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angry penguin

If The evil Queen did get ahold of Emma before the wardrobe. Would She raise her kind of like Henry,....?

12/12/2011 #1

I doubt it. Considering the fact that the Evil Queen has a serious vendetta against Snow White, to the point where she would kill her own father to enact a curse to take away Snow's and everyone else's happy ending, I don't think she's capable of harboring any kind of love, whether it's in raising Henry or any other child. So far, Regina still doesn't know that Emma is Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter, which means she doesn't know that Henry is their grandchild either. I'd be kind of worry to see what she would do to Henry if she ever found out his connection to Snow White... I think he would be in serious danger... What do you think?

12/13/2011 #2

I think her love for Henry would out way her hatred for Snow, despite what Henry thinks Regina really does love him, even Lana Parilla (Regina) has said in multiple interviews that Regina truly does love Henry and Henry breaks her heart everytime he tries to push her away which causes her to try to hold onto him more tightly which causes her to become more controlling.

I don't think Henry will be in danger from Regina, she may however take a twisted sense of enjoyment that she has taken Snow White's family from her but I don't think she'd ever intentionally harm him.

3/22/2012 #3

. com/watch?v=L5FgA4ezeUY

7 minutes in Lana Parrilla talks about Regina and Henry

3/22/2012 #4

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9/2/2014 #5
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