"You missed a lot while unconscious," Jason told him, running his fingers through the assassin's hair. "You missed the second round of DNA testing, and the arguing, and when I almost got a thank you from the Batman. You missed the part where I argued you should be up here with me when you woke, so I could explain things to you."

"Why would the Bat care who I am?"

And fuck it. The Court probably already knew. "Remember the picture I showed you, of you and your foster dad?"

Dick nodded. His hair was a tangled mess against the pillow.

"He's Batman, and you were Robin. The first Robin. I was the second."

Dick gaped at him. "Batman's my father?"

"Not by blood, but yeah." Then he sucked it up and said the things that had once hurt him. "He never stopped looking for you. He would drop everything if he came across a lead." It didn't even sting. For the first time, Jason felt he sort of understood. And the disbelieving wonder in Dick's face was worth every hurt of the last few days.

And that was terrifying.

But he wasn't afraid to fall, so he dragged Dick in close for a kiss and thrilled as he felt the Talon's lips curve against his own.

They were going to be ok.

Later at breakfast – one of the weirdest Jason had ever experienced – Damian and Dick stared at each other with intense curiosity, over cereal and waffles. Dick was studiously ignoring Bruce, but he kept flicking surreptitious glances at him. Jason ate his scrambled eggs and watched Bruce in turn.

Meanwhile Bruce was staring at Dick, his face a strange mix of grief and joy. Jason waited for the jealousy, but for the first time he wondered if Bruce had looked at him like that, when he had come back. And if Jason had just been too angry to see it.

Tim seemed oblivious to the fact that the bandage on his head read 'boy-band reject' and Steph was keeping one hell of a straight face as they chatted, apparently unfazed by the Talon at the breakfast table. Jason really liked that girl – even without yesterday's heroic rescue.

Over all it was weird and domestic. There was a hell of a way to go, but Jason thought they might actually make it. Bruce wanted to spend several days a week trying to work through Dick's mental blocks, but Dick had made it clear he wanted Jason to be there at all times, and that he wished to stay with him, rather than at the manor.

Bruce had also taken Jason aside. Thanked him, in his stiff way. He had looked emotionally shattered. The fight with the Court cumulating in this reunion, and blighted by everything Dick had suffered, had taken its toll. Jason had tried not to make it worse by being an asshole. Bruce had also warned him to be careful; Dick had been a wonderful person, kind, smart and compassionate. Talon-Dick was an unknown quantity. He was potentially mentally and emotionally unstable and a trained killer. Bruce had cautioned Jason to be vigilant, at least until they knew where they stood.

He looked across the room at his Talon, and Dick grinned at him. He had drowned a waffle in syrup and was busy licking his sticky fingers. Jason was suddenly hungry again, and made for the toast pilled up near the head of the table. He brushed his fingers casually over Dick's shoulders as he passed, and Dick's whole body leaned into the light touch.

Jason was trying to take Bruce's warning into account – heaven knew the man was right, but he had a suspicion he was going to plunge into this new relationship face first, and damn the consequences.

It was more fun that way, anyhow.


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