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8 Navy Roses

So, Once Upon a Time jumps around for the Enchanted Forest storyline and then you're getting confused on what happened when or before a certain Storyline. This is my deduction on how the storyline goes. This is no way cannon or true just my thinking on how the storyline goes. This also includes the episodes that we haven't watched yet, where I placed them is a hypothesis on the episode title.

1. Desperate Souls

2. The Return

3. That Still Small Voice

4. The Stable Boy

5. Fruit of The Poisonous Tree

6. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

7. Red-Handed

8. Skin Deep

9. Dreamy

10. True North

11. Hat Trick

12. The Shepard

13. Snow Falls

14. 7:15

15. What Happened To Fredrick?

16. Heart of Darkness

17. The Stranger

18. Land Without Magic

19. Apple as Red as Blood

20. The Price of Gold

21. The Thing You Love the Most

22. Pilot

I do plan to post an updated version once we learn more about the Episodes not yet watched.

And again, this is just my reasoning on how the Enchanted Forest Storyline goes, since, you know, it likes jumping around in the show.

If you're confused on why I placed a certain episode where, just let me know, and I will explain my reasoning for you.

~8 Navy Roses

4/3/2012 #1
Squirrel Stone

I feel like Land Without Magic will be the last. I think that it will show the transition from FTL to Storybrooke. It will have things like Mary Margret cutting her hair, in my opinion.

4/19/2012 #2
8 Navy Roses

Perhaps, for me, I felt like that based on the title, it would be Rumpelstiltskin creating the curse and giving it Mal for something in return. (She did make a deal with him to get the curse, right? It's been awhile since I watched that episode.) But perhaps it will be as you said. And then I'll have to post the updated version! After all, I'm pretty sure that I will be changing things since we have no idea about the last 4 or 5 episodes contain.

S.N. Only 3 (or 4 in my case) days until we can watch The Return!


4/19/2012 #3

(please take a look at my Once Upon a Time Roleplay thankyou)

9/2/2014 #4
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