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there's only two eppisodes untill the finale and for what i saw on the promo when ONCE went on hiatus, you know, the part where emma is holding the sword and they are all facing regina, and they say prepare for the ultimate battle betwen god vs evil, that is going to be one epic episode ( (take away the dots) well that part got me thinking... and i came up with this theory as to how the finale is almost sure to play out. first of all mary and david are very likely to get most if not all their memories back, and i'm almost sure the stranger, august, is pinnocio, considering his age when the curse hit, he's likely to be five or six yars older than snow's daughter right?... but that's only part of my theory, so it might play out like this.. emma finds something out or realizes something very important, which convinces her the curse is real, maybe mary margaret tells her something or august finally tells her a piece of truth that makes her beleive in FTL; then mary and david and august, and the rest, you know, red, grumpy, henry, convince emma its time to face regina.. we all know it's as likely to happen as the sun rising each morning.. so we have them, at the side of good, and regina and sydney and maybe maleficient and other evil people who have her back (less ikely) then we have mr gold, which is the key to my master theory, rumple doesnt pick sides so it's fifty fifty, i think he would stand by regina, if he did, then he would change sides at last minute, because we all know who is going to loose here.. but it al comes down to the fact he's probably going to side with emma one way or another, because he's a complex man...and then poof Regina comes in and draws her ace from under her proberbial sleeve, BELLE, when the queen does that, i'm sorry to say there are still two venues here, one, he realizes regina will probably harm belle if he doesnt help her and does what she asks in exchange for Belle's location/person/life..which would tip the scales in the favor of's a fifty fifty chance that i wouldnt put past regina...or two, he could get angry, really angry and side with emma just for revenge, which is tipping the scales too, i'm just saying, he could just force the truth out of the queen, and let emma kill her, help her with the deed even. it all depends on how the Belle card is played, it's struck me as genious, mr gold could be the one to tip the scales in the good vs evil battle, and since he doesnt pick sides, there would be a need to force him into doing it, and what's better to force someone into picking sides than dangling BELLE infront of him... that's my genious theory. i got many more, but then again none of the characters in ONCE are ever predictable...
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