The first thing Tim did when they got back to the cabin was to start washing the clothes, towels and bedding. There were enough sheets and towels that one load wouldn't be quite enough, so he decided to do their clothes as well to make two complete loads. Tony stood in back of him, his arms around Tim's waist and watched the little washing machine fill with water. Tim wasn't sure what the fascination was. "It's just our laundry."

"Yeah, our laundry. This is the first time my boxers and your boxers have done the liquid limbo together."

"Oh." He realized that Tony was right. Separate apartments had always meant separate laundry. Even when they hung out together doing somebody's laundry, it was at either Tony's at his building or Tim's at his. Smiling, Tim leaned back more against Tony and squeezed his arms. "You're right. Do we need to keep supervising them, or can we leave them alone to figure it out?"

Tony turned Tim around to face him. "Well, my boxers are designer, so they're smart and sexy."

The fact that Tim refused to spend the money on expensive underwear was a source of constant teasing over the years. "Yeah? What about mine?"

"Yours..." Tony kissed Tim's left eyelid. "Absorb all that extra smartness and sexiness from you." Another kiss, this time to the right. "And that means after we wash them, we have to start all over again."

"Is that right?" Tim tilted his face up a bit and the next kiss was on his lips.

"Yeah, it's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it." The last kiss deepened as Tony turned and walked Tim backwards to the bedroom.


Spooned up behind Tim, Tony stroked slowly as he nibbled on Tim's neck. "You like that?"

"Oh, yeah." For as much fun as they'd have over the weekend, being alone with Tony, feeling his cock sliding slowly in and out of his ass was amazing. Their fingers were laced together and Tim brought them up to tenderly kiss each of Tony's knuckles. "Everything was amazing, but this is the best part."

Before Tim could lay their hands back down, Tony lifted them up the rest of the way to his mouth so that he could return the favor. After he had kissed each knuckle, he tucked their hands up against Tim's chest so that he could feel Tim's heartbeat. "Gonna grow old together, Timmy. When we retire, we're gonna move out here full time, okay?"

"Sounds good, sounds really good, but are we going to like the snow in the winter?

Tony thought about it for a moment. "We'll be snowbirds. We'll spend the winter someplace where there's sun and a beach. Impress all the young studs cause we'll still have it."

Grinning, Tim pressed back against Tony. "Even if it's droopy?"

"DiNozzo's never droop." With a laugh, Tony rolled Tim under him and they got serious about their lovemaking.


Arriving back home, Gibbs tossed his bag on the sofa and took his leftovers into the kitchen. Once they were tucked away in the refrigerator for later, he automatically made a pot of coffee. He watched the water slowly make its way through the machine as he enjoyed the quiet of his own home. What was it that Tony had said? Something about how 24-7 wouldn't work because he needed his basement time and Tim was allergic to sawdust.

After sitting down with his cup, Gibbs let his mind wander. He'd always been a loner by nature. Happier tinkering with his car in the garage than hanging out with the kids after the football game back in Stillwater. Shannon had been much like him, needing times of silence and quiet contemplation as she read or wrote poetry. Some of their best times together had been sitting next to each other, not saying a word.

That was probably one of the reasons none of his other marriages had succeeded. Never mind the fact that they weren't Shannon, it had been the clinginess that had driven him up the wall, made him feel like he was suffocating. Casual dating and sex had solved that problem, but it had lacked the emotional connection and left him feeling cold.

Leave it up to DiNozzo to find a solution to a problem Gibbs hadn't realized he had. He loved both the boys, each in their own way, but together it was even more than he could have imagined. The long weekend had been perfect and now, just like Tony had said, he was ready for an evening in his basement alone before starting another week of work.

He was almost too content to work on his boat, though. He wanted a new project, something that moved him forward, instead of letting him dwell in the past. Maybe something he and the boys could share. Smiling, he remembered the old folding chairs they had for the deck at the cabin. Yeah, some nice deck furniture was exactly the project he wanted.

Checking his watch, Gibbs stood and swallowed down the last of his coffee. The lumber yard closed early on Sundays, so if he wanted to pick up some wood, he'd better get moving. With a light step, he bounced down the porch stairs and climbed back into his truck.


"Seems funny not to have to bring home every scrap of food this time." Leaving the beer and the condiments in the refrigerator and throwing the left over meat in the freezer had made closing down the cabin a quick activity.

Tim smiled as he rolled his head to the side to look at Tony. "Okay, getting electricity out there was one of your better ideas."

"All of my ideas are good ones, Probie-won.

"Uh-huh." Tim was grinning and Tony knew exactly what he was thinking.

"Okay, well, maybe not every one."

They were at a red light, so Tim leaned close enough to whisper in Tony's ear. "All the important ones are." That made Tony smile all the way home.


"You ready?"

Tim finished his coffee and set his cup in the sink before turning around. "Now I am."

"Alright." Tony picked up his coat and his bags, but Tim caught his arm before he could go anywhere. "What's up?"

Pulling him even closer, Tim smiled. "I really like having mornings together like this."

Tony returned the smile before pulling him close for one more kiss. "Yeah? Me, too. And as tempting as it is to stay here as long as we can, I think I'd much rather go in early and give Vance our answer, okay?"

They'd talked for hours yesterday, at the cabin, during the drive home, after returning the rental and then later on in bed. After approaching it from every angle, they were both fully satisfied with the choice they'd made. "Agreed."

After one more lingering kiss they walked out the door, keeping the proper distance between them as would be expected by society of two straight men. It was only once Tony was in his car that he looked over at Tim and allowed himself to smile.


"Director Vance? Agent DiNozzo is here to see you."

"Thank you, Pamela. Send him in." Vance had not only known that DiNozzo and McGee were already in the building, an hour before the start of their shift, but he'd watched their arrival on the monitor, carefully observing their body language as they'd dropped their bags at their desks. McGee had immediately booted up his computer and started working, while DiNozzo hovered over him for a minute before taking the stairs two at a time.

The door swung open and Tony walked to the center of the office to stand at parade rest in front of Vance's desk. Vance took a moment to look at him, watching the expression on his face and the look in his eyes, details that hadn't been clear on the bullpen video. Whatever the decision was, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo was very comfortable with it and Vance let him take the lead in discussing it.

Tony didn't waste any time. "Director Vance."

"Agent DiNozzo, would I be correct in assuming that you have an answer for me?"

"Yes, Sir. Agent McGee and I spent the weekend reviewing our situation here, our options here and overseas and also our long term goals to determine what we both felt would be the right decision for each of us and I'm going to turn down the transfer to Greece. Tim and I would both like to remain in DC on a long term basis."

"I see." Vance had noticed the slip from 'Agent McGee' to 'Tim', but decided not to call him on it. At least not now. "And you feel that you'll be able to mesh with Agent Gibbs from this point on and follow his lead?"

"Yes, Sir, I do."

"Very good, Tony, and I appreciate you taking the time to work this through." After a nod, Vance picked up a file from his desk and Tony took that as a clue to his dismissal. Once he was alone, Vance set the file back down. Whatever the problem had been, it seems to have been resolved, but he would watch for any further issues just to be safe.


Gibbs was surprised to find McGee already hard at work, but he was even more surprised to see Tony's backpack on his desk. Tim smiled at him and then tilted his head toward the stairs. "Tony is upstairs giving Vance our final decision."

"Which is?" Even though his head and his gut both knew the answer, part of him needed to hear it directly.

The answer came from above as Tony loped down the stairs. "That we have a lot left to learn from you, Boss, and maybe a few things to teach." The three men shared a smile until the moment was broken as Ziva arrived, laughing.

"What would you and McGee be teaching Gibbs, Tony?"

Tony wasn't fazed as he turned in her direction, his grin growing wider. "You might just be surprised, Ziva. You might be surprised."

Before she could come up with a comeback, Gibbs' phone rang. He listened to the dispatcher for a moment before standing. "Gear up, we've got a dead Petty Officer in Rock Creek Park."

"Some things never change, Boss." Tony waggled his eyebrows at them as he stood and grabbed his bag.

Tim also stood while Ziva scrambled to pick up what she'd just set down. "And some things change for the better. You coming, Ziva?"

Thoroughly confused, she scrambled to catch them at the elevator, giving Gibbs a moment to share a fond look with his two part time lovers. "As they say, the best is yet to come."


This has been a labor of love for way too long, but I've enjoyed the journey as I hope you have. Yes, it's been left open to a sequel or two. We'll see where the series goes. Too many ideas, too little time.