After touching down in Russia Anwar was taken away to be anally searched for drugs or bombs or… something. Looking back on it now, it's probably part of the reason he's acting all twatty and homophobic. Anyway, when we finally got out of the airport it turned out that Tom has rented us a broken bus. After some negotiations, which obviously had nothing to do with safety standards, we were all loaded onto the back of some farmer's truck and shipped off to the hostel.

When we arrived at the hostel, which to be honest looks more like a rundown prison than somewhere people would pay to sleep, we were given some horrid slop to eat, partnered up and sent to our rooms. Obviously, I paired off with Anwar, him being my best mate, but somewhere along the way he decided to be put off by me being a homo. He actually asked me if I ever tried being straight, as if I just happened to be confused all this time, the idiot. The one part of his religion he decides to follow just has to be the one that makes me out to be some sort of sicko.

In any case, that's why I am here. Standing outside of Sid and Tony's door wondering if I am making the right decision. My gut instinct was to go to Chris, but he's no good when it comes to feelings and stuff. He'd likely pretend to listen, but in his head he'd be going over the different ways he could change to topic. This really only leaves me with Sid and Tony since the rooms are sorted by gender. Sid would likely be as much help as Chris; though I am sure he'd pipe in every now and then with a "That's shit." Or simple "You're right." But Tony, he's the wild card. He definitely wont care whether or not I make up with Anwar, but his antics might just be the distraction I need to make this trip at least mildly enjoyable.

I knock on the door quickly while I am thinking positively about the decision. I take the muffled words that follow as permission to enter and push in with bags in hand. Tony and Sid sit on their beds looking up at me curiously, though Sid looks to be a bit sick.

"Can I switch rooms? Anwar has suddenly decided to become a Muslim." I mumble by way of explanation.

"You mean more Muslim than he already was?" Sid asks confused.

"Decidedly," I reply.

Looking from Sid to Tony, it's clear that Sid doesn't really want to go anywhere, but Tony is giving me the most welcoming smile I've ever seen on his face…ever. It's pretty clear he's already up to something, but for now it seems it's in my favour.

"Sid would love to switch, wouldn't you Sid?" He says, smile still plastered across his face.

Poor Sid looks dumbfounded, but stands to leave anyway.

"Better take your bags with you." Tony adds.

I mouth an apology as he grabs his luggage from the floor and trudges out the door. I take a seat on the bed opposite Tony and he immediately moves to sit on the bed next to me.

"What happened," He inquires.

For some reason I find the question embarrassing, like it's my fault that Anwar is an arse and at the same time I am confused about how to answer, because Anwar's never seemed to have a problem with my sexuality in the past.

"He's just like switched about me being… you know," I reply.


I suppose he's being kind, pretending not to know, but it's irritating all the same.



"Gay," I blurt, before he has the chance to guess again.

"Should I give you head?" He asks without a moments hesitation.

And what the hell? In what world is that something you ask someone who's upset.


"It might cheer you up," he insists.

"For fuck's sake you're supposed to be a friend Tony. And I've come here with a problem okay?"

He seems to contemplate what I've said for a moment, but then he's even closer to me. Closer than he's ever been to me and his hand is at the back of my head to stop me from moving away and… and we're kissing. It's brief, as I manage to twist my head away, but it still leaves an impression. Which is likely the whole point of him doing it in the first place.

"You fuck."

"We're in Russia, I want to try something new." He explains.

This makes me madder than the kiss itself. I am not just a hobby for him pick up on a whim, only to discard the moment he gets bored.

"If you want to try something new Tony, why don't you try being a nice person for once in your life?"

I stand up to leave, but he grabs my wrist to stop me. He doesn't speak when I turn around. In fact he isn't even looking at me, he looks like he is thinking something over.

When he finally looks up at me he smiles.

"I can do that." He smirks.


"Be a nice a nice person. While we're in Russia."

I shrug. "You can try."

He lets go of my wrist and pulls of his shirt, he obviously has no idea what being a nice person means, but a shirtless Tony peaks my curiosity enough to stick around for a bit. So I stand and watch as he moves over to his own bed and stretches out. He looks at me expectantly and pats the empty space beside him.

"I am not going to shag you Tone. That would make me the nice person."

"Get your mind out of the gutter Max," he says indignantly. "I thought you'd like a cuddle buddy. Someone to just be there… and to listen… to all of your problems."

I can tell he was making it up as he went along by the way he says it all. Trouble is, if he is really going to give this whole being a better person thing a shot than I'd really like to take him up on his offer. Isn't this what everybody wants from another person? For them to lend you their ear when you need it and comfort you with their warmth?

Even in my head I can tell I am just making up excuses to lie with Tony now that he's shirtless and ready to embrace me. I stare at the door willing someone to barge in and stop me from giving in, but no one comes and just like that my shirt is over my head. He frowns when I don't immediately join him, but I can't stand sleeping in denim so I rummage through my bag for my only pair of pyjama bottoms and pull them on.

The warmth of his body engulfs me as I slide under the covers beside him. I put my back to him and he throws his arm over my waist to pull me closer. He doesn't try anything else and the warmth radiating from his chest is obliterating the chill that has been stuck in my body since the ride on the back of the farm truck, so I let it be. His scent is all that I can smell it surrounds me and it's intoxicating. He smells of exotic spices and something sweet… pears maybe.

We lie silently in the growing darkness for a while, listening to the quiet sounds of the rest of our classmates settling down for the night. He starts to absently rub his thumb in circles on my stomach and I instinctively tense up.

"Aren't you supposed to be telling me about your problems?" he whispers.

I open my mouth to speak, but decide against it. Partly because I realize that I can't really trust Tony to not use anything I tell him against me somewhere down the road, but mostly I stop talking because I realize that I am actually content as we are. That this, us just lying there, is enough.

"No," I finally whisper back, "Just make sure that the nice Tony is still here when I wake up."

"You're the boss." I can hear the grin in his voice as he speaks and I can't help but smile in turn.

He sighs and nestles his head into the crook of my neck. I sigh in turn letting his warmth and his scent envelop me and it must be conductive to sleep, because I am asleep in minutes.