Who Else

The lights were bright, the noise was loud, and people traveled in loud, brightly colored monsters. His thick coats and high boots stood out like a sore thumb as he passed people wearing what was insanely inappropriate. The monsters growled and screeched at him as he crossed the odd sidewalk, he sneered at them and continued.

Whoever passed him gave him an odd look and pointed, but he didn't care. A police officer was standing on the corner and he stalked over to him. "Man I am Sir Millard of Albany, and I demand to know where I am at this instant" The cop raised an eyebrow. "You're in Manhattan" "Manhattan? Where the bloody hell is that?" "New York" Millard stared wide-eyed at the tall buildings. "What sort of joke are you playing, has my nephew put you up to this?" The cop shook his head and took Millard's arm, which jerked in surprise.

"I think you should come with me sir" Millard eyed the officer closely then followed him down the street. Millard was watching the people and a man passed him wearing black slacks and a brown sweater and had a pretty blonde on his arm. "Leopold!" He called out. The man turned around with a surprised look on his face when he saw his uncle.

Millard shook free of the officer and took off running after Leopold. "Leopold what is it?" Kate asked alarmed as he grabbed her arm and ran like the wind. "My uncle" He said, not out of breath, which made Kate wonder how much he had to run back in 1876. "So?" Kate said, panting. "He's going to make me go back" Kate gasped and tried to run faster.

The cop was yelling into his walkie-talkie that back up was needed and ran after Millard as he ran after Kate and Leopold. Kate pulled Leopold into the apartment building and towards the elevator. As the cop and Millard ran to them, they turned and Kate slammed the elevator button with her hand. "Kate-" Leopold said, his deep voice curved with worry. She acted as if they were getting in the elevator as it opened, so naturally, the cop and Millard fallowed, only to fall into the deep shaft while she and Leopold ran up the stairs to get to her room.

Charlie and Stuart were sitting on the couch watching 'I Love Lucy' when Leopold and Kate came crashing in. "Hey Katie, hey Leo. What's going on?" Charlie asked as he rose from the couch. Apparently, some of Leopold's manners had rubbed off on him. "Leopold's-uncle-is-here" Kate said in- between desperate gasps for air. "WHAT?" Stuart cried, jumping to his feet. "But the portal closed!" Leopold shook his head. "Obviously, it did not" Stuart was looking a little frantic. "But that means anyone could come through it" Kate nodded as she poured a glass of water and drank it all in one gulp.

"But where is he?" Charlie asked, the situation just dawning upon him. "He's in the shaft with a police officer" Kate said, now more composed. "Oh" Charlie said, raising an eyebrow. There was a brisk knock on the door, Kate was about to answer it, but Stuart held up a hand and answered it himself. "Hello officer" He said to a heavyset black man wearing a classic NYPD uniform. "Hello. We are looking for someone who we believe is in this building" Stuart nodded and asked. "What does he look like?" "I can't say for sure, except that he is wearing a brown sweater and black pants, and his name is Leopold" Stuart shook his head. "Sorry, I haven't seen anyone like that. Is he dangerous?" "Probably not, but be aware" "I will officer, thank you" Stuart closed the door and turned to Charlie, Kate and Leopold.

"Way to go Leo, you are now a wanted man in great beautiful Manhattan" Charlie said and patted him on his broad shoulder. Kate gave her brother a scornful look and placed a quick kiss on Leopold's lips. "Don't worry, we can get over this um-Darci" She said with dawning resolution and dialed Darci's number in her black cell phone.

"Hello?" Darci answered, sniffling. "What are you reading now?" Kate asked. "Oh Kate, it's marvelous, it's Once Upon A Kiss, you have to read it!" "I will, but you need to come to my apartment now" Darci paused. "Why?" Kate groaned. "Just do it" "Um-Okay" Kate hung up the phone and turned back to the three men. "Okay, Darci is coming over, besides you Leopold, she's the most romantically idealized person in the world" So they all sat back and waited.

It was 10 minutes later when Darci arrived. Obviously she had been crying. Her blonde hair was pulled into a messy bun as she came through the front door. "What? What is it?" She asked. Suddenly, Kate remembered that Darci had never met Leopold, when the two most romantic people came together in once room, it could be dangerous. "Darci," Kate said in her No-nonsense tone of voice "Yeah?" Darci said, though her eyes were attached to Stuart. "Leopold's uncle has followed him here" Darci's mouth dropped open as her emerald eyes averted to Leopold who was sitting on the couch looking miserable.

Kate told Darci the story over coffee, which Darci claimed would jump- start her brain. "Well, it's obvious then" Darci said. "What is?" Kate, Charlie, Leopold and Stuart asked at once, all looking intently at her. "Knock him out and through him through the portal" Kate groaned and Leopold gave Darci a very odd look indeed. "That's you plan?" Charlie asked, running his fingers through his hair. "Actually," Stuart said standing up. "That may would work" Stuart smiled at Darci and she returned it with a shy smile and a blush. "Great. Let's go do it then" Leopold said. Kate raised a minnow of a gold eyebrow and smiled. "Why, it seems like Charlie's rubbed off on you" Leopold gave her an alarmingly charming grin and kissed her.