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Next in line for king:

Next in line for queen: Mira (Daughter Of Night -Clare)


Pride members:

!) Maya (Yo-mama-kaykay16)

2) Jaheera (Hailo'sSweetAngel)

3) Yahara (Hailo'sSweetAngel)

4) Olli (Chuck Downfield)

5) Mira (Daughter Of Night -Clare)

6) Sitka (Daughter Of Night -Clare)

7) Lia (Simba and Nala)

8) Isetnofret -Isis for short- (Padmegirl 13)

9) Chenzira (Padmegirl 13)

10) Shinsivi (Daughter Of Night -Clare)

11) Motto (E-Mir the Luminoth 17)

12) Leon (Simba and Nala)



1) Lia (Yo-mama-kaykay16)

2) Anasura (Jennifer-Kitten)

3) Nienna (Jennifer-Kitten)



King: Sitka (Daughter Of Night -Clare)

Queen: N/A

Forth coming king:

Forthcoming queen:


Pride members/animals:

1) Lavali (The-Charcoal-Alchemist)

2) Tarak (The-Charcoal-Alchemist)

3) Belladonna (Belladonna Lestrange527)

4) Ranaka (Sageblack2)

5) Reina (Sageblack2)

6) Kivuli (Angel of the SilverMoon)

7) Hasani (Padmegirl 13)




Merzi Pride:


King:Kaka (E-Mir the Luminoth 17)


Next in line for King:Neko (E-Mir the Luminoth 17)

Next in line for Queen:Nova (E-Mir the Luminoth 17)


Pride members:

1) Nadia (Hailo'sSweetAngel)





Kivuli (Exiled) (Angel of the SilverMoon)



King of Outlands: Jeuri (Angel of the SilverMoon)


Please, PLEASE either comment below if you want your charater to be a king/queen or a forthcoming.

1/10/2012 . Edited 3/9/2012 #1
Vulaan Kulaas

I think I messed up the list for the Merzi Pride. X_x

3/3/2012 #2

I'll sort it ;)

3/3/2012 #3
Luna Lionfish
Can I be king next
7/2/2015 #4

Can I please be the forthcoming queen of the Outlands?

7/17/2015 #5
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