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Thank you so much to Will for this great challenge idea!

Have you ever wondered how Athos, Porthos, and Aramis met each other? We already know how D'Artagnan met them but what about the first meeting for the original inseparables? I am positive that they had to meet each other at some point to become as good of friends that they are portrayed in the books/movies. Here is your chance to make these characters come to life before they are formally introduced to D'Artagnan in the d'Artagnan romances.

Deadline: N/A- this challenge will be open so there will be no rush to get them done and therefore you will have a lot of time.

Length: As long as you want it. Multi chapters or one shots? Does not matter.

Rules: Be creative! As always have fun with this one and don't be afraid to portray your creative side. You can do all three or you can do just one... also if you want to make an AU about D'Artagnan meeting his three friends then that is acceptable as well :-)

Good luck everybody! I hope you all enjoy this one! A big thank you *once again* goes to Will for this idea.

2/2/2012 . Edited 12/4/2013 #1

LOL this is hilarious! I'm already working on one :P Go see my story, "To Be a Musketeer" I think we've all been together in this fandom too long, we're beginning to read each other's minds ;P

2/2/2012 #2

Lady Wallace that may be true :P

If you'd like however, you can use your current story for this challenge... it was posted yesterday after all so I don't think it is cheating. Unless you want to write a new story for this one, it is up to you of course :P

2/2/2012 #3

Damn, that's gonna be hard! I'll try to come up with something but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.

2/2/2012 #4

Duchess of Buckingham just focus on your current story ideas for right now. I am sure that if you give this a lot of thought that you can come up with something great for this one! Hmm I will have to come up with something easier next time so that everybody can have fun like the dictionary challenge.

2/2/2012 #5

Well, I don't see myself coming up with anything better, so I'm going to enter the story I'm working on I think :P

2/2/2012 #6
Sheila Chiaroscura

That one's really going to be hard, but I'll try and think of something! Can't wait to see all of your entries!

2/3/2012 #7

Take your time with this one everybody. I know that I kinda forced it upon everybody so don't be afraid to think this one out for awhile. Sheila I saw that you have a German story up :P I am going to go read it now before I leave for awhile.

2/3/2012 #8
Sheila Chiaroscura

@Lilgenious: That's cool! One of the German stories I have up is written by me, the other is an authorised translation I did from another author.

2/3/2012 #9
Eclectic Butterfly

Hmm. What to write?

2/3/2012 #10

Argh, stop it with the challenge ideas! :P

I got one for this as well now... but there´s like 50 other ones I wanna work on first... brain, I hate you!

2/4/2012 #11
Eclectic Butterfly

Not to worry, this one doesn't have a deadline, unlike the second challenge. So, there's really no rush to get this one done since there are those other '50' you want to write as well! :P

2/4/2012 #12

Zuzivlas, I feel your pain hahaha

2/4/2012 #13

No deadline with this one, fortunately. I didn't want everybody to feel that they were obligated to write this one and felt that if I put a deadline it would cause stress and things like that. Zuzivlas don't worry, there is a lot of time for this one to be done. Get working on those other ideas first before this one. Lady Wallace: The story is really good! Parfait! Duchess of Buckingham: Aw, I hope I haven't caused you trouble with this one... I have to admit it is really hard but once you get your other stories down and get some ideas for this one I have a feeling that it will be as great as your other stories. Speaking of, how is that new story you are working on going for you? I am really excited to read that!

2/4/2012 #14

You mean Conquered By Love? I just finished the first chapter and am now typing it :), the chapter is kinda short, but you get to meet Celine and Bertrand when they are very young and you get to see Bertrand's character come to light. The first chapter is pretty much all about how they both live their lives. I am hoping the second chapter will be a little longer, but I will let you know that Bertrand and Celine have a bit of a little encounter ;). Btw, do you know yet about that place Queen Marguerite was exiled to? I looked up on the website I was using for my historic info on my story, but it doesn't say where she was exiled to, Wikipedia says it, but I don't trust Wikipedia at all. My second challenge fic should come up soon, just got it back from LadyWallace and should upload it either 2nite or 2morrow afternoon, I do got a lot of stuff to get done with and I'm also going to a bonfire 2nite and I possibly might see The Woman in Black tomorrow morning ;D

2/4/2012 #15

Yay! I will read that as soon as you can have it posted. Marguerite Valois? She went to Chateau of Carlat first but then she went to Usson because she feared that King Henri III which was her brother or her husband would have her killed. She and her husband finally divorced in 1599 and she eventually returned to Paris in 1605 where she died in 1615. Her body was placed where the other French kings and queens were placed but her casket is missing and has been widely believed to have been taken by the revolutionaries. In history she is greatly remembered as being very promiscuous and failing to bear an heir, but she was notorious for the numerous affairs that she had... though I suppose so was Henri IV...

Second challenge fic! I can't wait to read that either! How is everybody elses coming along? Mine is sadly unstarted -.-

2/4/2012 #16

I know that there technically isn´t a deadline for it but I find it best to write something when the idea attacks or soon after as I still feel passionate about it. If I get to it after a month or later, I sometimes miss the original spark and just can´t be arsed anymore... or find out it´s been written by somebody else by then :P

2/4/2012 #17
Sheila Chiaroscura

I know what you mean; I have a huge file full of ideas but most of them I never write out because I'm such a procrastinator. I'm excited to read more entries for the second challenge!

2/4/2012 #18

@lilgenious: But I hear that after the divorce, Marguerite Valois was banned from the realm and it was Marie de Medici who encouraged Henri IV to allow her back in his realm, is that true?

I would normally consider for someone to have a lot of mistresses to be a bad thing, but I hear Henri IV was an awesome guy, probably just a guy who loves to have sex :P.

2/4/2012 #19

Henri IV was awesome! He did so much for France and achieved such great things during his reign. The people of France adored him because of how tolerant he was, even though he was forced to become a Catholic... he was a pretty awesome king at the time. He gave Protestants a chance to go on with their religion without fear of arrest and actually had the Edict of Nantes and it marked the end of the Wars of Religion. It was Louis XIV who had it revoked... reasons unknown to me because I do not understand why he would do such a thing.

About Marie de Medici encouraging Henri IV to allow her back? No that is not true. I may have to go back to the history books here or go to history websites but I am positive that it is not true. Marie his second wife was in deep competition against Henri IV's mistresses that I don't think that she wanted the difficulty of adding more drama to her marriage. I know insensitive with this one... As soon as I get the correct information I will give it to you. I just have to find the right book in the mountains of books littering my desk first... *throws King Louis XIV book to the floor*

2/4/2012 #20

Hahahaha, lilgenious, you shouldn't torture your books that way, they need to be handled with care ;D.

2/4/2012 #21

Hahaha! I just realised just how cruel I am! I really intended no torture to the book... especially since I was speaking about the king before I did that.

Onto a much serious topic all: I got word from a fellow admin member of a forum that there is a troll going around to different forums... if that happens to this forum I will gladly have that person banned.

2/4/2012 #22

A troll? What do you mean by that?

2/4/2012 #23

Someone who posts stupid or obnoxious things simply to piss others off and enjoys their enraged replies. A troll just wants to stir shit up for the sake of it

2/4/2012 #24
Eclectic Butterfly

Protect the forum!!!! The things people do...What possible enjoyment can someone get by posting stupid/obnoxious things to get other people, people they don't know, angry? I don't understand it.

2/4/2012 #25

I´ve never really understood it either but there´s plenty of people who find amusement in it. Plus, unlike in real life, nobody knows who they are on the internet and they can get away with it.

The best bet is usually to simply ignore the troll, they get bored if nobody reacts and just leave. *shrugs*

2/4/2012 #26

I have already blocked the individual who is doing it so we don't have to worry about that. Also meaning that they are unable to come to the forum... we also have reported the individual so hopefully it does not happen again. However if something like this does happen and somebody posts stupid obnoxious things, which will really surprise me. The Alexandre Dumas fandom is filled with such great people, it would be very surprising to have somebody say anything rude about the stories we write or bash our forum.

The forum admin that warned me of this has caught this individual early so the troll had no chance in ruining the forum for others to enjoy. However the things that were said, while mean were quite amusing and got a few laughs to those who read it. Hopefully what happened to this forum will not happen to us but if it does then I will gladly put a stop to it as soon as possible.

2/4/2012 #27

If it really is a troll, they will just come under a different name is all. As for the stupid things, sometimes the troll will bash the original itself, sometimes the people who enjoy it. Heck, have any of you seen the imdb forum for The Hobbit? There´s trolls everywhere, so much so that it´s not even worth noting anymore.

You just have to take the troll for what it is, that way they can´t spoil the fun for you.

Or maybe I´ve been on the internet for too long and am just jaded by now XD

2/4/2012 #28
Eclectic Butterfly

Yeah, we'd all know right away who the troll was. I feel like we're all musketeers on alert now to protect our territory! :P

2/4/2012 #29

Yes they do come under a different name. However I will not tolerate one inside our forum here.

One thing that I learned was that if you ignore them and not give them what the want, they will go away :-)

Alright so I look forward to the new stories that are coming to the fanbase soon! I can't wait to read them all.

2/4/2012 #30
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