Metropolis General Hospital, Metropolis

July 19, 2:40 PM CST

"Who is she?"

A simple question, but no one knew the answer. It's been a day over a month since the mysterious blonde haired girl fell from the sky. Her armor has been removed; she now sported a hospital gown.

"The better question might be what is she?" the doctor replied, "Because I can tell you she certainly isn't human."

"Kryptonian?" Batman asked.

The doctor shook his head, "No, her DNA doesn't match any known species."

"Will she be alright?" Wonder Woman asked.

"As far as we can tell, she is perfectly healthy, other than some irregular brain patterns, which are normalizing; likely a side effect of whatever brought her here. Though we have no baselines to go off of."

"When will she waken?" Batman inquired.

"We don't know," the doctor said, "I'll be sure to tell you the instant she does tough." Batman nodded at the doctor who then promptly took his leave. He and Wonder Woman stepped closer to the comatose girl.

"Still so many questions. First Superboy and Cadmus, then a young girl falls from the sky. It's one mystery after another." Wonder Woman told Batman. "Any idea what brought her here?"

"Star Labs is investigating the crash site, they've detected residual zeta-beams as well as minute amounts of an unknown particle, and her sword is made out of an unknown metal. However, they've calculated that it doesn't weight more than 3 kg." This revelation shocked the Amazonian.

"3 kg! Even Superman wasn't able to move it." Wonder Woman stated, turning to the Dark Knight.

"Zatarra believes that the sword has several enchantments, perhaps one ensures only its owner wields it," Batman then turned and walked out of the room, "the tree has been moved to STAR Labs Boston." Wonder Woman watched as Batman disappeared down the hall, before looking on the girl one last time.

Caribbean Sea

July 22, 20:03 ECT

"We're approaching Santa Prisca," Miss Martian said, the team was currently on her bioship on their way to recon the island of Santa Prisca; all shipments out of the island have stopped but infrared heat signatures indicate the facility is still running at full capacity. "Drop zone A in thirty."

Aqualad stood up, his seat disappearing underneath him; he pressed his belt buckle and his shirt turned black.

"Putting bioship in camouflage mode." Miss Martian said as she brought the ship closer to the water. Once they were hovering a few feet above the water, the floor opened beneath Aqualad and he jumped into the ocean.

"Heat and motion sensors have been patched. The data's on a continuous loop, move in now." Aqualad said after a minute.

"Drop zone B." Everyone stood up as their seats disappeared. Miss Martian lifted her hand and lines dropped from the ceiling. Everyone except Superboy and Miss Martian hooked the lines onto their belts. Kid Flash and Echo pushed a button on their suits that turned them a darker color.

"How cool is this," Kid Flash said to Miss Martian.

"Very impressive," she replied. Her outfit shifted into a black skin-tight suit.

"Uh, that works too. He Supey, not too late to put on the new stealth tech."

"No capes, no tights. No offense," Superboy said, crossing his arms.

"Totally works for you," Miss Martian said, checking him out. "In that you can totally do good work in those clothes," she added nervously, giving him a thumbs up.

"Seems to me, that you've got more on your mind than work," Echo said, earning a blush from Miss M. Before she could respond, Echo lowered himself from the ship. Kid Flash and Robin used the cables to gently lower themselves to the ground as Miss M floated to the ground. They had to quickly dodge out of the way as Superboy crashed into the ground.

"Knew I didn't need a line," he stated.

"And yet creating a seismic event may not have helped us much with the covert," Robin berated.

"We've so got to teach him the meaning of subtlety once we get back to the cave," Echo added.

"Aqualad, drop B is go," Miss Martian said.

"Roger that, head for the factory. I'll track your GPS and rendezvous," Aqualad replied.

"Roger that," Robin said before they walked into the forest. They walked through the forest until Superboy cane to a stop.

"Do you hear that?" he asked.

"No. Wait is this a super hearing thing?" Kid Flash asked.

"You do have great ears," Miss Martian said, dreamily.

"Okay, Rob, now what?" the group turned to the boy wonder, only to find that he had vanished, "man I hate it when he does that."

"We might consider investing in a leash," Echo said. Just then Aqualad came in over the radio.

"Superboy, Kid, switch to infrared. See if your being tracked." Kid Flash pulled down his goggles and scanned the forest ahead.

"Got a squad of armed bozos incoming," Kid Flash reported.

"Two squads, but they'll meet each other before they find us," Superboy corrected. Just then, gunfire erupted.

"No super hearing required now," Kid Flash said.

"Guess we're not the only ones who aren't supposed to be here," Echo said.

"Swing wide. Steer clear," Aqualad advised.

"Yeah, yeah just as soon as I find Rob," Kid Flash said before bolting.

Echo pinched the bridge of his nose, and let out a deep sigh. "Those two might just be the death of me."

Metropolis General Hospital, Metropolis

July 22, 10:34 PM EDT

Torunn woke with a start. She tried to think back on what happened; something about the bifrost, solar flare, and some sort of alien, but she was hazy on the details. She brought her attention back on the present and took notice on her surroundings. She was on a bed with railings on either side, and seemed to be on wheels. There was something on her finger that was attached to a machine that was beeping regularly next to her bed. The room itself looked sterile, with another bed, curtains, a TV attached to the wall, and a window. She swung her feet over the side of the bed and sat up; it was then that she noticed that she was no longer in her armor but in some sort of gown. She was a little disconcerted, but was able to calm herself. She took off the finger device and walked over to the window; what she saw made her heart skip a beat.

There was a city. A living city. A living, non-Ultron city. It was intact, unlike the shattered husks of cities that Ultron's forces destroyed. The architecture was more organic than the mechanical moving buildings of Ultra City. She couldn't be in the Orient; the architecture was western and billboard and signs were in English. Could this be a trick? Perhaps that alien had constructed a false city, or some sort of illusion. Could she have traveled back in time? Could the solar flare have caused the Bifrost to send her back in time? The sound of footsteps brought her out of her mulling. She turned to the door as two people in scrubs rushed in; she tensed but held her ground.

"Woah! Calm yourself, we're not going to hurt you," one of them said, raising her hands as a sign of goodwill. Should she trust them? They seemed friendly, and human. But the city; it just shouldn't exist. She was on edge, without her armor or her weapon. Should she fight them? Even without her sword she was confident she could take them, but what if they were friendly? She would certainly feel bad if she hurt them and then find out that they were just trying to help her. She needed more information, but not from a potential enemy. With that in mind, she made the only logical choice; she hurled herself through the window.

Santa Prisca

July 22, 21:54 ECT

"I recognize those uniforms; they belong to the Cult of the Kobra," Robin said. The team had managed to subdue the fighting groups and had them tied together.

"I am certain Batman would have mentioned it if he knew a dangerous extremist was running Santa Prisca's venom operation," Aqualad stated.

"Agreed," Robin replied, "and since there's clearly no love lost between Kobra and those goon I'm betting Kobra came in and tossed those guys out. That's why normal supply lines have been cut off."

"We get it, Kobra wanted super cultist. Mystery solved. Radio Bats and we'll be home in time for..." Kid Flash said.

"These cultists aren't on venom, kobra is hoarding the stuff. We don't leave, not until I know why," Robin interrupted.

"Until you know why?" Kid Flash interrogated.

"This team needs a leader."
"And it's you? Dude you're a thirteen year old kid who ducked out on us without a word."

Robin laughed, "And you're a mature fifteen who blew our cover first chance he got?"

"Don't you want to lead?" Miss Martian asked Superboy.

He shook his head, "No. You?"

"After the Mister Twister fiasco?"
"You did alright," Superboy said, causing Miss Martian to blush.

"Glad to see we're all working together so well? Really brings a tear to my eye," Echo said sarcastically.

Miss M gave him a strange look, "Do you... Not like us or..."

"I like you all just fine. That's just how I deal with stress."

"What about you? Do you want to lead?"

"Well that would make my life easier," Echo said with a grin, "but the leader should... well... he shouldn't be me." He sounded a little guilty with last bit, she was about to say more when she was cut off by Bane's laughter.

"Such clever niños, but you only know half the story. Let me show you the rest, get you into the factory via my secret entrance."

"There is a secret entrance but he's also hiding something," Miss M said, kneeling in front of Bane.

"Uh uh ah, chica Bane is not that easy."

"Ugh, he's mentally reciting football scores and español. This could take awhile."

"It's not complicated; the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

The team considered briefly before Kaldur nodded his head. The team, rather reluctantly, followed Bane.


July 22, 11:30 PM EDT

Torunn had been through the strange city for an hour now, but all she had learned was that the city was on the American east coast and was called Metropolis. She also heard mention of someone calling himself "Superman". She had also "borrowed" some new clothes, which she fully intends to return. She now wore a white t-shirt with the words "wild and free" in blue over a bird, black jacket, black short-shorts, and black boots. While running, she would occasionally spot three costumed individuals who she believed to be searching for her; one man who wore black and gray, a woman who wore red, gold, and blue. The third flew high in the sky; as such, she couldn't make out much about them. From what she gathered from the people who say the two costumed individuals, their names seemed to be Batman and Wonder Woman; some kind of heroes judging from the people's reactions. Perhaps the third was this "Superman" she's been hearing about; this is his city from what she's gathered.

She was walking down the back alleys thinking about what she was going to do now. She had tried to find libraries, she remembered Tony talking about them, but the only one she able to find was closed; and, while she would never admit it, she had no idea where she was going.

"No! Get away from us!" A cry for help grabbed her from her thoughts. Se followed it around a corner and saw two women, one middle age and one fourteen, surrounded by a group of thugs. The lead thug pulled the younger girl towards him as the others restrained the older one, but before he could do anything untoward Torunn landed a blow on his torso which sent him flying. The other thugs stood there dumbstruck, which the older woman used to break free and dash towards the younger and scooped her into her arms before dashing the way Torunn had come from.

"Gah! Dumb broad!" The leader exclaimed as he pulled himself up, " what's yer problem? We was just having ourselves a bit of fun. Been in prison twenty some-odd years and wanted to stretch me legs, so to speak." He said walking up to Torunn, his friends gathering around him.

"What beasts be thee that ye would consider such depravity with such indifference," Torunn.

The thugs laughed, finding humor in Torunn's manner of speech, "What's up with the knight talk blondie? Consider yerself some knight in tin armor?" he said getting closer to the Asgardian. "See then you took what was mine so I figure the chivlrus thing would be to..." he said, reaching his left hand to touch her face, before he could finish, however, Torunn grabbed his arm, twisted it until she felt it snap, and kicked him in his manhood. Hard. He lowered to his knees and whimpered in pain until Torunn knocked him out with a left hook. The other goons could only stare in shock.

"You bitch!" one shouted as they all charged Torunn. One ran in swinging high, but before he could land a punch, Torunn kicked out his leg, making him stumble. She hit him in the chest with an uppercut. She followed with two jabs, one to his stomach, the other to his head, before jump kicking him against a wall, knocking him out.

Two more came at her from either side. The one on the left attempted to kick her, but she grabbed his leg, and threw him into the wall. The other came with a punch but Torunn spun around, swiped away his attack, kneed him in the stomach then punching him in the head, knocking him out. The other one had picked himself off the ground but before he could do anything, Torunn pushed him against the wall then punched him in the face. His head hit the wall, knocking him out. She turned to the final thug but before either could do anything, a golden lasso wraps around him and is thrown into a fire escape. Torunn turned around and saw three costumed individuals standing behind her. The third one wore a blue jumpsuit with red underwear, red cape, red boots, and a red "S" symbol.

"Well done with the hoodlums," the woman said as she reeled in her lasso.

"Who are you?" Torunn asked, still ready for a fight.

"We're friends," the blue one said, raising his hands in a placating manner "I'm Superman, this is Batman and Wonder Woman."

"We want to help you," Wonder Woman added.

"Where am I? How did I get here?"

"You're in Metropolis; as for how you got here? You, well, you fell out of the sky," Superman said.

"How can I trust you? This place, it's not as it should be. How can I be certain you are not villains meant to trap me?"

"We can help you get home. Until then we can provide you with food, lodging; we'll do our best to make you feel welcome. I know you must be frightened, waking up in an unfamiliar place, not knowing how you got there, but you don't have to deal with it alone," Superman said,"please, let us help you." Torunn considered her options; it was try to find out where she was, how she got here, etc..., while trying to find food, water, shelter, and whatever else she needs on her own; or trust them.

"Alright," Torunn said eventually, relaxing, "I'll go with you."

"We'll do everything in our power to help you."

Santa Prisca

July 22, 23:00

Bane lead the team to cliff looking over the plant; Robin raised his binoculars and scanned the building. "Look at all that product! There's definitely a buy going down, but if Kobra is not selling to the usual suspects then..."

"We need to find out who that buyer is," Aqualad finished.

"Just what I was thinking," Kid Flash said.

"Yeah, you're the thinker," Robin teased.

"Sarcasm? Dude a real leader would focus on getting answers," Kid Flash retorted.

Just then Bane moved a boulder from the mouth of a cave. "Answers are this way."

"So, now el luchadore is our leader," Kid Flash said, earning him a punch in the arm from Robin as he walked into the tunnel. They walked until they came upon a metal door. Bane placed his thumb against a button and the door opened into a janitor's closet. Robin looked through the door checking for guards.

"All clear," he said before dashing in. By the time the rest came out, Robin was nowhere to be seen.

"Has the little fool already been caught?" Bane inquired.

"No he just does that," Aqualad answered.

"Stay put, I'll gather intel and be back before boy wonder," Kid Flash said before running off.

"Wait! Kid," Aqualad said, trying to stop him.

"Great chain of command," Bane remarked.

"Ain't it though?" Echo said. They ducked down behind a conveyor belt system as cultists were loading product.

"It's a massive shipment," Aqualad said.

"Yeah but their only taking new product of the line. Their not touching this venom," Superboy stated.

"Maybe freshness counts?" Miss M theorized.

"Or they've altered the new stuff," Echo added.

"Helicopters coming," Superboy said.

"Miss Martian, get at the buyer," Aqualad said.

"Understood," she replied turning invisible.

'Aqualad, sending you a telepathic image of the buyer now' Miss M thought to Aqualad. He closed his eyes and let Miss M's image fill his mind.

"Sportsmaster! He's the buyer? Aqualad to Red Tornado, do you read?" He only heard static. "Can't reach the League, Robin, or Kid; the comms jammed. We need a plan. Now"

"I have a suggestion," Bane said before leaping over the railing and attacking two cultists.

"What is he..." Aqualad said but before he could finish, Mammoth burst through the window. Superboy and Mammoth charged each other as cultists opened fire on Aqualad and Echo. Aqualad created a shield with his water bearers and Echo dashed behind a column.

Echo detached his three part pole, locked the sections so that they made a staff and shouted, "Earplugs!" Just then, his weapon began emitting an ear piercing shriek. Everyone who was not wearing ear protection could barely lift their weapon, excluding Kobra and Mammoth.

Miss Martian, who was still invisible, arrived and began telekinetically throwing people, until Sportsmaster, who was incidentally wearing ear protection, threw a spear. She managed to evade it, but it exploded as it passed her, knocking her onto a platform. Sports master then a disk at Echo; he dodged, but it stopped the noise. With it gone, the cultists were able to fight better.

"Miss Martian, radios jammed, link us up," Aqualad said.

'Everyone online?' Miss M thought.

'Yeah,' Superboy thought.

'You know it beautiful,' flirted Kid Flash.

'I suppose now is the part where you make some rousing speech about friendship and how the last few months have the best before we all die together?' Echo thought, causing everyone to roll their eyes.

'Good, we need to regroup,' thought Aqualad.

'Busy now' Robin thought.

'Robin, now!" Aqualad ordered.

Aqualad used water to whip some cultists, 'We need to retreat, Kid, clear a path.' Kid Flash ran through a group of cultists as everyone followed him back to the secret tunnel. Superboy closed the door but it didn't stop Mammoth long.

"Superboy! The support beams!" Aqualad shouted. Superboy quickly smashed them causing the tunnel to collapse behind them. Aqualad cracked a few glow sticks.

"How could my first mission as leader go so wrong?" Robin asked.

"You could always try leading next time. You know, just a thought," Echo said.

"What's that's supposed to mean?"

"You are the most experienced, but perhaps that is exactly what has left you unprepared. Fighting alongside Batman, your roles are... defined. You do not need to talk. But this team is new, and a leader must be clear, explicit. He cannot vanish and expect others to play a part in an unknown plan," Aqualad said.

"So I'm supposed to hold everyone's hands," Robin said angrily before calming down. "Who am I kidding? You should lead us Kaldur. You're the only one who can."

"Please! I can run circles around..."
"Wally, come on. You know he's the one, we all do," Robin said.

"Hello Meaghan! It's so obvious."

"Could've told ya," Superboy said.

"Ok," Kid Flash said after a moment.

"Then I accept the burden,"Aqualad walked up to Robin and put his hand on Robin's shoulder, "until you are ready to lift it from my shoulders. You were born to lead this team. Maybe not now but soon." Robin nodded. "Alright, our first priority is preventing that shipment from leaving this island."
"Funny, I had the same thought," Robin remarked.

The team ran to the exit. "Sportsmaster is the buyer/supplier, but it still doesn't track. He doesn't have the juice to acquire the Blockbuster formula or get Kobra to do his dirty work," Robin said.

"And neither of them had the chops to bond blockbuster with venom. That took some major nerdage," Kid Flash added.

"I believe the expression is: tip of the iceberg," Aqualad said as they came to a stop. Bane appeared at the exit.

"Halt niños, I'm feeling explosive." He held a switch in his hands, everyone looked above and saw charges.

"You betrayed us, why?" Aqualad asked.

"I want my factory back."

'Kid you'll need a running start,' thought Aqualad as Kid Flash took a few steps back.

"So I forced you into a situation where you would either take down my enemies, or die trying. If the latter the Justice League would certainly come to avenge their sidekicks, and when the smoke cleared, Santa Prisca would be mine once more. Blowing the tunnel with you inside, should have the same effect." Bane stepped back just as Kid Flash zoomed past and grabbed the switch.

"With what? This trigger thingy?" Bane tried to punch Kid Flash, but Miss M levitated him. Superboy walked underneath him.

"Finally, drop him," he said. Miss M obliged and he knocked him out cold.

Just as Sportsmaster was about to leave with the shipment, Kid Flash zoomed in and started tackling guards. "Tale the shipment!" Kobra cried. Superboy landed with a crash, then turned to Mammoth.

"Go again?" he goaded. When Mammoth charged him, he was pushed away by a stream of water from Aqualad. "Sorry, not the plan." Superboy prepared to punch the helicopter, but was shot in the back by Sportsmaster. Echo was dealing with the cultists; he turned on his noise generator, but it appears the cultists were prepared this time. He spun his three part pole at an advancing cultist, hit him in the head. He then hit a second in like manner. He kicked a cultists coming from his left in the stomach, then again in the head. He then spun around, hitting him with his pole. He spun his pole behind his back, where it lock into place. He then swung wide, hitting another cultist across the brow. He then ran up to a group of three and landed several blows on two, knocking them out, before jump kicking the last.

It was at this point that the helicopter took off, but before it could go far, it exploded.

"I am plagued by mosquitoes," Kobra said with his boot on Robin.

"Good. Cause this mosquito is mighty concerted over your pain," Robin said, getting out from underneath him and rejoining the rest of the team.

"Another time, then," Kobra said as he disappeared into the forest. Robin tried to follow but he had already vanished.

"We picked the right guy to lead. Automatically making you the right guy to explain this mess to Batman," Robin said.

Mount Justice

July 23, 10:01 AM EDT

"A simple recon mission, observe and report," Batman said to the team, " you'll each receive a written evaluation detailing your many mistakes. Until then, good job." The team was shocked by this last bit. No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. How you adjust to the unforeseen determines success." Batman walked away, "And how you chose who leads, determines character."

"One more thing," just then Black Canary walked in with the blonde haired girl from two months ago. "This is Torunn. She from, far away. The League has agreed to help send her home, but until then, she has agreed to join the team."

"Greetings," she said. The rest of the team came over to introduce themselves and get to know their new teammate.

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