"Ms. Rizzoli, can I see you for a moment please?"

Jane curses under her breath. She watches as the rest of her classmates leave eyeing her as they do. They know. Of course they know, he doesn't try to hide it anymore during class, but their to afraid to say anything.

Letting out a sigh she sits on top of a desk in the front row as far away from him as possible, so she doesn't have to smell the horrid stench of death covered up by a worse smelling cologne that surrounds him everyday. "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes ma'am I sure did." He picks up a paper from his desk and walks around towards Jane. She cringes slightly, regretting her decision to sit on a desk instead of stand by the door. "I want to talk to you about your paper."

Jane furrows her brows and tilts her head getting a little panicky, she worked damn hard on that paper, there's no way she failed. She quickly grabs the paper being held out, her heart calmed instantly, she got an A. "You're a great writer Jane, I didn't know you were so fond of the piano."

"Uh" She runs a hand through her brunette hair nervously, "Yeah." is all that falls from her mouth as he inches his way closer to her. She had to swallow back the bile that rose in her throat from the smell.

"Do you play?"

Jane doesn't answer. Her eyes leaving the paper in her hands, quickly shooting a glance to the door, feeling uncomfortable. She doesn't talk about that part of her life with anybody. Playing is an escape for her. A stress reliever. A way to allow her forget about pieces of shit like him.

"Uh, I have to…"she tries to stand but a hand on her shoulder stops her. She closes her eyes as his thumb starts to rub back and forth, a lump of disgust forming in her throat.

"Based on your writing you seem to be pretty passionate about it." He says ignoring her means to leave, "Why the long face? There's nothing to be ashamed of about doing something as beautiful as playing the piano. Maybe you can play for me sometime."

NO. Her mind screams. Eyes going wide. She plays for no one, especially not for this prick.



She looks up fire in her eyes. "No." her voice coming out deep and dangerous.

She see's a hint of anger flash through his eyes, as his hand tightens over her shoulder. Feeling uneasy, Jane tried to stand again only to be pushed back down. "Let me g..." But the clicking of heels at the classroom door cut her off and distracts him enough to loosen his grip and allows Jane to stand.

"Mr. Hoyt I believe that you are keeping Jane from her study session."

Ms. Isles. She would recognize that voice anywhere. She lets out a deep breath, grabbing her bag and scooting around Mr. Hoyt who was still standing to close for comfort.

"Always a pleasure, Ms. Isles." He says with a forced smile. "Me and Jane were just discussing her latest paper." Eyes never leaving Jane.

This didn't go unnoticed by Ms. Isles, it makes her sick the way his eyes are always on her. She puts a hand on the small of Jane's back and starts leading her out of the door to her classroom throwing a "Mhm" over her shoulder, not bothering to look back.

"Thanks for saving me back there Ms. Isles." Jane said upon entering the classroom.

"Jane I've told you multiple times to call me Maura. Ms. Isles makes me think of my mother, and that is just..." She gives a noticeable shiver. "Plus 21 is not th..."

But Jane throws her hands up in surrender, sitting down in her chair next to Maura's desk, "Okay, okay, I give" she said with a small smile. She unpacks her books, noticing Maura is still standing, with a look of worry on her face. "What?"

"That's the fourth time I've had to come get you Jay."

Pausing for a moment Jane looks down at her books, "I can handle him." she says rolling her shoulders.

Maura knows she can. She hears the student talk about how strong Jane is, how protective she is, how you never want to be on the other side of her rage. Being the captain and leading the schools softball team to win the championship two years in a row sometimes has it's perks, but can also lead to some unwanted attention. Attention Jane doesn't really care for. "You shouldn't have to handle him Jane."

Jane only gives her a shrug as an answer running her hand through her unruly curls, not wanting to talk about it anymore. Maura takes a seat getting the point.

An hour passed in silence. Maura grading papers and Jane finishing her homework.

"You going to come watch practice today?" Jane asked tossing down her pencil and packing up her books.

"Is it four already?" Maura said looking at her watch, stretching "I can't today, i've got a lot of grading to catch up on, but I would be happy to walk with you to stretch my legs." Looking up from her papers she watches Jane's face fall a little but quickly recovers with a small smile. "I promise i'll be there for the game Friday, front row."

"No...no, I understand your busy, no need to come cheer on your favorite student." Jane says facing away from Maura now, with a huge grin on her face.

A low, soft, stuttering "I-I...but" comes from Maura's mouth. It makes Jane feel a little guilty. She turns around to see Maura's face a little pale and sad. "Hey...hey, no I was just kidding."

"No, you don't want me there, so I won't be." Maura says as she turns away from Jane.

"Aw come on Maur, I'm sor..." But the smile on Maura's face cuts her off . "You're getting to good at that."

"I learn from the best." She says with a wink walking towards the door.

Jane holds it open for Maura and they both start walking down the hall towards the gym so Jane could change for practice. "You know I've been making A's since freshman year, I don't understand why coach thinks I need a tutor."

"I'm hardly a tutor Jane, she just wants to make sure you keep your grades up, and that you actually do your homework."

"Yeah I guess."

"What? Do you not like our little study sessions?" Maura says with a smirk. "I can always find another teacher to "tutor" you."

Jane whips her head around with pleading but playful eyes. "Oh God, please no. You, Frost and coach are about the only people I can stand in this school."

Maura can't help but smile.

Falling into a comfortable silence, Jane can't help but think how she will never tire of their playful banter. She has never been as close to one of her teachers as she is with Ms. Isles. All the long chats after school, her coming to watch practices and games, work outs in the gym during finals to relieve stress. Friend is the only word she can think of when it comes to her, best friends.

A hand that brushes against her brings her back from her thoughts. The look on the blondes face when Jane turns is one of, worry? Fear? Anger? All three? She puts a hand on Maura's shoulder stopping their progress to the gym. "Hey, what's wrong?"

Maura looks into Jane's eyes and let's out a big sigh, "Jay can you promise me something?"

"This is about earlier today, isn't it?" But the look that Maura gives her, tells her right now is not the time to argue, or to joke, or for smart ass comments. For the second time that day Jane surrender's. "Alright, okay."

"Promise that you will never be afraid to ask me for help, that if he..."

But Jane cuts her off, removing her hand, and rolling her shoulders nervously. Her darkened chocolate eyes starring into green. "I can handle it Maur."

Jane's stubbornness does not waver Maura, "Please." she asks with pleading eyes.

She can't say no.

"Okay, I promise."

All she can think is that she has never lied to Maura before.

There is no greater feeling for Jane than smacking softballs to her team during practice. The sound that the leather makes when it comes in contact with the cool metal bat in her hands is almost as beautiful as when her finger touch the keys on piano. The vibrations that go from her hands to her arms and down her spine makes a smile spread across her lips every time.

"Jay pop one up!" Riley Cooper, the teams co-captain, yells from center field.

Jane picks up a ball from the bucket beside her. Pointing her bat out to center field towards Riley like an old baseball movie. "Ready?" she yells.

"Bring it!"

All her teammates watch her as she tosses the ball in the air once, twice, a third time, getting into her batting stance. Clearing her mind of everything except for one thing. No, one person. She's...everything.

Taking a deep breath, she throws the ball high into the air, gripping the bat with two hands. Eyeing the ball as it comes back down to earth she waits for the perfect moment to swing as hard as she can.

NOW! She screams in her head. Swinging the bat with as much force as her arms can gather, leather hits metal with a satisfying crack and the ball goes flying up and out to Riley.

She watches Riley run to the edge of the field. She has her glove up ready to catch, only to watch it fly over her head and land in the stands behind her. Riley drops her glove to her side and stares up towards home plate. "I said to me Jay!"

The look on Riley's face makes Jane's cheeks hurt from how big her smile gets. "Sorry!" Shaking her head she waves her team to join her at home plate. "Alright guys bring it in."

The team gathered around home plate taking a knee in front of Jane. "Good practice today guys. Our first game is on Friday, so let's get here as early as we can after school tomorrow. Katie you have to work on getting your glove down. Steph and Alex this team favors the right side, so be prepared to work your asses off." She watches her team nod their heads in understanding. "Alright see you guys tomorrow." Everyone disperses, grabbing their bags heading to their cars to go home.

Click click click click. Pictures upon pictures upon pictures. Running bases, pitching, hitting the ball out into the stands. Absolutely breathtaking. Closing his eyes and picturing her beautiful long flowing brunette curls pulled back in a pony tail, tight grey softball pants, a form fitting tank top that shows off every muscle she has when she moves. Wanting to fill them under his hands, stroking, scratching, rubbing. Chills run down his spine.

His heart beating strong and fast in his chest just from picturing her in his head.

Two years, two fucking years of waiting.

"Soon Janie, soon." it has become mantra.

Bzzz bzzz

It's a text from Frost. She knows before she even fishes her phone from her pocket.

Frost (6:54): Pizza?

How can she deny her rumbling stomach pizza, and the good company of her closest friend. She simply can't.

Jane (6:55): Yeah meet you there in 10.

Her mother hasn't been home in days, God only knows where she is. Always disappearing, never an explanation or a straight answer to where she's been, so she simply stopped asking. Her dad took off with her brothers years ago. No phone calls, letters, nothing. Jane finds it to be easier this way. She does just fine on her own.

Frost is sitting at their usual table at Rino's Pizza when she walks in. He looks away from the waitress he's ordering from when the bell on the door rings and smiles. She returns it happily. Frost has been her best friend, her adopted brother, her partner in crime since elementary school. They have each others backs no matter what. He knows everything about her. They hide no secrets.

"Hey how was practice?"

"It was good, I think we're ready for Friday." She says sitting down across from him.

"With you on the team, you're going to trash the other guys." He laughs when he sees the look on Jane's face. "Don't look at me like that, you know it's true."

She scoffs. "It's a team effort Frost, not just me."

"Right, team effort."

Jane narrows her eyes at him as the waitress places their pizza in the center of the table. "You all set? Need any refills, napkins?" The waitress asks, her eyes never leaving the brunette.

"No thank you, we're good." Jane says with a mouth full.

"I'm Alli by the way."

Jane slowly turns her head to the waitress, thoughts going through her mind of why she would want to know this certain fact about this person. Why people always insisted on interrupting her and Frost wherever they were, is beyond her. No exaggeration. It's literally was every time, no matter where she was, or who she was talking to, someone was always there to interrupt.

"I'm in your Biology class with Ms. Isles." she hints at Jane.

"Oh, uh...right."

She had no clue. And Frost knew she didn't, he couldn't help the small laugh that escaped his mouth. A hard kick to his shin shut him up.

"Ready for the game Friday?"

"Yeah I think we are. Should be an easy win."

"Awesome, can't wait. I'll totally be there cheering you on."

"Yeah, thanks."

As the awkward moment passed, and the waitress went to take other orders, Frost couldn't help but let out the laugh he's been holding in. His face going red from lack of oxygen.

"Every damn time, I swear."

"Well you are the all mighty Jane Rizzoli." his says raising his hands up to the heavens.

"Please stop...just stop."

With the pizza almost finished, conversation about their school day flowing easily, as it always does, until...

"Ms. Isles stopped me on her way out of school this afternoon."


"Yeah, and?"

"She told me she had to come rescue you from Hoyt again." He knows about the prick. Ms. Isles tells him, informs him of her discomfort with the situation. How she's walked in on Hoyt with his hands on Jane time and time again. Frost hates the fucker.

Everyone knows he and Jane are best friends. That they are close, have been since they were kids. He hears from the people in her class how he will stop at Jane's desk and put his hands on or around her shoulders. How he always exploits her intelligence and calls on her in class when other students hands are raised. All the longer than normal glances and stares. It makes his chest tighten with anger. God he really hates the fucker.

"She didn't rescue me." she mumbles.

"Jane wake up! He's a fucking pervert! You need to tell..."

"No! Jesus Christ! I can handle it!" She's mad now, slamming her fist on the table. Maura wanted to tell someone the first time he kept her after class, but of course Jane talked her out of it.

He let's out a long breath looking down at the table, he knows he can't win. "I know you can Jay. Just be careful, yeah?"

"Yeah" She looks into deep brown eyes "I will."