Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters nor any part of The Hunger Games. I am writing for my enjoyment only. Rating of M because that is where the story is going.

Chapter 1

I was stationed in a tall building next to a large picture window overlooking the square where Snow will emerge and be tied for his execution. Coin had instructed me to stand here with my bow, in case Katniss were to miss. I tried to tell her there was nothing to worry about, Katniss would never miss, not from that ridiculously short of a distance. Coin would not hear of it, and just insisted I do this, "Always best to have all options covered." if for some reason Katniss missed, I was to shoot Snow in the heart, through his rose, as if Katniss had done it herself.

I watched as Katniss emerged from the mansion. Turning to the side, playing the Mokingjay role. She was followed by Snow who was promptly tied to his post. I saw as Katniss aimed. I could see from here it would hit it's mark. The with a swift movement the arrow tilted upwards as Katniss released.

Coin was hit directly in her eye, as Katniss had always done for her prey. That was all Coin was to her, neither enemy nor necessary evil, only prey. Coin's body fell from the balcony and chaos erupted. Katniss was swarmed by armed guards. I watched Peeta run to her, she was fighting and swirming, trying to escape his grasp. I aimed my arrow at him, unsure if he was having another flashback. The guards pulled them apart and Katniss began to scream and thrash. I heard her scream my name "Gale."

I know what she wants. I swift arrow to end it all. My arrow is already lined up on her, I had been watching like an eagle through the line of sight from my bow. I knew if I were to release it would hit her, and she would be dead. No matter how she screamed my name I couldn't release the arrow. I could not snuff the flames of the girls on fire, the girl I loved. They took her into the mansion, out of my sight. I lowered my bow, knowing the time had passed.

I wondered what they would do to her now. Maybe I should have let the arrow fly and saved her from the horrors that may now be awaiting her. I ran from my perched spot, I had to find someone that would know what was going to happen to her. I ran toward the mansion, weaving between scared and shrieking people. Years of running through the woods evading twisted roots that weaved their way through the forest floor paid off as I reached the front of the mansion with ease. Snow was stilled tied to his post, without an arrow he was slumped over dead. Katniss didn't need to shoot him, she managed to kill two birds with one arrow.

Plutarch was the first person I saw, he was with other officials being rounded up and swooped into the mansion. I followed them in, weaving my way to him, there was still so much chaos, everyone was talking at once. I finally got his attention as his eyes found mine. "What is going to happen to her" I screamed at him above the others. It was suddenly much quieter as others waited for the answer, they too wanted to know what would happen to Katniss Everdeen, the traitor.