A Ronin and the shy girl, the princess or the dark
Where you can discuss the pairings KeiShin, KeiSu and KeiKan. Tell why you like them or hate them.And please keep it civil :P
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Chuuko Shiro Ookami
Second I'll explain why I like KeiSu Al though Su is one of the girls who hurts him, she's just playing in her own way. She never wants to hurt him and he knows that. And under her happy appeareance she a lonely serious girl who needs friends and even more Keitaro as a friend (or a substitute brother). The age gap is the same as with Shinobu but you can also make her change in her adult form so I dont see any problems with that. And I see her happyness as an ideal way to counter Keitaro's depressive spells.
1/30/2006 #1
(Sakako) I also like this particular pairing, it's not done to death like KeiNaru or KeiMotoko, so it's good like that. Also, I agree with you when you say that Su's happiness could counteract and possibly even replace Keitaro's depression. It's altogether a really good coupling, and I think it would do best in a oneshot story.
2/15/2006 #2
i agree there is a lot you can do with it
4/20/2006 #3
Yo, I kinda agree with you on Keisu stories. It really does seem like a good idea and we haven't seen many such fanfics around here. It would be really interesting to see what a good author would come up with. In fact, I'm planning on asking an author here, Beyond The Bounds, to write up a Keisu version of his story, Soul Requiem. He's already written a Keishin and Keimot version so far, and they're pretty good. He's offering to write up other pairings as well, so I'd like to see what he would come up with should we ask him for a Keisu story. Anyway, does anyone else know any authors who are open to pairing ideas? I'd like to get more of them to write us more Keisu stories.
6/1/2006 #4
(Sakako) I'd be glad to write a KeiSu fic - I'm "unemployed" at the moment - so just give me a basic plotline or something. Cheers :D
6/2/2006 #5
I'm not really a fan of Kei/Kaolla, but I approve of it. Kaolla really isn't a bad girl; she's a lonely girl who misses her home country and her older brother and family. And since Motoko and Keitaro seem to take some time in their lives to interact with her, her bond with them is that precious to her. Her clinging onto both of them is evidence of this. Yeah; Kaolla likes Shinobu, too, and hangs out with her as well, but she seems to prefer being with either Keitaro or Motoko more. Her kicks to Keitaro's head DO get annoying from time to time, but I guess that's her way of saying hello. She makes a good girlfriend either way, since even though she is a bit naive, she would probably let Keitaro bed her if he asked. Sorry to be so blunt...that's how I see it, since she likes him so much as a "playmate." There's the red moon turn-into-a-hot-adult-woman thing, too, which opens up more windows in the Kei/Kaolla coupling option. It's also nice to know that she still has the playfulness of her "childish" normal self in her adult form, too, of which her asking Keitaro to kiss her comes from. So yeah, Kei/Kaolla is a great coupling. She's really a nice kid who wants some love. Plus I love the fact that has a passion for food, and has a big appetite...just like me! And she's smart! She's cool with me.
6/3/2006 #6
okay i gave some ideas to sakako-kenji hopfully he will use one. I am also planning a fic with the kei/su romance hopefully chapter 1 will be up in the next 2 weeks max
6/6/2006 #7
(Sakako) Note that my username is actually two people, Sakako and Kenji, I am Sakako by the way. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu! Anyway, I was glad to get out of the monotony of Sakaki/Tomo etc etc... Anyway, thanks for the story idea... What do you think of "Timepiece" by the way?
6/17/2006 #8
I like this pairing when it's not implemented as a romance, but more of a Big Brother - Little Sister thing. More of confidents in each other. That age gap is just a bit too big to be covered by sweet nothings, lol...
7/6/2006 #9
Kei/Su got ruined when Sarah became a regular character. All of a sudden, Su became little more than a flunky to a kid half her age, and never developed beyond that. She was more interesting in the first 2-3 volumes than she EVER is again. Other than that, I love that girl's energy. She's the only "good" kind of insane in the whole group. No attitude, no flipping out, just fun and utter madness. I could totally live with that, even if it meant constant kicks in the head.Another pro would be that it wouldn't take 20+ chapters for this pairing to actually get anywhere. Shin, Naru, and Mo don't have her ability to be so frank and open about anything, which is a plus, because Keitaro's to punk to actually do anything. At all. Ever. You have to kinda force his hand, and without a contrieved situation set up, nothing would happen unless a girl walks up and says "You're cute. Go out with me." ...And she'll prolly have to repeat herself. God, Kei is such a punk.
12/28/2006 #10
Crimson B
hahaha... I totally agree!
1/1/2007 #11
I don't know. Every time I try to work out a plotline for this I come to the same conclusion. KeiXeveryone. Su would gladly share Keitaro with the other girls if it would make them happy. :Sigh: I am in favor of this pairing, the only question is, how?
1/11/2007 #12
well there is a few ways such as amalla and lamba decide not to rule and su must take up throne and sice kei is marrieing into the royal family he is not aload to be with any one else. or after a expriement went wrong they were trapped on a island alone. the final idea is a wierd one were su swaps bodies with another girl maybe naru she grows more felliengs for kei and decides she doesn't want to share if any wants to use any be my guest
1/11/2007 #13
I think its a rare paring and I would love to see it done right. Su might be weird but hey... who can be picky... (unless the fact she's about eight years younger that him put you down.) Then again Keitaro would be 26 when she's 18... and thats not bad...
1/22/2007 #14
Satan Junior No Super Hentai
Nah, the age doesn't really matters. She becomes 17 ether ways like...every full moon?
1/22/2007 #15
Thats true... so whats her real age? Another thing is she see's him as a brother. I don't thing she knows what things like Sex, and thing are... yet...
1/22/2007 #16
Satan Junior No Super Hentai
We may never know. As for the brother thing (cough) wasn't she suppose to have married her step brother or something in the first place? I wouldn't put it past her not knwoing it. She is a genius and she is just too close to everyone. Besides, the terms onii-chan and onee-chan can apply to people outside the family....hence the reason for their...err...above T rated use.
1/22/2007 #17
The problem for me (besides actually having time to write it) is that Su is my favorite character and I can't help but hurt the ones I love when I write. *sigh* Right now, I'm planning a story where Keitaro gets a pension in the mail and realizes Kaolla married him without bothering to tell him (it's good to be Molmol royalty, lemme tell you) and because Keitaro is now considered the mere conjugal property of the Princess he doesn't have the legal right to petition for divorce. In between getting his a** kicked by Naru, the two plot different ways to try to convince Suu to divorce him. Now if only I can find the time to write it. I can't wait till I get my own damn computer.
1/26/2007 #18
Satan Junior No Super Hentai
Lol. I would like to see that. Me too. I got the same problem.
1/26/2007 #19
um, could anyone direct me to the keixsu fanfics? ive read journey of the flower maiden, and child of the crimson moon i just cant seem to find anymore im working on a story right now called shadow of intent where su is a minor character till the main character meets her older form, then he falls in love with her just lookin for a little help
11/19/2007 #20
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2028460/1/Whats_New_with_You_Kaolla_Su What's New with You, Kaolla Su?--Incomplete and inactive. I don't even like it much, but to be complete I'm listing all the ones I've read. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1713468/1/Married_With_Princess Married With Princess--By Hawk. I don't like his style, but he's funny. complete http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1994122/1/Su_Kaolla_With_a_license_to_thrill Su Kaolla With a license to thrill--Another by Hawk. Kinda feels like MWP, but that's fine. It's not a great love story, but it IS a lot of fun. Complete http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1846736/1/Once_In_A_Blue_Moon Once In A Blue Moon--Typical use of Kaolla's adult form, but wrtten well.Incomplete and Inactive which is pretty annoying because it was written very well. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1821533/1/For_Love_and_Honor For Love and Honor--Meh. I hated these it, but on the chance of different strokes and you liking it, I'll list it. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3102404/1/Her_Green_Under_the_Red_Moon Her Green Under the Red Moon--I haven't read it yet, but at a quick glance the writing isn't my cuppa tea. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2985047/1/Timepiece Timepiece--read some of it. I'm pretty sure it's incomplete and inactive. I never finished flower maiden, but I remember liking it. Is it complete yet?
12/14/2007 #21
Hey - Sakako here. Timepiece is not as of yet finished, but it's lying dormant as I go through my final exams (which have taken up most of this year and will take up next year aswell.) When these get finished, I'll probably go back to writing again. :) I really enjoyed writing what I have of that one, by the way. Thanks to all of you for reviewing.
12/29/2007 #22
I've been reading several pairings with su right now, Kaolla that is... And is it just me, but does that other Su Amalla (even though not present in the manga) have certain character traits that would be favorable in fanfics pairings... personally I would enjoy reading some more of them, since I've only been able to find one so far, and it was more of a comedy than a real, thoroughly, well-told story... Not that it makes the comedy any less, but I would still nonetheless like to see more of Kei x Amalla, since I think the characters traits in each of the person somehow complements each other fairly well... I've also thought about making one or more myself, but I've still to find the right plot to work from... But as to the whole Kaolla thingy. I think it's nice theme to work from, since the "Red Moon" thingy makes it rather easier to work around her "lack" of age... Just my point of view ^^
3/7/2008 . Edited 3/7/2008 #23

I have used a Kaolla Su/Keitaro encounter in the story below. Naru puts Keitaro in hospital, and ends up -? The other girls make their move! One chapter involves what happens when the now fifteen and a half year old Su finally runs out of patience with Keitaro for not taking her hints. A lot of this story is rated 'M' - including that encounter - but if you can handle that, read it and see for yourselves. All reviews welcome!


6/22/2008 #24

I have used a Kaolla Su/Keitaro encounter in the story below. Naru puts Keitaro in hospital, and ends up -? The other girls make their move! One chapter involves what happens when the now fifteen and a half year old Su finally runs out of patience with Keitaro for not taking her hints. A lot of this story is rated 'M' - including that encounter - but if you can handle that, read it and see for yourselves. All reviews welcome!


6/22/2008 #25

Hi! Thought I'd resurret this old thread x]

I've got a plan for a full length (30k+ words) KeixSuu fic, mostly cannon compliant, however I'm only any good as a beta, so if there are any writers that are interested in writing a Kei-Suu story but are having problems coming up with a plot that works, I'm your guy!

A warning though, it uses no shortcuts, Keitaro isn't married to Suu through an obscure custom (cos that's not romance, thats Keitaro being forced to fall for her because he's going to have to spend the rest of his life with her), he isn't de-aged and she isn't in her adult form (because one of the most important parts of this relationship is getting over the age barrier due to Keitaro not suddenly becoming a closet-peadophile) and its a slow-romance-through-friendship (none of Naru yelling at Keitaro and him suddenly deciding he loves Suu because she shows him one act of kindness)

So yeah, if there are any serious writers interested, PM me or e-mail me and I'll send you the blueprint for what I've got going.

Obviously I'm more than happy to beta this if anyone takes me up on it.


7/29/2010 #26
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