Hush, Hush roleplay! :D
So its just like what the title says, its a Hush, Hush roleplay, you can make your own Characters or pick one of the mains, its lots of fun so come and join... pweeessseeee
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Main Characters

Okay so if you have a main character you have to be on at least 4 times a week minium, because the role play cant really have a storyline without you, if you want any of the main characters Pm me because if the actual person hasnt been on that plays the main character, you could temparaily play one but i will also hold auditions for each of them, so if someone wants the same one as the person before you than you might have a chance, but no hard feeling if you dont get the person you want okay? If you really have that much of a problem ill let you make a character basically the same

Nora Grey: Alikool2

Patch Cipriano: HunterofArtemis1136

Marcie Miller:HunterofArtemis1136

Vee Sky: VAgirlalltheway

Elliot Saunders:

Chauncey Langeais/Jules: AliKool2



Scott: firelady101

Hank Miller:

Nora's Mum:


OC Requirements


Nickname (optional)


Age (include D.O.B if Angel):




Appearance (can be a picture):

Eye colour:

Hair colour:



11/9/2011 . Edited 7/15/2012 #1
Music Makes The World Go Round

Ali :) Can I pretty please join your rp? :)

11/9/2011 #2

YESH!! PWESE DOOOO hehehehe :)

11/10/2011 #3

Can I have Marcie and Patch?

11/10/2011 . Edited 11/10/2011 #4

Sureee, which one thoooo :D

11/11/2011 #5
Music Makes The World Go Round

Name: Sophia Clark

Nickname (optional):

Birthday: December 8th

Age (include D.O.B if Angel): 18

Gender: Female

Family: -

Species: Human

Appearance (can be a picture):

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Personality: Confident, flirty, nice... Etc

History: Father was a Nephil and she was oblivious to it until her father became a target and they were on the run. Her father left her and now she knows all about Nephilim and Fallen angels

11/11/2011 #6

Accepted :D

11/11/2011 #7
Music Makes The World Go Round


11/11/2011 #8

Name: Christine Howard

Nickname (optional) Christy

Birthday: 2nd of July

Age (include D.O.B if Angel): 16

Gender: Female

Family: Dad died in car crash, Mum is a alcoholic, and no sibilings has a stepdad

Species: Nephlim

Appearance (can be a picture):

Eye colour: Light blue

Hair colour: Blonde

Personality: bubbly, doesnt often follow rules and doesnt like people talking down to her

History: she thinks her dad died in a car crash when she was five, her mum became and achlolic until she remarried, Christine's stepdad beat her and then dumped her when she was 10

11/12/2011 #9
Can I be Marcie? I really wanna see if I could do the "B*** Queen" act...please?
11/12/2011 #10

Sure! ill add you now

11/12/2011 #11

Yey!! Thanks!

11/12/2011 #12

Your welcome you can start whenever

11/12/2011 . Edited 11/12/2011 #13

I guess I'll take Patch then...

11/12/2011 #14

I'll add you as Patch :)

11/12/2011 #15

Cool, thanks :)

11/12/2011 #16

Welcome, you can start whenever :)

11/12/2011 #17

Name: Nathaniel Hamilton

Nickname (optional): Nate, Nathan

Birthday: 12th of November

Age (include D.O.B if Angel): 18. D.O.B... does that mean date of birth? I'm not really sure what that means so... Tell me!!!

Gender: Male

Family: -

Species: Fallen Angel

Appearance (can be a picture):

Eye color: Green. Although he hasn't got green eyes in the picture, let's say he has green eyes! I'm completely in love with green eyes 3

Hair color: Black

Personality: Flirty, talkactive. He loves to make fun of people and he's very confident. To confident maybe. Sometimes he can be a real j***, but inside he's actually a really sweet guy. Oh, and he rearly shows how he really feels! If he is sad or something like that, he won't show it, just hide it inside himself.

History: I suck at this, but I can at least tell u guys why he fell. He had a relationship with a human women and wanted to tell her what he was and... Well, that's obviously not a good thing. (Gosh, my imagination sucks!xD)

Oh yeah, just wanted to add that my english probably isn't the best, so I may do some wrong writing... .''


11/13/2011 #18
Hearts of Pyjamas

Name: Evelyn O'Sullivan

Nickname (optional): Eve

Birthday: 29th July.

Age (include D.O.B if Angel): 17.

Gender: Female.

Family: She lives with her half sister, Connie.

Species: Human.

Appearance (can be a picture): Average height, slim, tends to wear jeans and plain tees. Irish complexion, and has a spattering of freckles on her nose.

Eye colour: Dark green.

Hair colour: Dark, natural red.

Personality: Quiet, but fierce when she needs to be. Loyal and willing to fight when necessary. Flirts a little, but only with those she really likes.

History: She never knew her biological mother, or any family on that side. Her biological father died when she was very young, leaving her with her half sister, Connie. She has a decent life.

11/13/2011 #19

Both accepted :D and yes D.O.B is date of birth :)

11/13/2011 #20

Great, thnks! :D

11/14/2011 #21

Can I be Dabria? :D Oh, and also you mentioned that I could make an OC?

11/15/2011 #22

Sure! and yeah you can!

11/15/2011 #23

OC Requirements

Name: Shakespeare M*** :)

Nickname (optional): Spice

Birthday: Ummm.... Feb 14... and a thousand years?

Age (include D.O.B if Angel): Thousand of years old :D but appearance looks just like 16

Gender: Female

Family: Dabria's younger sister

Species: Fallen Angel

Appearance (can be a picture):

Eye colour: Though I know the girl in the pic has greenish gray eyes, I want mine red!!!

Hair colour: Blonde with black highlights XD

Personality: Bubbly and gets quite annoying; has a evil mind and a complete manipulator. A total weird baddass who laughs like she's on high then turns glacier cold the next and loves to get in trouble.

History: Had also been an angel of death with her sister. But fallen because of too much of a trouble in heaven ;)

11/18/2011 #24

Accepted :D

11/18/2011 #25

Hey! Can I have Rixon please? :) By the way, is he the evil Rixon or the one we know from Hush Hush solely?

11/28/2011 #26

Name: Jasmine

Nickname (optional) Jas

Birthday: May 15, 1991

Age (include D.O.B if Angel): 19

Gender: Female

Family: both parents died in a car crash, only child

Species: Human - Mind reader

Appearance (can be a picture):

Eye colour: Green eyes

Hair colour: Blonde

Personality: Shy at times, intelligent, kind, almost always happy, etc.

History: She lives with her roommate Kat, and is currently dating [another human] Kayden

11/28/2011 #27

accepted! and sure you can! he's can be either, its up to you

11/28/2011 #28

Name:Gina Miller Nickname (optional):GeeGee Birthday:January 1 Age (include D.O.B if Angel):- Gender:female Family:Nora's cousin(if that is ok) Species: human Appearance (can be a picture):petite, tan Eye colour:vibriant blue Hair colour:waist long mahogoney ringelts Personality: king, rough around the edges. mission in life is to keep everyone smiling , even if she feels like crying herself History : close relationship with nora, knows all about the fallen angels and nephilim

12/3/2011 #29

(accepted! welcomeee)

12/4/2011 #30
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