Quick note I am going to take a break from this story for a little while. I know where I want to go but right now I have a different story filling my mind and won't let me go unless I do something about it, so sadly this needs to go on the back burner for awhile. It is probably for the best anyways, I am mixing up my character voices and things just are not coming out right because I just don't feel it right now. I figured I would have to get the second part of the party up for you all before I left, and I decided as a treat to leave you with I included one of my favorite memories woven into the story. Until I see you all again, I leave you with part 2.

Chapter 21 – The Party Pt. 2

I stood at the outer edge of the group; we were all huddled around Fie. I didn't know what to do, everyone was trying to talk to her, everyone was trying for her attention, and she was not making this easy on me.

"I must say you have the most amazing eyes." Said one of the soldiers next to me.

I rolled my eyes; do we all sound that stupid trying to get girls' attention? I had to think of something, some way of getting Fie away from the other guys and claiming her as mine, again. I turned and left the group, watching as Fie's eyebrow lifted up slightly when I glanced back over my shoulder at her. The corners of my lips turned up slightly as a response.

I went and found one of the servers carrying the blue sickly sweet drink. It may have been too sweet for me, but it was Fie's favorite color. I grabbed one of the glasses off the trays, startling the man holding the tray as his back was toward me and he was not prepared for the weight shift. Luckily he was able to maintain control and the rest of the glasses did not go crashing to the floor. I apologized quickly and left with the drink.

Fie was still where I had left her, some of the more shy guys had left and now there were only a few still standing and talking to her. Brant had not given up yet, he was telling her some kind of story that apparently involved the use of wide arm motions to tell it correctly. With many of the others gone it was much easier to get in closer to Fie. "Here," I said handing her the blue drink completely interrupting Brant's story. "You looked like a blue kind of person to me, and it's just as sweet as I imagine you are." Man that was a bad line; I guess we all go stupid around a pretty woman.

Fie took the drink with a smile and took a small sip. Her lips done in a perfect shade of red lipstick that matched her hair and dress without making her look ridiculous. Her eyes closed as she savored the taste of the sweet liquid a slight moan escaped her lips. We all stood there watching her stunned, she made taking a sip look so incredibly sexy. From the corner of my eye I saw Brant adjust himself.

I felt my temper rise, I know this is all a game to Fie but I felt an overwhelming urge of possessiveness as I could see the lustful looks in the others' eyes. She was mine, and I would not let someone take her away from me. I had not been forward enough with Katniss and that did not turn out well for me in the end. If I had told her the day of the reaping how I felt the whole thing with Peeta might never have happened. I would not make that mistake again, Fie was mine and I would claim her for the whole world to see.

I closed the distance between Fie and myself, cupping her face in my hands and claiming her lips with mine. There was a small gasp of surprise from Fie which I used to my advantage, moving my tongue into her mouth. It felt great to kiss her where everyone could see. Fie is mine and now they all know.

I pulled back from the kiss slowly, licking my lips as they tasted like the blue drink Fie had just sipped. Combined with the taste of Fie it was no longer sickeningly sweet, it was perfect. "Tastes better on you." I said breathlessly.

Fie smiled and I could hear the pounding of my heart in my ears. Something about this, making me fight for her just made me want her so much more. "Care for a dance?" I asked extending my arm to her which she accepted. I pulled her away from the stunned and angry soldiers and out onto the dance floor where I quickly realized that I had no idea how to dance to this type of music.

I wrapped my arm around Fie's waist, pulling her body into mine. I love the way we fit together. Fie leaned her head into my chest and my hands smoothed across the thin silky fabric of her tight dress. I could feel her tiny but strong body beneath the sheer fabric. I am grateful that the music seems to be slow so Fie and I just stand there bodies together swaying from side to side.

"I missed you." I say into the top of Fie's hair.

"I can tell." I could hear the smile in her voice. Fie raised her head, meeting my gaze with large green eyes. I bent to delicately place my lips on hers, I couldn't help myself.

"You look great tonight." I said when Fie pulled away from the kiss.

"Thanks." She said almost shyly. "I was hoping that you would like it." She said fiddling with her dress, smoothing it down on the sides. Her arms wrapped back around my neck and we continued swaying. Soon the tempo of the music changed back into the faster beats that I had heard earlier.

Fie detached herself from me, pulling away enough to turn around. She began to move against me suggestively. I imagine I look quite a bit like Collins did when Amithy was moving against him on the dance floor. Fie was a bit more helpful, grabbing my hands which had fallen to my side. Her hands were on top of the backs of mine as she moved them onto her waist as her hips circled against me. Fie moved her body against mine and it was driving me crazy.

I didn't move against her, there was no need, Fie made us look graceful and I was simply along for the ride. Her scent swirled around me as she danced filling my head with the smell of cherries and mint. My hands instinctively tightened against her, pulling her into me, making it harder for her to move. I bent down and kissed her neck slowly leaving a trail of kisses down to her collarbone. Fie was still moving slightly against me.

The whole world seemed to melt away and I forgot that we were standing in the middle of a public place. There was nothing else in this world but Fie in my arms, her body against mine. But all too soon our moment was over as we snapped back into reality and saw stares coming at us from all directions.

I released Fie and she giggled, one hand covering her mouth, the other grabbing mine and pulling me off the dance floor. I followed without hesitation; it was so good to have her back with me again. Fuck, I had really missed her. Fie pulled us away to a wall near the dance area. She turned and kissed me, it was a long and deep kiss and she had to be the one to pull away as we heard the clearing of a throat.

We only slightly separated from each other as we turned to see who had interrupted us. Collins was standing beside us, arms crossed, but his eyes betrayed him. I could see he was holding back a smile. "I see you found someone to entertain yourself with."

"Collins, this is Fie. Fie meet Mike Collins my captain."

Fie extended her hand, "It's nice to meet you Mike."

Collins accepted her hand and shook it, his eyebrow slightly raised and he looked between Fie and me. "Don't you dare hurt him, he's been hurt enough. But go and have some fun, parties after all are for the fun of youth." With that Collins left.

"Well that was a little intense." Said Fie turning back to me once Collins was out of hearing range.

"Yeah I thought it was a little strange too, I guess he just wanted to come over to threaten you for my sake and then leave." It definitely was strange, Collins after all was trying to get me to meet someone, and then points Fie out, and then gets all protective of me when I actually pick her. Sometimes I just don't understand Collins, he is a fearless and commanding leader one moment, then one of the guys the next.

"So, would you like to dance some more, or would you like to show me off a bit, or what?" Fie asked me while I was still pondering the complexity that is Collins.

"Actually I wouldn't mind going and having you all to myself for a little while." I whispered into her ear.

Fie giggled, "Well isn't that a little forward, after all I just met you..." She was teasing me again.

"I think I have gotten to know you well enough for now, and I think the party will be going on for a couple of hours, no one will miss us if we sneak off for a little bit." A smile played across Fie's face and she nodded in agreement.

"I know the perfect place." She said then took me by the hand leading me to the back door. The door lead to a hallway, once the door closed it was amazing how much quieter it was. You could hear the beat of the music but it was muffled and easy to hear over. Fie continued to pull me through the hallway, there was another door at the end, when she opened it I was hit by the warmer moist air of outside.

It was dark now, but the air had not cooled much and it was heavy with moisture. We had emerged along the back side of the building and as I looked around there was no one else on the streets. All the buildings were black, no lights on in any of them as everyone was inside the building we just escaped from. Fie lead me around to a small escape ladder and released my hand as she began to climb.

I followed eagerly, having a great view above me. I could see straight up her short little dress, her underwear red and peeking out at me in between her steps. We reached the top of the ladder which leveled out onto a smooth flat rooftop. There were taller buildings on either side of the roof, one looked as if it housed apartment rooms.

Fie grasped the front of my shirt, balling it up in her fists as she pulled me into her for a long passionate kiss. I felt red hot, full of passion and something else, something new, possessiveness. All my life I have never had much and I have been very understanding that I should never get too attached to anything as I may lose it at any moment. But here and now, with her I felt like I needed her to be mine and mine alone.

I cupped her face with both of my hands, pulling her deeper into me. There was a slight incline to our left, it looked like there was an exhaust vent on the other side, but the incline made for the perfect place to lay Fie down. I staggered to my side pulling Fie along with me, careful not to break our connection; I needed to feel her body against mine.

I laid her against the incline pushing her dress up above her thighs exposing her red silk underwear to me. I ran the knuckle of my trigger finger up and down across the thin fabric, feeling her wetness through the fabric. I hooked her panties with my fingers and pulled them down to her ankles. With quick fingers I freed myself from my pants and leaned down to capture her lips while entering her in one fluid motion.

The excitement of being in such a public place not to mention the haste in which we were moving would guarantee this to be quick, but apparently not quick enough.

"Gale stop moving." Fie's voice was low, barely above a whisper, but full of urgency. I stayed in her but stopped moving lying almost fully on top of her. I looked back behind my shoulder and I saw directly behind me, one of the windows was illuminated with light, a figure standing near the window. The glass was not completely transparent; it seemed to have an etching on it, like a window that may be placed in a bathroom.

Someone must have had enough of the party and decided to go back home for the night, because the figure was standing to the side, it was likely it was a man going to the bathroom after the long night of drinking before retiring himself to bed. If we stayed still he may not even notice us, it was dark and with the pattern on the glass it would be hard to see through clearly.

My heart was racing and I could feel that Fie's was too. Ever so slowly I began to move in and out of her again, trying not to make any wide movements. Fie's eyes were wide with alarm but soon the feeling of need combined with the excitement changed her features into one of ecstasy. I could feel Fie tightening around me and I knew that she was close. I increased the rhythm, knowing it would make slightly more noticeable moments, but in that moment I did not care.

Fie moaned into my jacket, trying to bite the material to cover her noise as she found her release and I followed. I checked back over my shoulder, breathing heavy, the light had gone off, the figure now gone. I don't believe we had been spotted but I didn't want to wait around to see either. Fie and I both fixed our clothes quickly and scurried down the ladder back toward the party.

We burst into the hallways, and could not contain our laughter. Now under the light I could see we had not quite cleaned up enough. Fie was covered in fine black dust all along her back where she had laid on the roof. I tried to brush it off with my hands but that just smeared the dirt around, mixing with the slight sheen of sweat from our excursions. She would need to get to a bathroom to wash this off.