Hitting the Right Note - Sequel to "Final Straw"
by Healer Pomfrey

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Harry decided to first show Maya Rowena Ravenclaw's office and introduce her to Rowena and Gywendolyn.

"Hello dear and welcome to my office," Rowena replied in a kind voice, while Gwendolyn did not as much as look up from what she was doing.

"Professor," Harry hesitantly addressed Rowena, "is Maya also your heir, or why is she able to be here with me?"

The Founder smiled in her portrait, before she replied, gently, "No my boy. She's able to see our quarters because of being your betrothed."

'What is betrothed?' Harry mind thought to Maya, who returned a confused look.

'I don't know Harry,' she thought back. 'Let's ask your parents later on.'

"All right," Harry agreed, aloud.


"I really like the painting with the music instruments," he admitted, when they left the office. "It's just a pity that Gwendolyn doesn't speak to us. Only once she talked to me." Seeing Maya look at him in expectation, he explained, "She wants me to help the Ravenclaw family. The problem is that I don't even know what they need help with let alone what I'd be able to do for them at all."

"Let's see if we can find any information in their quarters," Maya suggested and eagerly followed Harry along the corridor.

'If I show Maya the library now, maybe we won't have enough time to look at the two last rooms,' Harry thought, resolving to leave out the library for the time being. He led the girl to the second last door and carefully opened it, revealing an ancient looking living room. They hesitantly stepped into the room and looked around with interest.

"Hello children," a baritone voice greeted them. "What are you doing in our quarters if I may ask?"

Harry and Maya frightened glanced around, and Maya quickly slid her small hand into Harry's.

"Awww, little ones," a girl's voice could be heard, and when Harry and Maya looked behind the door, they saw a huge painting. Harry recognised Rowena as well as what seemed to be her husband along with four elder people, another witch of about the same age as Rowena and two children, a girl and a boy.

"Hello, sorry for intruding your quarters," Harry shyly addressed the people in the portrait. "I'm Harry and this is my friend Maya. Professor Ravenclaw allowed us to visit your quarters. I must do some research for Gwendolyn in the music painting."

"Godric, I told you about the boy, didn't I?" Rowena addressed her husband in apparent exasperation, before she turned to the children. "Don't let Godric frighten you," she said in a soft voice. "He doesn't mean it. In fact, he's very bored and happy to have visitors like everyone else here." With that she introduced her and Godric's parents as well as her sister Roxana, her daughter Lucy and her son Melvin.

The children said hello to everyone, before Harry asked in a small voice, "Excuse me Madame, but where's Gwendolyn?"

Rowena let out a long sigh, before she explained, "Gwendolyn and Helena refuse to join us in the painting."


Before Harry could enquire about the reason, a phoenix flashed into the room, taking a seat on the back of a chair.

#Children?# the phoenix trilled, shaking his head in clear annoyance. #Aren't they much too young... Oh no,# he suddenly interrupted himself, fluffing his feathers in obvious surprise. #Harry, is that you? Since when are you a nestling again?#

'Fawkes?' Harry wondered. Somehow, he knew that he had seen the phoenix before. "Fawkes?" he queried in a small voice.

Godric chuckled. "This is Fawkes indeed. However, he's also my phoenix familiar and has already been the familiar of Great Merlin. He has a very bad mouth though."

"I'm living at Hogwarts together with my parents and my baby sister," Harry introduced himself, "and this is my friend Maya. She's attending the playgroup together with me."

#Did you decide yourself to get your wings clipped and become a nestling again?# Fawkes enquired, giving Harry a curious look.

"Yes," Harry replied in a small voice, not wanting to reveal his secret in front of Maya and his ancestors.

"Do you understand Fawkes' babbling?" Godric queried in apparent surprise, causing Harry to nod.

'Maybe because I'm going to become a phoenix Animagus,' Harry thought.

"You've made yourself rare my friend," Godric said to Fawkes, who fluffed his feathers.

#Since the old grumpy one went through his burning day several egg turns ago, there's been nothing for me to do but to wait for the nestling. Today, I'm going to bond to him. He surely deserves it.#

"What can such a small child have done to deserve it?" Godric asked, staring at the phoenix in disbelief. "How old are you?" he asked, turning to Harry and Maya.

"We're five," Maya was the first to reply, glancing at Harry.

#He's the owner of the Elder Wand,# Fawkes informed the Founder. #Before he clipped his wings, he got rid of the evil one, you know whom I mean.#

'Fawkes is going to bond with me?' Harry thought in surprise. 'Does that mean that he's going to be my familiar like he was Dumbledore's in the past?'

Suddenly, Fawkes' voice penetrated his mind. 'I took the liberty to bond with you. I'm now your familiar.'

"Thank you Fawkes," Harry replied aloud, suddenly feeling very happy.

"I'm sorry for talking so long. Do you want to explore the next room?" he asked Maya, worried that she might be bored by the conversation that had to be difficult for her to follow considering that she neither knew about his past nor was able to understand phoenix talk.

"It's fine," Maya replied, smiling. "I love this room, it's beautiful." Slightly hesitating, she turned to Rowena. "Professor, is it all right to look around for a bit?"

"Of course dear," Rowena replied, smiling at the eager girl.

When Maya was finished closely inspecting the chamber, Harry and Maya bid the people in the painting as well as Fawkes good-bye and left the room.

"I love the old furniture. It looks so simple but pretty," Maya confided, when they stepped out into the corridor.

Harry had to admit to himself that he didn't really give the furniture a close look.


The next room was the music room, which Harry had admired so much in the painting in Rowena's office. Comfortable looking chairs were arranged in a circle, and in front of each of the chairs a music instrument was waiting for someone to come and play. Two life size portraits overlooked the room from the wall opposite the door.

"Hello," Harry and Maya said, slyly looking at the young ladies in the paintings.

"We're Maya and Harry, and we want to look around a bit," Harry said, hesitantly, recognizing Gwendolyn in one of the portraits.

"Hello dears, I'm Helena and over there's my sister Gwendolyn," the woman in the other painting greeted them.

"How nice of you to visit us here," her sister added, before she turned to Harry. "It's a while since I asked you a favour. Have you been able to do some research?"

"I'm sorry," Harry replied in a small voice. "I was busy plus I don't know how to find out more about your family. I can read but not well enough to find something in the library. It's huge, and I'm only five."

"Then you better come back in a few years' time," Gwendolyn replied and left her portrait in a huff.

"Oh Gwen, give it up," Helena scolded her sister, before she turned to Harry and Maya. "Don't mind her. She's in a bad mood today." She remained thoughtful, before she continued, "I can help you and tell you some things, but not here, because Gwen would be very upset with all of us. Can you look for me in my ghost form?" she queried, looking at the children in expectation.

"Yes, I will search for you in your ghost form," Harry promised, just when Dobby popped into the room to fetch the children in time for dinner.


Later when Harry was in bed, Maya thought to him, 'Harry, something is strange about the Ravenclaw - Gryffindor family. Why do they have portraits in different rooms and don't visit each other?'

'I'll try to find the ghost tomorrow. Can you stay here after class and come with me?' Harry replied, drifting off to sleep with a smile on his face after hearing her positive response.


Only after Harry had fallen asleep, Fawkes flashed into his room and made himself comfortable on the back of the chair behind the boy's desk. In the morning, Harry woke up to Fawkes' trilling and smiled happily.

"Hello Fawkes," he greeted his new familiar. "Thanks for coming."

#Hi nestling,# Fawkes replied, giving Harry a mischievous look. #Could you ask a house-elf for a perch and some food for me please?#

"Oh right," Harry replied and hurriedly called Dobby, who eagerly promised to see to the phoenix' needs.


"Fawkes," his parents blurted out, simultaneously, equally surprised when Harry stepped out of his room with the phoenix lingering on his shoulder.

"Fawkes decided to become my familiar," Harry informed his parents, wondering how he could have forgotten to relay the fantastic news in the evening.

"Congratulations Harry," Hermione said warmly. "This is indeed wonderful news."

"Indeed," Severus agreed, smirking, before he turned to Fawkes. "Just to remind you, Fawkes, neither my wife nor I are as keen on mischief as Albus was. I appreciate that you became our son's familiar, however, please behave yourself."

#Yes yes, young grumpy one, I'll try,# Fawkes promised, fluffing his feathers in annoyance.

"He will," Harry translated, knowing that no one but himself could understand the bird's talking.


During the following days, Harry and Maya searched for the Ravenclaw ghost in vain. Harry even asked his parents, the Headmistress, the Ravenclaw Head, Nearly Headless Nick and the Bloody Baron; however, no one could tell him about Helena's whereabouts.

"Maybe she's hiding somewhere, but she'll surely come out again at the beginning of the school year," Luna told her disappointed godson in a soothing voice. "She often comes into the common room."

"Yes I know," Harry replied, letting out an impatient sigh. 'I'll just have to wait,' he thought, 'but I really want to learn to play the instruments.'

Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind, and he asked his mother, "Mum, should I ask Fawkes if he can flash to Ghost Helena?"

Hermione remained thoughtful for an instant, before she replied, thoughtfully, "Fawkes would surely be able to find her; however, if she wanted to speak with you, she'd come to see you. I believe that it's better to wait."

"All right Mum," Harry replied, smiling, as he allowed his mother to pull him onto her lap and cuddle with him.


During the remaining weeks of the holidays, Hermione and Severus kept Harry busy. Every afternoon, Harry was allowed to assist in the Potions lab, where his father brewed potions for the hospital wing. Afterwards, he helped his mother to bathe Baby Lily. The now two-month-old was more alert and remained awake for longer times, and she greatly adored her big brother. She was a bright baby who used to smile at everyone; however, her biggest smiles were always reserved for Harry.

Even when school commenced again, Harry returned home right after classes in order to help Hermione with Lily during the hour before dinner. However, one day, Ghost Helena floated into his way, when he was just about to return to the Granger-Snape quarters.


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