Authors Note:Both DBZ crosses while fun to write got out of my control. Saiyan Blood was android saga where Goku didn't have the virus because of Tsunade and for unpredictable Saiyan, the main characters got powerful too fast. I already had a plot set for Unpredictable Saiyan but I didn't know how to develop it further and as for Saiyan Blood, there was no plot at all thus the rewrite of both stories.

This story takes place after an alternate fourth shinobi war, you will see summary below as I don't feel like writing chapters upon chapters of flash backs.


Summary of Naruto's life

Begins with two pods, each containing a babies, twins - Kakarott and Tsube - being sent to their respective planets but the twin brother of Goku lands on the Elemental Nations in a Saiyan spaceship through a time displacement dimensional black hole that happens once in every 20 years while Goku at the same time landed on earth.

Minato seals the fox in Naruto - named that by Minato who found him - and dies later along with Kushina who died and their newly born child who died in the midst of the chaos. Minato leaves instructions on how Naruto is to be treated after the scene.

12 years later, Naruto becomes genin and deadlast of the class looking like Minato because the Kyuubi wanted to make Naruto suffer for what he had been through.

Naruto enters team 7 with Sakura and Sasuke and Kakashi. Kakashi pays more attention to him this time along with his other teammates and one day during the training, he introduces Maito Guy to Naruto who immediately took a liking to his fighting style and demanded to be taught in it.

Gai accepts and trains Naruto while Kakashi teaches Sasuke and Sakura.

Everything up to the fourth shinobi wars in cannon happens accordingly with Naruto keeping a tight leash on his skills – though Minato didn't declare himself as Naruto's father and as an apology to the way he was treated, he left all his skillset available for Naruto to learn including the Hiraishin before he faded and Kushina just had a small talk with him before she faded as well leaving some of her knowledge in sealing not before thanking him for protecting the village.

Naruto also learns sage mode, chakra gates, and everything he learned in cannon but he also learns a little bit of Kenjutsu and Jiraiya teaches him sealing jutsu.

Somewhere along the training, Naruto stumbles across his spaceship and sees a picture of a family of five, two twin babies, an 8 year old, a woman and a male that was backing the camera with a frown on his face and at the back of the picture, he saw a name written on it - Tsube and Kakarott - after a talk with the fox, he found out that the baby on the left with a more spiky hair was him and he guessed that the other baby was his brother meaning that this was a picture of him and his family but he had no time to dwell on it as the war was in full swing.

The fourth shinobi war reached its climax when the Juubi is freed and eliminates all available ninja except the main powerhouses – Naruto, Obito and Madara – leaving Madara complete control to the beast, Obito faced Naruto who ended up beating him after a close fight and after Naruto destroyed the Juubi with a Senjutsu powered bijudama with Madara unfortunately in the crossfire, Obito decided to do something about Naruto if he couldn't beat him so he used an over powered Kamui sending Naruto into the outskirts of space just as the same black hole appeared again sucking him to his original timeline.

Now Naruto stands in Namek helping the Z warriors face the threat of Frieza who just entered his second transformation stage.

(Namek, during Goku's healing immediately after Ginyu force's death)


A figure fell to the large lake from the sky warped above it. Swimming to the surface of the water, the figure pulled himself off the lake and stood on it as if it were solid ground and if one were to look closely at his feet, you could see a dim blue aura from the soul of the feet to the toes.

The figure stood at an impressive 5' 6 wearing the normal uniform of the Konoha ANBU as a tribute to the village he was serving and as a testament to his actual ranking in the village he served. He didn't have the tattoo on his shoulder though but from his figure you could tell that he was a fighter and with the way it was lean, speed was one of his strong points.

Behind the mask on the person was a head of spiky blond hair. He reached with his right hand and pulled off the mask from his face before exhaling deeply from the constrictions the mask brought as he fell in the lake and on each cheek of his face, you could see three whisker marks indicating his to Jinchuuriki status.

Opening his sky blue eyes, the figure did a good impression of masking his frustration in the entire situation but if there was one thing that signified it, it was the scream later.

"Damn you Obito!"

Looking for the closest rock to take out his frustration, he formed a spiral ball on his left hand that was the size of a soccer ball and appeared in a burst of speed in front of the innocent mountain in front of him.

"Odama Rasengan!"

He panted as the mountain in front of him was no more before falling down to his knees and screaming once more in anger and rage.


He looked to be exhausted as he fell on his back looking at the clouds that passed by but a voice in his head reminded him that he wasn't alone.

Are you done?

Closing his eyes, the blonde opened them a moment later, standing in a sewer like area. He looked to see himself staring at an open cage with a big red-orange fox looking at him with a calm expression.

Well? The blonde asked the fox with an annoyed expression.

Well what?

I'm waiting for you to tell me that I'm a failure that I couldn't save the entire shinobi race and so on and so forth

The fox looked at him after the statement was made before forcefully sending the human out of his mindscape causing him to blink rapidly before focusing his sights noticing he was back on the outside. He got up with a sigh and scratched the back of his head and said,

"Stupid fox."

Wanting to have a feel of the area around him, the blond sat down in a meditative pose and closed his eyes in concentration remembering the lesson the elder toad taught him.

Sage Mode is the result of using natural energy along with a shinobi's normal chakra to drastically empower all of their abilities. For the toad style of Sage Mode the gatherer must remain absolutely still in order to be one with nature. To master sage mode, one must remain still and gradually gather the natural energy around him, if you remain unfocused then the result will be drastic.

Well he wasn't learning sage mode he was just trying to get a feel of the flow of energies around here and he found out that this place was filled with life energy, more than back home in fact but then he noticed some foreign energies fighting, two seeming to be familiar to his own - with one of them being more familiar than the other - while the other three were more outlandish to him - one feeling like a native from this planet he thought.

One in a distance not far from him but far from the fight and was having a bit of an adventure on her own from the frequent movements it was having and from the feel, he deducted it to be female.

Deciding that it would be wise to confront that one first, he stood up and brought out a tri-pronged kunai and flicked it with an impressive show of strength towards the single life energy instead of the other five and feeling the impact his kunai made with a surface, he disappeared in a red-orangish flash of light.

(With the fighters)

Looking on in rage at the insubordination of one of his soldiers was the alien overlord, Frieza. Calming his rage as he craned his eyes on each of the insects below him, Frieza scratched his chin as he read the readings that were supposed to appear on the scouter only to find none.

"No readings for the Ginyu force… " He said "So its true."

He chuckled as he looked at the scared faces of the fighters below him "Congratulations in destroying the most elite fighting team in the universe, my only regret is not being present when Ginyu died, I'm sure his expression would have been… Hilarious." he laughed at that imagining the scene in his brain.

Jumping from the edge of the large rock he was on, he landed on a smaller rock below him and started "Lets say we get this thing started, I'm sure you all want to resolve this dispute once and for all." He then floated from the rock and landed in front of the four sacred fighters and looked at the tallest one,

"I always knew that you would turn on me some day Vegeta, but I never knew when." He said "Now I see that you were waiting for the stakes to get higher before you played your hand and for that, I commend you; after all it just might have worked, what a pity." Frieza continued and then sighed before he started to walk towards the group making them back peddle after each step he took "Well, I hope you've thoroughly enjoyed your little rebellion, because now its over."

Vegeta growled in defiance as Frieza was finishing his monologue "And now you die!"

Krillin, Dende, and Gohan flew away but Vegeta stood his ground smirking at Frieza arrogantly.

"It must hurt right?" Vegeta taunted Frieza "To have your one chance of immortality snatched away like that? Oh and guess what Frieza, I quit."

"That's right let it all out," Frieza calmly said to Vegeta "Live boldly even if its for a few minutes because it will be your last." Frieza said and crossing his arms over his chest and gathered his energy with a scream. A blue aura started to appear around Frieza as the earth around him started started to shake with gravels rising up.

As he was building up his energy, Krillin, Gohan and Dende looked on in fear at the rise in power and it was only the beginning. The planet begun to shake moments later causing Dende to fall on his butt at the quake.

Meanwhile flying as fast as he can, the newly Reanimated Piccolo was flying as fast he could to the danger and he felt the energy build up.

'Woah, that's one heck of a power increase," Piccolo thought 'I can tell the action is definitely getting ready to start'

Flying over some different plots of land ranging in sizes, Piccolo spotted a fading energy and his eyes glanced to the source and he flew towards the direction. He landed next to the dying body and he noticed that it looked similar to him.

Nail was grunting in pain after the attack from Frieza as he laid on the floor dying thinking of how he failed Guru, however hope blossomed in his chest as he felt the presence of a powerful Namekian flying his way before landing beside him.

"He looks like me..." Piccolo pointed out as he observed the dying Namekian "Could be worse I guess but he has definitely seen better days."

"Yeah you can say that again, what a drag huh?" Nail said as he was on the ground as Piccolo looked down at him "Oh, it's you, so the earthlings got to make their wish huh?"

"Well if you know me then you know that we're out of time," Piccolo said to Nail "I'm sure we've never met before but I'm glad your beating sure hasn't made you lose your sense of humor."

Nail painfully laughed as Piccolo pointed that out but as he turned to leave with parting words, Nail called out to his retreating back,

"I can sense your great power," Nail said "I just don't think it's going to be enough."

"We'll see." Picollo said as he turned around again.

"If only you had come back as your original self, you would have beaten Frieza for sure."

"What?!" Piccolo demanded.

"I fought him, I know how strong he is."

"So if I'd united with Kami then I would have had the energy I needed to face him." Piccolo mused "I'm sure he's laughing so hard we can hear him all the way from earth."

"Nobody wants you to win as much as Kami does." Nail painfully said "He's survival depends on it."

"It's too late then, even if it wasn't I wouldn't want to unite with an old geezer." Piccolo said.

"We'll unite with me then." Nail offered "It's the only help we can get."

Thinking hard, Piccolo was wondering how he got into this dilemma and thought if there was any alternative.


In the healing tube in one of the ships, Goku opened one eye as he was feeling the energy build up from Frieza and thought 'what a hole lot of power, I've got to get better' He then thought back to the energy he felt before 'Who was that that just appeared and why does he feel so familiar...'

Minutes later...

Snapping open his bright blue eyes, Naruto was feeling the energy build up as well. Feeling a weight on his chest, Naruto tilted his head to see a head of green head of head.

Thinking back as to how this happened, he recalled coming to the aid of Bulma as she was running from creatures threatening to eat her. One thing lead to another and then they ended up having hot passionate sex before succomed to the unconsiousness that followed.

To Naruto, this was something he needed as this helped take off the heavy weight on his shoulder and rejuvenate him and he even got to have a pleasant conversation with Kurama after he was violently shoved out of his mind.

Losing everybody he cared about caused him to feel a depression that he hadn't felt before then the rage he felt at Obito's laughing face was nearly drove him over the edge and it was something Naruto was ashamed at, his reaction.

He guessed he had to thank Bulma for that. He also found out what was happening here and he guessed that the team needed his help so he got up from the bed that they were both on.

After taking a well needed shower, Naruto got out of the bathroom to meet a sleeping Bulma who was still cuddling on the pillow he was previously lying on.

Donning on his sage outfit with the red cloak, Naruto got to his scroll and unsealed it revealing black shinobi fingerless gloves that Gai sensei got him. He placed them on and remembered to poke a hole on the butt of his pants making room for his tail he can now freely reveal but unfortunately, the sage cloak covered it so he wrapped it around his waist like a belt.

Walking to the door of the house, Naruto heard a noise and turned to see Bulma waking up rubbing her eyes.

"Where are you going?" She asked trying to get the sleep off her eyes looking at her new friend/lover.

"To end this threat before it's too late." Naruto seriously said looking at his one time bed mate referring to the feeling of power he felt and the amount of malice behind it.

"*yawn* Make sure you make it back to me alright?" Bulma said to Naruto before she got back to sleep not waiting for a response.

Naruto smiled and created a shadow clone and ordered it to guard her before he walked to the outside feeling the breeze as it blew his face and took a deep breath.

He took a sprinting pose and mentally communicated 'ready to kick some ass?'

You know it.

And with the mental confirmation, Naruto dashed with leaving a trail of gravel on the path he took before he brought out his tri-pronged kunai and threw it at the direction of the fight before disappearing in a red-orange flash.

Minutes Earlier...

Frieza stood with his left palm pointing towards the prince of all Saiyans. Vegeta stood in arrogance as Frieza was still gathering up his energy.

"You better get that smirk off your face Vegeta." Frieza said before he fired a purple beam at the monkey.

Vegeta disappeared and the beam passed through the area Vegeta was previously standing at. Shattering the rock behind him.

Appearing at another area Vegeta disappeared immediately as he saw a beam heading his way and as he had to appear in another area, he immediately disappeared again and again as the beams appeared hit the spot he was previously occupying.

Krillin, Dende, and Gohan were taking shelter as Frieza continued demolishing the area creating smoke that the three had to shield their eyes from while Frieza was having fun at the destruction he was causing not caring about the casualties around.

"*Cough* Gohan, we have to attack Frieza while he's distracted, it's our only chance." Krillin said as he was coughing in his hand with Gohan.

"Right" Gohan said with a nod of his head.

Frieza was still distracted and couldn't feel the energy of Krillin and Gohan as they snuck up on him. But he felt heard an attack being fired and turned around to catch both beams on his palm before firing one of his own at them causing the two warriors to evade the attack.

Frieza kept on his assault on the two who kept dodging his attack completely forgetting about Vegeta who appeared and redirected the latest beam of attack away from the group and Dende who just ran towards Krillin and Gohan as they appeared near him.

Vegeta stood with his clenched fist stretched shaking and emitting threads of smoke from the latest redirection while Frieza stood, amused at what he just saw.

"He's so strong, I don't think we can win…" Krillin frightfully stated with his knees shaking.

"What are we gonna do?" an equally frightened Gohan asked his friend.

"I don't know."

"Well I do." Frieza answered "You can just stand still and watch as I kill each and every one of you one by one and I assure you, It won't be pretty."

"Nonsense," Vegeta suddenly said "Our chances of winning are just as good as yours are."

"Oh lookie here, Vegeta suddenly grew a backbone that's about to break..." Frieza said chuckling at the end of that statement.

"That's right laugh it up and make sure not to notice the change in each of us because I'm sure that when or if you do, you would have noticed the increase in each of our power levels." Vegeta said to Frieza who was curious looking back at Vegeta with an eyebrow raised,

"Even the child you see over there," Vegeta continued as he glanced to Gohan who was shocked at the declaration "He's nearly as strong as I was when I arrived their planet the first time and that alone is shocking..."

"But wait! there's more," Vegeta said holding out his finger and then he pointed at his self "I have become your worst nightmare Frieza, the thing that caused you to destroy my planet and my people, thats right, I have become… A Super Saiyan!"

"Really?" Frieza asked not really surprised at the bluff Vegeta just made "Well then lets see it, lets see your incredible power that's bound to make me quiver in fear."

As he said that, he took a step and rushed towards Vegeta with a yell before throwing a punch which Vegeta deflected before he grabbed Frieza's arm but Frieza didn't let that stop him as he threw another punch with his other fist only, Vegeta caught it again. Both started to build their energy as a blue aura started to appear around them.

The other three watched in fear as the two titans started the fight. Vegeta was struggling to keep up with Frieza's power level while Frieza just kept on increasing his energy; both energies were so potent, they even created a crater below them with the ground below them shaking creating mini-quakes.

The release of energy was so great, that the scouter on Frieza's eye couldn't keep up and causing it to explode surprising Frieza who stopped the brief build up they both were having before both flew out of the crater looking at each other on opposite ends.

"Isn't that cute, little Vegeta's all grown up." Frieza taunted the panting prince "Before you know it, he'll surpass me ." He laughed at that before he got serious "Unfortunately for you, you won't live long enough for that to happen."

"C'mon, transform Frieza, I know you can." Vegeta goaded in hoping to test his limits "We both know you want to."

"Say what?" Krillin asked shocked at this revelation 'Isn't that pushing it Vegeta?'

'Oh crap, he can transform?' Gohan thought 'As if that build up wasn't enough...'

"I wonder how you found out that little secret." Frieza pondered.

"You can thank your minion Zarbon for that." Vegeta answered. "Now stop stalling."

"Well since you asked I guess I can be happy to oblige."

And as if a switch flipped, Frieza suddenly flashed purple blinding the entire area around him before the glow receded revealing a purple egg on the area Frieza was previously standing and inside was Frieza as cracks were appearing over Frieza's face.


'Gohan, Krillin, hang on...' Was the mental plea of one Son Goku as he was healing in the chamber and somewhere at the same time, a figure was running at full speed on the water, a surprising feat to the Z warriors if they saw it.

'Man, that is one heck of a power increase.' The figure mentally commented as he was running with his partner agreeing in his head.

'That woman, Bulma, she said that her friends could fly' The voice in his head replied back 'How will you combat that?'

'I learnt the Yamanaka mind jutsu and proceeded to improve it, all I have to do is look into the eyes of one of the fighters and then snap'

'I'm still surprised you were the dead last during your academy days.'

Naruto smirked as he kept on running on the lake before he threw his kunai again disappearing in a red-orange flash.


Inside the egg, Frieza's body grew taller which was followed by his body mass increasing. His torso got bulkier followed by his two legs then his tail. He now stood a few feet taller than all the fighters before him almost as tall as a truck.

The final change was his horns as they extended before pointing upwards in a perpendicular angle. Krillin, Vegeta, Gohan and Dende felt the output Frieza released and Krillin nearly wet his pants.

"Krillin, if you make it back before me, tell my mum she was right." Gohan said as he gulped before backpedaling away from the monster that was Frieza while Krillin was rooted on the spot too sacred to come up with a witty come back for Gohan.

"Well what do you think Vegeta, I hope I met your… expectations hahahahah" Frieza chuckled in a deeper voice than his previous.

Vegeta swallowed as he looked at what he asked for standing in front of him, he was now regretting opening his big mouth.

"Whats the matter Vegeta, I thought you said you could handle me in this form." Frieza said stalking towards the trembling prince "You've suddenly run out of bold threats but no matter, it's time to end this."

Following that statement, Frieza's tail dug underground before it moved to stab Krillin who moved out of the way immediately but the tail turned into a whip and lashed the group but they luckily evaded the strike. The tail retracted back to Frieza and Gohan watched amased,

"Wow…" he said.

"You like that huh, then you'll definitely like this little info i'm about to share with you." Frieza said and then looked at Vegeta "I'm sure if you had your scouter, you would have spotted that my fighting power is well over one million."

"What?!" Vegeta demanded.

"I… impossible!" Gohan said.

"It's true, here, let me show you."

Frieza raised his palm over his face and smirked. With a single shrug of his shoulder, once again, the area was covered in a blinding pink light before the earth started to shake signifying the buildup of energy but that wasn't the only thing happening.

The surrounding lake around them parted revealing the solid ground underneath creating a wave as a result of said action as a purple aura started to form around Frieza.

The wind also started to pick up pushing Piccolo away from his destination as he was flying while the running Shinobi was running on solid ground where water used to be.

Back with the fighters, Vegeta caught a rock heading his way before crushing it in anger while Gohan and Krillin were flying away from the chaos Frieza's build up caused while Frieza was still laughing at their expressions.

"Krillin are you okay?" Gohan asked his bald friend who was carrying Dende as they floated a few feet from Frieza.

Frieza smirked and rushed from his position to Krillin who quickly let go of Dende saving the Namekian from his death but that didn't stop Frieza in the slightest as he continued on and stabbed Krillin on his stomach with his extended horn.

"Krillin!" Dende shouted in anguish.

"Krillin no!" Gohan cried seeing the continuous torture of his friend unsuspecting of the rage that was building inside him.

"What an idiot, he should never have stood up for that Namekian kid." Vegeta insulted as he shook his head at the idiocy the bald headed human showed. "I tried to tell him but will he listen?"

"Aww, I'm sorry, does it hurt?" Frieza childishly asked his nearly dead prey "Guess I don't know my own strength."

Frieza shook his head getting the reaction he wanted hearing Krillin scream in anguish at the action. Frieza then caught Krillin's knee as he tried to strike him.

Angry at his friends peril, Gohan rushed at Frieza with no plan but that proved his downfall as Frieza whipped him away with his tail.

Gohan was dizzy as he fell from the hit but he caught himself before looking back at Frieza who was nodding his head torturing Krillin who was still on his horn. He growled at the blood that splattered on his face, blood from his friend.

I guess this is it Krillin thought as he was losing consciousness from the torture he was receiving Frieza's just to powerful, Goku… where were you?


'Hang in there Krillin, once these wounds have healed I'll be there for you buddy' A healing Goku thought from inside his healing tube feeling his friends energy fading away slowly 'be strong'


Feeling the body slump on his head Frieza smirked in pleasure and said "That takes care of this one." He flung the body into the lake below laughing at the expressions he spotted on the pests surrounding him especially that kid. When the boy rushed to get the body that splashed in the water, Frieza frowned before he disappeared from his spot and appeared in front of the charging Gohan looking up at him.

"Do you think you can save him?" Frieza asked a sacred Gohan "How cute."

Growling, Gohan glanced at the drowning body in the lake before he shifted his attention back to Frieza who chuckled some more (he does that a lot).

"Might I suggest that you start worrying about yourself?" Frieza asked "Hmm, I wonder who I should kill next." His eyes roamed over to Dende "Will it be you?" it then roamed over to Gohan "or you?" before it roamed to Vegeta "Or will you do?"

Vegeta growled at Frieza before he felt the spark of power from Gohan and looked at him in surprise.

"You…" Gohan snarled "ANIMAL!"

Rushing at Frieza with an unexpected burst of strength, Gohan gave the overlord a powerful kick to the side of his face sending him flying back before rushing behind Frieza punching his stomach with the same strength he used from before making Frieza spit blood much to his surprise but he wasn't done with that punch, he continued with a sequence of punches to the overlord's gut that hurt him a lot before ending with an uppercut that arched Frieza's back in a painful angle finishing with a bycicle kick to his gut sending Frieza to the lake.

Surprised at the attack and the amount of damaged caused to him, Frieza looked back at the kid only to see a yellow beam of energy heading towards him so he crossed his hands over his face to block the attack but as that one was blocked he looked at the boy to see the boy charging with another yellow beam in his hand before the boy grabbed his face with the hand the beam was charging on launching the beam on his face.

Gohan wasn't done as he saw the body of Frieza tumbling to the ground. He pointed his two arms to the sky and gathered energy before attacking him with an attack of energy blasts as the body connected with the ground with each blast more powerful than the last.

After the consecutive energy blast, Gohan raised both arms and gathered energy for an attack. You could see a yellow disk of energy starting to form but Gohan knew he needed more so he added more power to it before he launched the attack simultaneously yelling the name;

"Masenko… HA!"

Shock, and rage; that was what you could use to describe the look on Vegeta's face right now: Shock at how a brat like him was able to injure Frieza of all people while he, Vegeta couldn't and that was were the rage stemmed from, the feeling he got knowing that it was a child that accomplished this and not just any child; the child of that clown Kakarott, the same clown that humiliated him back on that backwater planet called earth.

'Damn you Kakarott, even when you're not here you humiliate me!' He thought the he looked back to where the attack made contact 'T...There's just no way!'

Gohan didn't care what of Vegeta was thinking right now but there was something else on his mind.


As he moved to get the body of his friend, he was a bit relieved that the Namekian child had rescued his friend if seeing him and Krillin appearing at the surface of the water was any indication.

"We don't have time to worry about him." Vegeta said "If you think you've finished off Frieza just look."

Surprised by that statement, Gohan looked down to the body of Frieza to see it standing up before Frieza dusted the sand off himself.

Glancing at Gohan, he smirked "My turn." he simply said before appearing in front of Gohan "But remember, every hit I was given, I will return it back tenfold."

Gohan didn't have time to run as he was kicked on the head hard by Frieza sending him rocketing downwards but Frieza didn't stop there as he followed up with a kick to his gut as he before sending him down to earth hard with a final kick to the skull making Gohan scream in pain as he landed on the ground from the assault.

Seeing his opportunity, Vegeta charged up a beam of energy and appeared behind Frieza who was looking at the downed body of Gohan "Never turn your back on your enemy." He said before he launched his attack at Frieza.

"Garlik Gun!"

Frieza shivered in irritation as Vegeta's attack hit him. He frowned when the smoke died down and tilted his head back to a shocked Vegeta - who noticed that his attack had Zero effect on damaging him - and said "That tickled." He then turned back to Gohan who was on the ground while still addressing Vegeta "Unfortunately for you Vegeta I am rather preoccupied right now so why don't you be patient a bit?"

Vegeta watched as Frieza floated down to the ground where Gohan was laying down before landing beside the child.

Gohan seemed to have sensed his presence because he got up and tried to rush Frieza only to meet the floor with Frieza's foot on his face. He felt relieved when Frieza released his foot from his ( Gohan ) face but that relief was short leaved as he screamed in pain as his spine was nearly crushed by the same foot that was on Gohan's face.

Frieza then moved to place his feet on Gohan's face once more silencing his screams "You have a long way to go before you can even hope to be my equal."

"Really? Then from what I've seen, you must be really weak to take a hit from a kid." A voice said cheekily making Frieza frown and look around for the source of the voice.

"Either you come out or the midget get his first hand experience on lobotomization." Frieza threatened.

The voice was silent before Frieza tilted his head dodging a Kunai that was heading straight for him and said "If that's the best you got, then I think fighting you would be pointless."

"Yeah only you would think that." the voice said from behind him causing Frieza's eyes to widen at the sound before he turned around only to meet the face of a smirking blonde holding a blue spinning orb as large as the Namekian Dragon Ball in his right hand.

"Rasengan Bitch."


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