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Niahara Erskine

and saw that Aramis was

4/15/2012 #31

being hard-pressed by two...

4/16/2012 #32

drunk guards tripping over their...

4/18/2012 #33
Niahara Erskine

own two feet that were

4/18/2012 #34
Rowana Renee

Ai, Valar...I love this! ^:^ *Slips in quietly*

being tackled by D'Artagnan, who

4/19/2012 #35

with a leap worthy of

4/21/2012 #36
Rowana Renee

the ancient heroes themselves, came

4/21/2012 #37

came at them from behind.

4/23/2012 #38
Rowana Renee

Athos smirked; this was going

4/23/2012 #39

to be a great fight.

4/23/2012 #40

Cheers were pouring from the...

4/24/2012 #41
Rowana Renee

musketeers- but little did they

4/27/2012 #42

know that evil was right...

4/27/2012 #43
Rowana Renee

behind them, lurking in the

4/27/2012 #44

shadows a greater menace awaited

4/28/2012 #45

them, a spectre dressed in...

4/30/2012 #46
Rowana Renee

all black, with a handsome

4/30/2012 #47

Before I answer: Rowana didn't you have another story posted up?

~face but cold blue eyes~

4/30/2012 #48
Rowana Renee

Yes, but I got a PM that pointed out some pretty serious errors. So I've taken it down for editting because, while I usually don't care about personal opinion reviews, this one did have an actual point in several spots and I couldn't leave that many problems in the story.

The eyes watched the Inseperables,

5/1/2012 #49

Aw, I see. I hope you post soon my friend!

seemingly narrowed with horrific glee...

5/1/2012 #50
Rowana Renee

Will try to ^:^ Hope to find a good beta reader first ^:^

-all was going according to

5/1/2012 #51
plan, he thought, grinning evilly.
5/1/2012 #52

LOL we finished the same sentence :P

5/1/2012 #53

We did! We can edit that... I was in the middle of a conversation with somebody as you can tell :P

5/1/2012 #54

This stranger kept his hand...

5/5/2012 #55
Eclectic Butterfly

steady, for this would be

5/19/2012 #56

an epic fight! "Athos!" shouted...

7/26/2012 #57

d'Artagnan who hold his place...

7/27/2012 #58

Oh may I participate? This looks like the beginning to a great story!!!

"There's something on the floor!"

10/21/2012 #59

Be my guest!

The brave musketeer barely had...

10/22/2012 #60
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