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Zack Hiwatari-Chan

It was in the middle of your average school day, or as average as things ever get in Azumano Japan!

11/14/2011 #1
Sam LeBlanc

Sammie stood outside her classroom door hesitating to go in. She was nervous. Her first day, new people, new pain. She wasn't ready. She turned around ready to run to a dark hallway.

11/14/2011 #2
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Just as Daisuke was coming back to class. He Blinked. "Um, is something wrong?" He thought she looked a little upset.

11/14/2011 #3
Sam LeBlanc

Sam looked up slightly her blue eyes catching his green ones she blushed and quickly looked down her bang hiding even more of her face. "I.....I'm new here it's my first day.......I......I'm Sammie" she gripped her sketch book tighter.

11/14/2011 #4
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

"I'm Daisuke, Daisuke Niwa." Daisuke smiled holding out his hand. "It's nice to meet you Sammie."

11/14/2011 #5
Sam LeBlanc

Sam looked up and smiled slightly her blush making her freckles pop out more. "Nice to meet you" she siad shaking his hands "You can call me Sam though" she smiled trying to fight the sound of her heart in her throat.

11/14/2011 #6
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

"Okay." Daisuke nodded. "Come on, I'm sure the class wants to meet you. Don't worry their all really nice!"

11/14/2011 #7
Sam LeBlanc

Sam frowned but smiled again and nodded "Alright" she turned around and opened the door "You can go first Daisuke" she said looking down

11/14/2011 #8
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Daisuke smiled. "Alright." He went in first, a few people looked up, but no one paid him much interest.

(He's always been there XD Not exactly anything interesting for them is it?)

11/14/2011 #9
Sam LeBlanc

(no not really)

Sam looked around and spoted a ranting girl with brown hair going on an on about some one name Dark "Umm.....whos that girl and......who's Dark.......?" she asked him confused and vaugely intrestead in either in her questions

11/14/2011 #10
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

"That's Risa." Daisuke said. "She's on another one of her 'Dark is the greatest person in the world' rants." Daisuke sighed.

'Hey, can I help it if I'm that awesome?' Dark grinned jokingly.

"Dark is a Criminal." Riku said coming over.

"A famous thief, he only steals art, and he's supposed to be just a legend. To anyone who doesn't live here anyway." Daisuke said.

11/14/2011 #11
Sam LeBlanc

Sam blew her hair up her blue eyes sparking with her anger "Sounds like a GREAT guy" she rubbed her temples "Probably a player someone who steals a girls first kiss and thinks he can get anyone......" glared outside "Why is it everywhere I go there's ALWAYS someone like him hanging about" she sighed and hummed a random song.

11/14/2011 #12
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

"Dark isn't that bad." Daisuke defended. "At least that's what Risa says. . .She's met him more then once." Daisuke added the last part a little too quickly, to cover up his almost slip up.

Riku shot him a Suspicious look.

'Real Smooth Dai.' Dark snickered.

11/14/2011 #13
Sam LeBlanc

"Huh" she said looking around "Did anyone else hear a guys voice" she knit her eyebrows and played with her locket.

11/14/2011 #14
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Daisuke frowned. 'What, there's no way. . . Did she hear you!?'

Riku blinked. "What? No I don't think so. . ."

11/14/2011 #15
Sam LeBlanc

Sam shook her head "I'm probably hearing things.....but I could have" her eyes opened wide "I....I gotta go" she pushed pass everyone and ran outa the class leaving behind all her stuff. 'No not now......please.....just a little longer.....'She gripped her necklace running faster looking for the roof.

11/14/2011 . Edited 11/14/2011 #16
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

"Wait Sam, what's wrong?" Daisuke sighed, she was already gone.

"Well? Let's go!" Riku snapped grabbing Daisuke's arm and dragging him after her.

Risa noticed them leave, but didn't think much of it.

Satoshi was a little bit more suspicious.

11/14/2011 #17
Sam LeBlanc

Sam made it too the roof and panted looking down "I have to do it now before it rips my body apart" she closed her eyes and her wings sprouted outa her back and she dove off the roof and flew as fast as she could far away from the school "I need to find Maria she'll know what to do" she flew on until she reached an abandoned house.

(her wings can turn to metal and they are REALLY sharp sharp enough to cut her open like a turkey on thanksgiving)

11/14/2011 #18
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(Wow. O.o)

By the Time Daisuke and Riku got to the roof, she was gone.

"She must not have come this way." Riku frowned.

"I hope she's okay." Daisuke frowned in concern.

11/14/2011 #19
Sam LeBlanc


Sam landed her wings disapearing "Maria......Maria....." a figure of a women appeared before her "Saki what...oh my come here" the women said seeing the blood. Sam walked to her leaning on her transparent body. "Maria why is this happening...." Maria sighed "Because Dark has reincarnated" I was confused "What does he have to do with me......" "So much my dear so much" Sam followed her into the house and Maria sent a message out to the host body of Dark. Telling him he was needed.

11/14/2011 #20
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Daisuke and Dark both jumped when they heard it. "Um . .I'm going to go look for her." Daisuke said a little freaked out. "I'll check the first floor, you check this one." He said running off.

'I don't know what's going on, but as soon as we're out of the school, and Krad's rang of being able to sense me, I'll take over.' Dark said.

11/14/2011 #21
Sam LeBlanc

Sam sat in a window staring outside she made rainbows appear outa thin air from boredom. She let her tears fall "So this Dark is somehow connected to me......" she frowned and the rainbow dissolved in black smoke her eyes turning red. "Why does all the bad stuff happen to me?" she asked laying her head down crying silently.

11/14/2011 #22
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Dark took control as soon as they were out of the school, the change was instantaneous. "What happens now. . ." Dark had no Idea.

11/14/2011 #23
Sam LeBlanc

Maria appeared before him smiling "Hello my name is Maria I am a friend of Saki's or Sam I'll take you to her"

11/14/2011 #24
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

"Uh. . .Why? What's going on? You had better have a seriously good explanation for invading my head!" Dark said.

11/14/2011 #25
Sam LeBlanc

Maria sighed "She's err......you would remeber her older name most likely she was....how do you say.......a......CLOSE friend of yours a few lifetimes ago I should know I was there" she sighed "And your coming back has triggered her hidden powers to COMPLEATLY start to surface....." she frowned "Do you want to help save a girls sanity or let her die slowly"

11/14/2011 #26
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Dark was completely lost and had absolutely no Idea what she was talking about, he only remembered his past life with Daiki and his Current life with Daisuke. But both he and Daisuke knew he wasn't about to let someone, let alone a girl, die. "I'll go."

11/14/2011 #27
Sam LeBlanc

Maria nodded "Follow me" she floated off towards the house

Sam still in the window humming a sad song her arm hanging limply. "......lost in a sea of lost souls........"

11/14/2011 #28
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Dark ran after her, not bothering to call With, who was Probably sleeping.

11/14/2011 #29
Sam LeBlanc

Maria looked up "Saki can you come down here...."

Sam looked down the wind blowing her hair back and she sighed "Ok Maria" she jumped from the window her black dress bilowing around her as she hit the ground. "Ya...." she stood straight and and looked at them.

11/14/2011 #30
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