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Hi everyone! I just thought of this challenge idea the other night and I thought it would be kind of fun. I've seen something like this before but have never tried it. It's a little bit like the Dictionary Challenge, but more specific. I'm going to post ten words that I choose randomly from the dictionary in the same way as for the other challenge. Then I'm going to post them here. The rules of this challenge is that you have to use all ten words in some way in your story, however random it may be. There is no limit on story length, but it must be one story or at least several chapters of the same story, and not two different stories altogether. I'm not putting up a deadline for this either. Just make sure you don't steal from anyone else's ideas if they have posted a story before you write it, but I know I don't have to worry about that here ;)

All right, so here are the ten words I am randomly taking from the dictionary: *drum roll*

1. Half-wit: A stupid, silly or imbecilic person.

2. Dissipate: To scatter or disperse

3.Officer: anyone holding an office

4. Deafen: to make deaf

5. Stigmatize: to mark with a stigma, to mark as disgraceful

6. Navel: as in belly button :P

7. Sevres: A type of fine French porcelain (I can't wait to see how we use this ;)

8. Maul: To handle roughly (also a type of hammer apparently, I did not know that)

9. Felicitate: To wish happiness

10. Sewage: Waste matter carried off by sewers.

Aaaannnd, that's what you get to work with. The Dictionary has chosen ;) I have a feeling these words are going to make for some very interesting stories. As always, feel free to brainstorm on this topic and let us all know when you have your story done!

I hope this is fun for everyone! I'm already thinking of some very odd situations...

3/29/2012 . Edited by lilgenious, 12/4/2013 #1

I wonder how I'm going to use "Sewage" but an idea is forming in my head

3/29/2012 #2

Haha, well I wish you luck. This is just a bunch of really random words ;)

3/29/2012 #3

Okay, so Arithanas said that "Sevres" was not around until the 1700s, so if you would like to just use porcelain for that word instead, you may ;)

3/29/2012 #4

Oh gosh darn it all. Most of those words work well with a one-shot I've been planning with Aramis for a few days ^^. Some of them might take some work but consider me in...after I finish 'Lionheart'...and just to be fair, after I finish 'True Faith' too. Or maybe before the final chapter, who knows. GREAT words! This is going to be fun.

3/30/2012 #5

So we choose a word at random from the list you provided us with Lady Wallace? Then we write a story surrounding the word? Alright, well I am getting ideas for Deafen, half wit, and sevres but I think we can only choose one word right?

3/30/2012 #6

Guess who?! It's meeeeee! I'm so, so sorry for not visiting the forum for so long. I feel horrible about that. Just to let you know i will hopefully be giving one of these a try if the evil plot bunnies let me.

This idea sounds fantastic!

3/30/2012 #7


You came back! I am so very happy and excited that you returned to us.

3/30/2012 #8

Damn, LadyWallace, you are gonna have to make me think on this one :P lol.

3/30/2012 #9

@lilgenious: You have to use ALL the words in one story =) *evil laugh* That's what makes it so hard :P

@musketeergirl: To repeat lilgenious, Yay you're back! It's okay, I understand about leaving fandoms for a while. I'm terribly neglecting another one with all this musketeer stuff :P

@Buckingham and Rainsaber: Can't wait to see what you two come up with for this =)

3/30/2012 #10


Alright. This is actually getting my thinking cap on... I see a multiple chaptered story coming :P *mutters to self as she grabs pen*

3/30/2012 #11

@Lady Wallace: Hard? It's suposse to be hard?

3/30/2012 #12

Hahaha, yes, I am evil :P

3/30/2012 #13

I'ts half done now. It was easier than Deleted scenes, and I can quote the books by heart.

3/30/2012 #14

Does it have to be a one shot? *looks worried* I have chapters thought out and everything. Chapter titles... which way the words should go... story ideas bouncing around the top of my head giving me another headache.

Lady Wallace, this is actually pretty fun! I think I was the evil one with the whole "Deleted scenes" challenge idea :P

3/30/2012 #15

I hate it when fanfiction does that and double posts on us -.-

3/30/2012 #16

As long as it's one story you can make it as many chapters as you want, just not a bunch of one shots that don't go together ;) Can't wait to see what you two come up with!!

3/30/2012 #17

I have a great idea in my head that has become quite insistent to get written. I just need to think up of the title and then write out the chapters. I think one chapter per word would do the trick.

3/30/2012 #18

Awesome, can't wait =) and I sent your story back as well.

3/30/2012 #19

Uh oh... Oh boy. Alright well I will check it out and make the changes. Thank you for looking at the story so far!

Yes, I even have the chapters names for this chapter thought out! Yay for organisation!

3/30/2012 #20

Imagine, she wrote the French version out when she was concussed. This seems like a fun challenge. I will see what I can do... Imagine lil, this is the first story that you will make that has named chapters instead of naming them Chapter one, chapter two, etc :P

3/30/2012 #21

@Storylover: Then you took away the pencil before I had a chance to write more! What do you mean by your profile? I hope you are not leaving us. I heard you got accepted into the RCMP. Congrats! Does this mean that you are retiring from army life mon amie?

@Lady Wallace: I thank you again for your service! You have helped a lot. I hope to have the story completed soon and get it posted so that everybody else can see how proud I am with the story I have given to you to look at. I may change up a lot within the beginning though. Thank you once again!

3/30/2012 #22

I think you did a great job for writing it when you were concussed ;) I can't even write when I have a headcold :P But you get some rest and don't overtax yourself!

3/30/2012 #23

Facta non verba, or better yet, facta et verba: My twentieth fic is up, maybe its not what you expected, but I give you Laundry Day

4/1/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #24

I put your story in the community now, Arithanas. Thanks again for writing it, and yay for being the first one done =) I have to get to work on mine...

4/2/2012 #25

*does happy dance*

Thank you for this awesome Challenge!

4/2/2012 #26

You're welcome =) I love coming up with challenges

4/2/2012 #27

I have three challenges to catch up on but I have ideas for the second challenge and the one you posted up Lady Wallace.

4/2/2012 #28

I am trying to answer this challenge response as soon as possible. I just have to write a few more chapters before the story is ready to go.

4/5/2012 #29

I'm thinking about mine too, but I think it's going to turn into kind of more of a crack fic than anything.

4/5/2012 #30
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