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11/20/2011 #1

Name: Isolde

DOB: February 14th

Age: 17

Lover/love interest: none (at the moment)

Appearance: doe brown eyes, tanned skin and shoulder-length brown hair that curls in locks

Family: she is Gwaine's long-lost little sister

Personality: (I'm a character developer :/)

4/11/2013 #2
Lianne Yoffa

Name: Rena Lewis

Gender: Female

Age: 21


Residence: Camelot

Occupation: Cook/servant

Appearance: Dark brown hair typically worn in two braids with a headband keeping back the fringe, big, pretty eyes, hazel irises, light skin that doesn't like to tan, short and shapely figure. Could be considered attractive or not depending on one's tastes. Wears a lot of blue, gray, and green.

Personality: She's friendly and can be spontaneous. She has this bad habit of getting reckless when it would be a good idea not to, but is much more careful with her magic than she is with other things.

History: Her father was a soldier who, during a raid on a Druid camp, was injured badly and knocked out. He was dragged away and to safety by a Druid woman, who treated his injuries and greeted him when he woke up. Turns out she had noticed how he was going easy on his opponents and letting the women and children get away easily and had decided to return the favor, as his wound could have been fatal if not taken care of soon. She took care of him for a little over a week, enough time for him to heal sufficiently, and by then, well, the love boat had set sail. Long story short, they were married and had two kids, the older one nearly three and the younger one a baby, when someone turned her in for being a Druid. The father gave them enough time to escape, but had to fight off his fellow soldiers to do so and died in the process. The mother and two daughters got away and found a Druid camp, staying with them until the older girl was twelve and the younger one ten. Then, since the daughters were not Druids and didn't fit in (not to mention weren't as safe as they could be), the mother sent them to stay with an old friend. This old friend just happened to have moved to Camelot and didn't know what to do with two (albeit trained and hidden) young sorceresses, so she had them apprenticed to a pair of her friends, who just happened to be servants at the castle.

The older of these two girls was Rena, who now works in the kitchens, mainly, but since people seem so fond of stopping random servants in the hallways and telling them to do something that may or may not actually be their job, she does a lot otherwise.

Other: Her magic is strong and she has a constant urge to use it for things, but she's been hiding it long enough that it's relatively easy to resist. She does daydream about it and slips up sometimes, but it's always little things that could have been caused by a draft or a misplaced elbow, so no one suspects anything so far. She practices it sometimes, a lot more than her sister does or approves of.

Name: Zanie Lewis

Gender: Female

Age: 19


Residence: Camelot

Occupation: Horse handler and trainer, but does lots of normal servant stuff as well

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair typically kept in a single braid, brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, at least a head taller than her sister with a thinner, more graceful figure. Wears a lot of red, purple, and white.

Personality: She's more cautious than Rena and makes sure that she follows rules and orders to the letter, or at least that she is never caught doing otherwise. She's more clever than her sister and is usually able to keep the older girl out of trouble.

History: She was the younger of the two daughters mentioned in Rena's history. She takes more after her father- her magical abilities became apparent a lot later than her sister's due to his non-magical genes, and she looks more like him, what with her hair and height and whatnot. Since Rena looks so much like their mother, the two are often mistaken for simply being friends or perhaps cousins, not sisters. She is a natural with horses, so she's one of the trainer-handler-caretaker-type people, though she doesn't have to clean the stables- that's a boy's job.

Other: Her magic is less potent but a lot more controlled than her sister's.

Name: Tamren

Age: 22

Personality: She's spontaneous, brave, and sometimes impulsive. She's working on thinking before doing things, but could definitely improve. She works well with someone telling her what to do but isn't afraid to put in her own opinion.

Appearance: Light brown hair with sun streaks, usually loose or in a braid, forest green eyes, tanned skin, usually wears green, brown, or blue dresses. She's short and shapely, and sort of sharp but pretty facial features. There is a Druid mark on her right shoulder, easy enough to cover up if she wears the right dress, but usually exposed because she spends most of her time among other Druids.


  • Mother- Merena, deceased
  • Father- Jasper, deceased
  • Brother- Anjim (pronounced: On-jim), 27
  • Sort-of-surrogate-brother-caretaker-type-person- Selinne, 36
  • Adoptive-grandmotherish-teacher-person-thing- Alonda, 54

Species: Druid

Magic: Yes

History: She was born to a Druid couple, and they discovered early on that she had powerful magic. When she was around five, their camp was attacked. Her older brother managed to pull her away and to safety, but none of the others seemed to have survived. They wandered through the forest, calling for help with their telepathic mind projection ability stuff (so that only another Druid would find them, and not the soldiers). As it turned out, one older boy (probably 18 or 19) had made it away relatively unharmed, though his arm was wounded, and answered their calls with one of his own. With someone older to tell them what to do, Tamren and Anjim calmed down quickly, and the three of them found their way to a nearby village. A month or two later, after being taken in by and helping out a young farming couple, the older boy somehow caught word of another Druid camp passing through and brought the two siblings out to search with him.

As it happened, they didn't find the other Druids- the other Druids found them. After hearing the three's story, they were pretty much adopted into the community family. Tamren was apprenticed to an older woman when she was ten, and sort of unofficially graduated at around eighteen. She is now as much a part of the group as any other, traveling around, avoiding soldiers, helping people, being peaceful and kind and all that good Druid stuff. She's one of the people who they normally send into towns to get supplies and stuff.

Likes: Fish, sweet stuff, plants, the color green, adventures (but not the life threatening, incredibly dangerous, fate-of-the-kingdom kind)

Dislikes: Jerks, people who judge people too quickly, violence

Strengths: She has powerful magic, she's been trained by a very experienced and skillful Druid elder, she has good people skills (most of the time), she's a good liar

Weaknesses: She isn't difficult to manipulate, she isn't very good at fighting, she can be scared easily (more like startled, actually . . .), she's self-sacrificing (though whether this is or isn't technically a weakness really depends on opinion)

Position: . . . a Druid . . . ?

Romance: Nobody yet . . .

Name: Jonah Warden

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Personality: He has a slight tendency toward rudeness (or blunt honesty) when talking to others, but manages to suppress this when speaking to important people (and pretty girls). He doesn't make friends easily, but when he does, he does his best not to lose them. When given a task, he does his best and doesn't quit until it's been finished, or at least until something of a higher priority needs done. He's very good at keeping secrets and is a believable liar, though he only uses these skills when necessary.

Appearance: Long, light brown hair (not Gwaine long, just longer than normal), dark murky green eyes, taller than average but not incredibly tall, athletic but doesn't have much visible muscle. He usually wears a red, gray, or dark orange shirt, with dark brown pants and very dark gray shoes.


Father- John Warden (45 when he died)

Mother- Annette Warden (48 when she died)

Sister- A'nya McFall (30)

Brother-in-law- Brandon McFall (33)

  • Nephew- Ethan McFall (8)
  • Nephew- James McFall (7)
  • Niece- Mariah McFall (5)
  • Nephew- Matthew McFall (5)

Sister- Jessa Robins (27)

Brother-in-law- Drew Robins (26)

  • Niece- Isabelle Robins (4)
  • Nephew- Elijah Robins (3)
  • Nephew- Clifton Robins (1)

Brother- Anthony Warden (27)

Sister-in-law- Tara Warden (24)

  • Nephew- Jeffrey Warden (5)

Sister- Alika Warden (20)

Species: Human

Magic: Yes

History: His father, John, was a knight (not a knight of Camelot, though) and his mother, Annette, a farmer. They got married when John was 21 and Annette was 19, and had their first child, a girl who they named A'nya, about eight months later (early birth, not pre-marriage conception). When A'nya was three, they had a set of twins, a boy and a girl, whom they named Jessa and Anthony. Jonah came four years after the twins, and their final child, a girl who they named Alika, came three years after him. A'nya got married to one Brandon McFall when she was 20 (and Jonah was 13), and moved out shortly afterwards. She was just next door, though, so she was still close by. Two years later, when the twins were 19 (and Jonah was 15), Anthony left to become a soldier. He got married to a girl, Tara Walker, he met while away when he was 21 (and Jonah was 16). The winter when Jonah was 17, their father died of sickness. Everyone got back together to attend Jessa's wedding (when she was 23 and Jonah was 19) to one Drew Robins, but both of the twins moved away with their spouses after that, leaving Jonah and Alika the only two children left in the house. Jonah was 20 and planning on moving out when their mother died of some kind of vague natural causes that the physician didn't try to explain to them. After her funeral, the land that had been hers after their father died was given to A'nya, since she was the oldest and closest living relative, not to mention that nobody really knew where Anthony (the oldest male child and usual heir to these types of things) was, and nobody wanted to go to the trouble of finding him when such a convenient alternative was right there. Alika, who was 17 and not old enough to live on her own, stayed with A'nya for two years before moving out, but Jonah left almost immediately to find work somewhere. It took him about four months of searching, applying, quitting, and wandering, but finally he found a job as a servant in the castle in Camelot. He's been there for a few years now.

Likes: Family, good company, quiet, feeling accomplished, inside jokes (or being on the inside of a secret), pretty girls (though not every single one he sees)

Dislikes: Jerks, large and/or noisy crowds of strangers (he doesn't mind as much when they're friends or family), when people can't seem to stop talking, creepy, tense, or awkward situations

Strengths: He's clever and intelligent, is very good with horses and most other animals (domesticated or naturally friendly ones, not wild or crazy ones), and can usually keep his wits about him in odd/crazy/dangerous situations

Weaknesses: He doesn't have very good people skills beyond 'servant mode' when he's around someone of a higher rank, he's no good with weapons, and is maybe just a little overprotective of his younger sister (and the older siblings, but he doesn't really get to show it since they're usually too busy being protective of him)

Position: Servant

Romance: Hasn't found anyone yet (*wink*)

Other: He has a natural aptitude for magic, though he hasn't figured this out yet, so it'll definitely have to happen during the RP

Name: Telhia

Gender: Female

Age: Somewhere between

Personality: She's a bit more playful than one might expect a dragon to be, though she does abound in wisdom and vagueness when she decides to show it. She's very sympathetic and kind, and is incredibly protective of anyone she cares about. She does her best to forgive and forget things rather than hold a grudge (however un-dragon-like it may be) but it only really works for small things- she holds a grudge like craziness if it's something big enough.

Appearance: She's a little bit smaller than Kilgharrah, with a longer neck and tail, more aerodynamic shape, and -proportionally- bigger wings. Her scales are deep blue with a paler, slightly green tinted underbelly, and her eyes are ocean blue with a glowing ring of gold around the pupil. Her features look just a tad more feminine than most lizards, and there is a set of gills hidden near the base of her neck.

Family: Her parents and (numerous) siblings were all killed when Uther wiped out the dragons

Species: Dragon

Magic: Yes

History: Decades and decades before Uther was even born, she lived in this cave in the mountains (actually not too far from Camelot). One of her older brothers got on the bad side of a few powerful sorcerers, and since they couldn't really do much against him, being a huge, at the time angry, dragon who they couldn't track down, they sought out his younger sister, a smaller, easier to find dragon who wouldn't know what they wanted until it was too late. When they came, Telhia could tell there was something up, but let them into her lair since they seemed nice enough and she could tell they weren't lying when they said they needed her help for something very important. Together, and with the help of some power-amplifying artifacts and other such things, they managed to put a very potent sleeping spell on her. It wasn't quite what they had been aiming for (they had wanted to turn her to stone), but it was good enough. Knowing that her brother would probably have an easy time lifting the spell, they bound the spell to a necklace (originally meant for the stone spell, but again, good enough) so that it could only be broken by someone who could find the necklace, bring it into the cave, and break it using a spell of some kind. For good measure, one of them collapsed the cave entrance after they left.

Now, all this powerful magic in such a short time left these guys very weak. Only one of them would be able to take the necklace and put it somewhere where nobody would get to it. He tossed it into a lake, but by the time he got back to the others, Telhia's brother had found them, found out what they did to his sister, and, well, let's just say they never found the bodies. This last guy who hid the necklace lived, but nobody really knows what became of him.

Telhia is still asleep in her cave, but the spell is weakening and the necklace has somehow over time managed to make its way much closer to the shore than it started out. Soon enough, someone is bound to find it and break the spell, releasing another dragon into the world . . .

Likes: Fish, shiny things, humans (but not the evil ones), Dragonlords (well, the nice ones, anyway), dragons, knowledge, teaching, learning, messing with people

Dislikes: Small spaces, leaving things behind objects, friends, or places that are important to her, misunderstandings, people who use magic for their own gain instead of good

Strengths: She's a dragon. This usually comes with armored scales, the ability to fly (swimming and breathing underwater as well, in her case), physical strength befitting such large and powerful creatures, fire breath (hers is blue), claws, fangs, and all the other natural strengths of dragons. She's a little bit better with magic than normal, she can talk her way into and out of many situations, she's a fast flier and good with maneuvers.

Weaknesses: She doesn't know anything about the world she'll wake up to, there are some chinks in her armor where a good archer could land a shot, she has to do whatever a Dragonlord tells her to

Position: She's a dragon. What more can I say?

Romance: Who's the only adult male dragon currently in existence? The only possible romantic interest for her to have? Hmm, I wonder how this'll play out . . .

Other: The necklace is a circular pendant with a dragon carved into the center, runes around the edges, and strung on a silver chain, in case anyone wanted to know what it looks like.

Name: Audrey Cache

Age: 21

Race: Sorceress

Personality: She's the sensible, thinks before she acts type. She doesn't socialize much but has surprisingly good people skills despite this. She's clever and knows how to manipulate a situation (or a person) to her advantage, usually through talking her way into and out of things. She's a very good secret keeper and a believable liar, though she usually only uses these skills for important things.

Appearance: She has very light brown hair (it used to be blonde but darkened slightly as she got older) which is usually braided or piled into a bun, gray-green eyes, and a slight tan. She usually wears a red, orange, or pale blue dress over an off-white or light gray underdress(?) and golden brown shoes.

History: Basically, she was born and raised in Camelot, her parents were both servants, she discovered and immediately started hiding her magic when she was around nine, she became one of the cooks/food servers when she was old enough to work, her parents died of sickness a few years after she moved out, she grieved for a while but got over it quickly, she's been working in the kitchens and dining rooms ever since.

Romance: Hasn't found anyone yet . . . (*wink, wink*)

Occupation: Cook/serving girl

Weapons: Magic, anything she may have on hand

Strengths/Weakness: Her magic is pretty powerful, she's a good liar, she can keep her wits about her in a tense situation, she hasn't been trained so has a hard time concealing and controlling her magic, she gets nervous around important people, she hasn't met any other magic users (at least, none who've revealed themselves) and will be convinced that any sorcerer/sorceress/witch/warlock/whatever is on her side (until they prove not to be, but by then it might be too late)

Fears: Being discovered and executed, being betrayed by someone she thought was her friend, having one chance for something and blowing it, falling from somewhere high (it's not the heights she's afraid of, it's just being pushed over the edge and falling)

Name: Kallis

Age: 32

Race: Druid

Personality: He's calm and thinks things through before acting. He likes solitude and good company equally, sometimes one more than the other depending on what mood he's in. He really, really dislikes conflict and will do just about anything to keep peace (other than create more conflict, of course).

Appearance: Though he's still relatively young, his dark blond hair is starting to get streaks of gray and white (not very noticeably, though), and he has laugh lines beginning to show around his bright blue eyes. He's not remarkably tall or short and has fairly average facial features, neither handsome nor ugly (unless some girl decides to think otherwise). He normally wears brown, dark red, gray, or blue.

History: Secret, and not really that interesting, either

Romance: Nobody yet

Occupation: He's a Druid . . .

Weapons: Magic, though he'd really prefer not to need or use weapons

Strengths/Weakness: He's a skilled magic user, he has good people skills, he's level headed, he's self-sacrificing, he isn't good with most weapons, he isn't used to lying and keeping secrets, he is not good with horses (though he can ride them, he just usually needs to get someone else to do just about everything else)

Fears: Drowning, others being harmed or killed, not being able to stop something bad from happening, not knowing what to do and being unable to think of something

I hope these are okay! If I'm not supposed to have this many, do tell me which ones I can keep, and if there's anything wrong with any of them I'll change it

8/11/2014 #3
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