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"You see, the only way for you to die is if you both die and now, now I'm ready" he said and plunged his dagger into his father's back and into his chest. A black cloud enveloped him and his father. When it cleared he was no longer holding onto a boy but a middle aged man. "Hello papa" he said. "Rumple, please" his father said "you can stop this remove the dagger we can start over we can have a happy ending." "Ah but I'm a villain" Rumpelstiltskin said "and villains don't get happy endings." He twisted the dagger and a bright light began to envelop him and his father. As the light began to envelop them Rumpelstiltskin reached up with his left hand to his father's head and kissed him on the cheek.

Author's Note: I would like to apologize to anyone who saw this in the form that I had to use in order to submit it. The story you read is my other story Once Upon a Time Epitaphs which I had to use in order to submit this. Some reason I couldn't get to Manage Stories yesterday when I submitted this story and I got trapped at my younger sister's house so I had to spend the night there (if you want to know the story PM me) and I couldn't do anything about it from my phone. Sorry again and if you liked Once Upon a Time Epitaphs you can find it with the rest of my stories.