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Chapter Eleven: Power Rises

Should anyone say that the ice glaciers in the South Pole melt because of the unavoidable effects of global warming, they should then be punched in the face because they surely haven't met the Saiyan twins.

Why the redirection you ask? Well as it stands, these two are currently in a sparring match with only their fists and each time their fists met, shock waves would be generated destroying any glaciers around them.

Every offense blow was met with a defense from each of them whether be it punches or kicks, they were evenly matched or as evenly matched as they can be seeing as one is currently above the other in power.

Four days ago, the Z-fighters fought the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly who seemed unbeatable until of course, Naruto and Piccolo arrived with Naruto being the one to end the life of the wild Saiyan only after transforming into something amazing.

The others were stunned speechless at the transformation though especially Vegeta who was angered that he wasn't the one that made that transformation and performed the final blow to end Broly's life. He was upset that he was the only one that didn't do a thing so as he and the other fighters arrived earth days later, he just flew off ignoring the cries behind him. He knew that he had to find someplace to train away from the fighters because as he stands, he couldn't even face them.

Piccolo meanwhile under instructions from Naruto and Goku took himself, Gohan, and Trunks once more into the chamber to train them up for the upcoming battle with Cell while Krillin decided to do something productive with his fiancé as they were training because Maron worries too much according to him.

Ducking under a punch and deflecting another from his brother, Naruto couldn't help but smirk inwardly at the thrill he got as he was currently sparing with his brother. This is what he liked, the feeling he received from fighting someone almost as strong as you, the rush; he guessed that it was always like this for him ever since Konoha, all those fights he had with the other rookies and sometimes even sensei, he just loved it!

Thinking back, he concluded that while his latest Super Saiyan transformation was strong enough to face Cell as he is now, where Cell's body is probably programmed to easily and instantly adjust his body to fit each transformation, the process can't be said for him sadly so with a form as powerful as that, he will need to tune his body step by step for it to easily adjust to the power that transformation had access to, that's why he was training with Goku, to see if he can break the SSJ barrier once more and achieve a form that is while weaker than his last transformation, it would be stronger than this SSJ transformation.

"Have to admit, should have done this sooner." Naruto spoke to his brother as he parried blow upon blow he received from the smirking Saiyan twin.

"I completely agree with you on that," Goku said as he ducked under a kick from his brother "I already feel stronger as we're having this spar, it's really exciting!"

Naruto laughed as he caught a fist from his brother before he tried to knee him in the gut but Goku caught him with his right hand stopping the attack.

"It's a shame you can't use that new transformation to fight."

"I know what you mean," Naruto responded as the two let go of each other before creating some distance "I think that we're lucky Cell wasn't able to tell whose power it was that he felt all the way from earth the time I made that power-up. I mean sure he felt it but then he probably guessed that it wasn't any of his business yet, that actually gave us a window of opportunity."

"If Cell would want to pick a fight then you probably would have lost because of the lack of control you have over it," Goku said to his brother "It's amazing that with this you eventually broke the barrier that Vegeta and the rest of us have been trying to do."

"While I have broken the barrier, I still think that there were other transformations before this one and I feel like if I can master those ones then my body will be able to handle the power of that new transformation."

"Well then, more of a reason for us to continue our sparring." Goku said with a smirk before he disappeared and appeared behind Naruto using his trademark teleportation technique. Naruto smirked and appeared behind Goku with his own trademark teleportation just as he moved in with a roundhouse kick.

"You seriously have to teach me that instant transmission Goku, it's definitely faster and less flashy than my Hiraishin." Naruto said to Goku who smiled,

"Sure, but only if you teach me that teleportation move of yours first."

"Are you sure Goku? I mean the mechanics and physics behind my Flying Thunder God is pretty difficult to understand especially since you have to know how to draw many complex seals that have probably everything to do with Physics." Naruto stated laughing silently as Goku looked in shock.

"I have to read a book!?"

"Yup!" Naruto replied with a cheerful nod "And when you do, you'll have to be at least smarter than say Bulma to at least even attempt to draw a properly functioning teleportation seal."

"Then no thanks!" Goku said "I'd rather stick with my own teleportation technique but don't worry, I will still teach it to you."

Naruto smiled in appreciation before he and Goku got back to their fight, both training to gain similar ascended levels of Super Saiyan transformation.

Meanwhile at an unknown time in an unknown place

Darkness was all he could see once his eyes snapped open from his previous prison. Escaping wasn't all that difficult, no-no, what was indeed difficult was the navigation.

Last he remembered, he was absorbed by Cell and from what he could feel, the monster of an android only got stronger after his merging with the biology of the android, something he's starting to regret dearly. He just hoped that the faint power level he was feeling would give him a clue as to where he currently was.

One week later

"Destroy…" A robot said as it stepped forward making the entire room quake. It had the build of a medium sized athlete with an exoskeleton skin made out of adamantine, the strongest metal in the world with a look similar to that of a human male. Its head was oval shaped and where the eyes were supposed to be, two rectangular holes with a lens stood there instead with colors changing to match its emotion; blue for safe mode and red for attack and right now, it was on red. It helped that these attack robots were equipped with the world's most powerful fighter's moves – Goku and Piccolo in the last world martial arts tournament – making Vegeta glad that he had a training facility like this available.



Two more similar robots with the same build as the first approached from behind the first one with all three of their optics glaring down at a sweating Super Saiyan Prince in a room that's as wide as an entire house.

Narrowly evading a beam of laser from the eyes of one of the robot before ducking under a spinning kick from another, Vegeta couldn't help but think back slightly, as he trained in 450 times earth gravity, to how he was able to get a fine accommodation fit for a prince such as himself.

Who knew being out of character for a while did this small good? Maybe he should change the way he acts and accepts the rewards that come with it, I mean after all, being the good guy will do a lot of good in his life…

"Nope, just gonna keep being awesome and awesome."

Launching a Ki blast at a robot from a distance and watching it hit, Vegeta remembered the female he saved, now let's be clear, the only reason he saved her was because he felt some untapped Saiyan energy oozing off her like there's no tomorrow and there could be only one conclusion to that but when he tried to confirm his thoughts, imagine his surprise when he got a negative response from the girl he saved; well, another situation like Kakarot's but he knew that he would use this to his advantage and mate with the female breeding a purebred Saiyan child fit to receive the mantle as Prince of all Saiyans from him, that's why he nearly thanked his stars at how easy it was going to be when the oblivious big titted lavender female latched on to him after he saved her.

"Such an act us unbefitting of any Saiyan." Vegeta mumbled as he craned his neck; but at least with him around, he could beat that attitude out of her.

It was a small and easy request from him to ask for a gravity room to help him train his body and when he received an answer of one already been made he had wondered why and after facing these attack robots, he got his answer. But still, for a pile of machines they do hit pretty hard and their skins are very durable.


"Vegeta-kun, you might want to check this out."

'Speak of the Devil.' Pausing from round two of his training, he looked up to see the image of the beauty known as Vermilion Makoto. He once again couldn't help but admire the piece of work she was; lush lavender hair, smooth and shiny pink lips and a pair of confused bright green eyes that could stare right into your soul and her perfect hourglass figure that made women everywhere green with envy, in fact at this point, he could honestly say that it was only that blonde medic that could compete with her in looks. Wearing a purple long sleeve turtle neck sweater, Vegeta smirked in his mind at the way her figure was easily brought out because of that single outfit 'God it feels good to be me.' Yes later he was going to in a word, 'Tap that ass.'

Tilting his head a little bit to the right as an image of a similar size appeared next to her, he was surprised to see that instead of her face being the one on it, no it was the face of Cell currently looking back at him.

At the same time in Capsule Corp

The Z-warriors having trained for the past 1.3 weeks non-stop decided to take a break and have some refreshments courtesy of Bulma and her parents. Right now, they were in the capsule corp building in the living room of her parents with everybody just sitting down and relaxing; even Ayumu (#18) was present too as well.

"Hey Guys, I think you should check this out." Bulma said as she stepped into the room and switched the channel on the TV to the news station where they saw the face of Cell making the fighters in the room tense in preparation,

"It's Cell!"

"What's he doing in the TV station!?"

"Good evening people of the world, my name is Cell, an android created by the genius mind of Dr. Gero who unfortunately passed away," Cell said from "for those of you that do not remember me, maybe this will jog your memory." Changing his voice box slightly, Cell spoke in the voice that was known to use to strike fear in these pathetic humans when he was in his first form "I am the terrible monster from ginger town."

In the TV station

Cell continued his transmission as he was staring right at the cameras pointed at him "Two weeks ago I was met with a small resistance from this planet's measly excuse for fighters and when the character known as Son Goku proposed for a one day training period because then he knew that he couldn't beat me I decided to extend it to three weeks and now only two have passed." Cell placed his left elbow on his right palm and leaned on his left palm with his face "I still wondered how he would use one day to get as strong as me but that doesn't matter, what matters is this;" Cell stood straight with a smirk "I know you're watching me right now Z-fighters and I am here to give you a challenge, a tournament of sorts…

Back at Vegeta's Gravity chamber

"One week from now when you all come and face me, instead of it being a free-for-all match it will be a world martial arts tournament, the Cell games if you will, all of you against me one by one, and you can fight in teams if you want and if you lose, well then so does your entire planet." Cell chuckled lightly as he said that "Son Goku, Uzumaki Naruto, Vegeta, Krillin, Son Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks Briefs and Tien, the fate of your world rest entirely on your shoulders, if you don't show up, I will blow the entire planet, and if you indeed show up and win, I won't, in fact if you somehow win, which of course I don't guarantee, I will leave this planet in peace but of course this offer doesn't just focus on the names I've called, no, it's available for all abled bodied fighters."

Vegeta watched, growling as Cell was talking about some tournament that will decide the fate of the world. Glancing to his left, he saw that Makoto was really worried about what she was hearing also glancing to Vegeta and as the transmission finished, she asked,

"So are you going to fight Cell?"

"Of course woman, what do you take me for?" Vegeta arrogantly stated with a smirk that had Makoto shaking in her knees before she smiled,

"Then you will need my help luv." Makoto said with a smirk before that smirk turned to an evil smile "Increasing gravity 100 times."

Vegeta immediately slammed down on the ground with the added force and he heard the robots activating. Straining his neck up he saw the robots blasters pointed at him and immediately smirked back at the female;

"I can take anything you can dish out…"

Meanwhile in Capsule Corp

Naruto and Goku frowned at this while the others remained panicked at what was just announced (Sometime during the announcement, Bulma, Kuma and present Trunks left for their house) and Naruto rested his right elbow on his palm as his left palm was on his face,

"So I guess there's a new martial arts tournament eh?" Naruto asked as he rubbed his chin "Well, we still have one more week to train."

"What are we going to do?" Gohan asked but unfortunately Chichi heard him,

"You are going to do nothing young man!" Chichi shouted to her son worried for her safety "You will come back home with me and hit those books young man!"

"Take it easy Chichi," Naruto tried to pacify his sister in law "Besides, I can help make sure that Gohan will also add some studying time in his training so don't worry about that."

Naruto was glad that that seemed to calm her down before he left with Trunks, Gohan and Goku out of the house. They stood outside and started to converse amongst each other,

"After a brief talk with Bulma and Kuma, Trunks and I will go and train in the time chamber for one more day and the following day while we rest our bodies, you Goku, and Gohan will enter the chamber and train." Naruto explained to the group and seeing Goku with a thoughtful look on his face, he continued "Although we all have done this before, it still won't hurt to spend the rest of the days as Super Saiyans, something I'm sure you all agree with."

"I like this plan," Goku said "but don't forget, Gohan and I spent a few days as Super Saiyans before we were called to fight Broly."

"No I didn't forget, that's why I said it wouldn't hurt to try it again and this time with the extra time on our hands, we could gain something from it." Naruto said to his brother who nodded before he turned to Trunks "Alright Trunks, let's go see your mum and your big brother before we leave to the chamber."

Grabbing Trunks by his shoulder, Naruto disappeared with his son in his trademark red-orange flash leaving his brother and nephew behind who later went inside to tell the others what they would be doing at the mean time so as to not get worried about their whereabouts.

With Cell

"I think I should do a little training of my own seeing as I need to be prepared for when the fighters come and challenge me." Cell said as he got up from his meditative pose "Maybe I'll provide some entertainment for those humans as well."

With that, he retracted his tail and flew up into the cold regions of space and he couldn't help but thank the doctor for his brilliant idea "The cells of Frieza and his father worked wonders in my biology, I couldn't help but feel that there are more levels of power I can attain…but I should train. I don't want to end up like 17."

In one simple burst of Ki, Cell flew out of the earth's solar system with excitement rushing through his veins. He felt like he could do anything!

"What should I test my powers on?"

He stopped flying for a minute before he was looking left and right. He spotted a solar system with a really, REALLY big sun and three equally big planets orbiting around it at different orbital speeds.

He smirked and thought 'Perfect.' he stood straight and charged up his Ki before he got into a very familiar stance that and began chanting his attack as his power rose and rose in the outskirts of space.

"I know I'll raise my power as high as I can. So those fools on earth can feel my power. That should put some fear into their hearts." Cell said to himself. All the while smirking.

Meanwhile, in the South Pole

Naruto and Goku froze as they were feeling the buildup of power from a very familiar source even though he was light years away. For them to be able to feel him even from that distance,

"Is that…"

"Yes Goku."

"Then that means…"

"Yes Goku, I noticed." Naruto snapped at his twin knowing that if they were able to feel his energy from here, then what was stopping Cell from knowing about Naruto's latest transformation from his fight with Broly? It was something that they were hoping to keep secret for as long as they could.

With Vegeta

Dropping on his knee in his training room, Vegeta was gasping in fear and awe at the awesome power he was feeling, even if it was from a distance.

That fear and awe turned into anger as he flashed into his Super Saiyan state. How long was he going to withstand this humiliation? The humiliation of utter defeat? How long?


He exploded in rage as he thought back to the freezing terror he felt at the hands of Frieza before and after his defeat and then his one-sided humiliation at the hands of the female android. It only got worse at the pure terror he felt when he felt the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly and instead of facing him like a true prince of Saiyans, he stood there, frozen, helpless, useless, as he watched the others fight and eventually defeat Broly with the help of an ascended Naruto Uzumaki. That thought made him howl in rage!

"How long would I have to suffer at the hands of Kakarott and his pathetic brother?" Vegeta growled unconsciously fuelling his anger in his transformed state "And then there's Cell…"

Thinking of Cell made him only angrier and angrier. He hadn't even met the monster and from what he heard he was able to get stronger after absorbing two androids. As if he wasn't strong enough.

Vegeta's face softened as he remembered the feeling he felt as he was training the time the others were fighting Cell one-on-one and he knew that should he jump in and face the monster, he would be easily and utterly defeated then, that was why he didn't want to help but now if he thought about it he noticed a pattern he was suddenly following when facing tough opponents;

Kakarott, Frieza (Pre and Post Namek), The Androids, Broly and now Cell.


In another sudden burst of rage, his power exploded damaging nearly all the equipment in the room and blinding everyones sight with smoke and when the smoke died down everyone could notice the change in the prince of all Saiyans.

The golden hair brought on by his original transformation becomes longer and rigid and stands up even more. Increased energy radiation from the result of the explosion caused his aura to take on a jagged, fierce flame-like appearance rather than smooth or flowing as it once was and finally, he had a larger muscle mass as opposed to before but the difference isn't that much though.

"Vegeta-kun are you alright?"

Craning his neck to look behind him, he noticed the destroyed room and tsked before turning to the girl on the screen "What do you want woman?"

"I heard a yell and – Why is your hair different and why do you have lightning around you?" Makoto was confused at what she saw. Sure she knew that Vegeta could change hair color but she didn't know he could change his hairstyle.

Vegeta looked at himself and felt more powerful than he had ever felt before. He felt like he could take on everyone including Cell and win but he knew instantly that if he were to go and face Cell without a plan, he would die.

He smirked and flexed his power a bit liking the rush he felt but he knew that he needed to get even stronger if he were to hope to even beat Cell and Naruto along with that clown Kakarott whom he was sure would have felt the power boost by him.

"Woman, get this room fixed immediately, so that I can train and tame this power before the tournament." Vegeta said to Makoto who was just looking back at him with a curious look on her face "I know that with this power up, I would be finally get back what was rightfully mine right after I beat Kakarott and his brother. I would be hailed once more as the strongest Saiyan in the Universe!"

"Fine." Makoto said with a sigh from the screen "Come in and have some food while I'll see what I can do about that room you destroyed."

"Hn." Vegeta powered down and left the training room as he thought about what meal awaits him as he, the prince, was really hungry.

After the meal though, he will immediately get back to training and master this new transformation.

What he didn't notice was the small path of fur that was growing out of his spinal chord. What will he do once he finds out about this new development?

To Be continued.

Authors Translations

Androids: Som - no Most of you think that Cell is just as strong as he was in Canon, well to those that do, I say that you would have to reevaluate that thought because in my story, he is TWICE as strong meaning SSJ2 isn't just enough.

REMEMBER that android 16/Itachi is a flesh based android like 17 and 18 and 16 was built to absorb those two just incase Cell failed but we all know how that turned out.

Here is a base estimate of their strength levels right now.

16/Itachi - As strong as canon Cell in his perfect form. He was absorbed because he let his guard down.

17 - same as cannon.

18 - same as cannon.

Cell w/17 absorbed - Double strength as his original transformation in canon. The boost from 17 already coupled with the Zenkai and the souls he had in him and the energy from Piccolo was enough for him to go into perfect form and as he absorbed an android that was equal the strength to his in that form, that strength doubled and his appearance changed but even he knows that he could go further.

No I will not give the rough estimate of the Saiyans powers.

Tail: Just because Vegeta suddenly has his tail growing back doesn't mean he'll instantly go to SSJ4. It would damage the plot of this story.

SSJ2: Oh my God, You just got trolled! Lol! All of you were expecting Naruto or Goku or probably Gohan to be the ones to transform into SSJ2 first but you didn't get your wish and instead it was the Saiyan Prince of all people.

Now that he has achieved what Goku and the other Saiyans apart from Naruto couldn't. Why? Because he had the right drive for the transformation. If you all look back to past fights where Vegeta always stood back and watched you will all know what I meant but do not fret, Goku and Naruto and the others will enter SSJ2.

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