Hush, Hush roleplay! :D
So its just like what the title says, its a Hush, Hush roleplay, you can make your own Characters or pick one of the mains, its lots of fun so come and join... pweeessseeee
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Marcie Millar?

7/11/2012 #121

Sure! Do you mind auditioning through pm???

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OC Requirements

Name: Audrey Masen

Birthday: December 2, 1992

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Family: Adopted, ran away when she found out what she was at age 13, never saw family again

Species: Nephilim

Appearance: An exceptionally rare occasion where a Nephilim isn't tall, actually very short [about 5 foot one], glad for this characteristic so that Fallen Angels don't notice her as easily. Slender, olive tone skin, hazel eyes that often times look either bright green or chocolate brown, and long, wavy brown hair.

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Chocolate brown

Personality: It varies, some days, she's the sweetest person that you'll meet, others, she's super flirty, it all depends, but tends to be the sweeter side most of the time. She's sometimes naive, and doesn't always see danger before walking into a situation, and many times doesn't even notice that someone is a Fallen Angel unless they make it known.

History: Found out that she was adopted when she was 12, finding out from another Nephilium that she came across that she herself was one too, not wanting to ever hurt her adoptive family after all they'd done for her, she runs away from home. Her biggest fear is coming across a Fallen Angel who wont ever show mercy, and makes her say the oath, thankful for her shortness in height, so often times she is overlooked by Fallen Angels. Because of this fear, she tries to live life to the fullest. She hasn't seen her family in 6 years, and moved to Coldwater as something new.

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7/11/2012 #124
Name: Jason Tage Nickname: Jay Birthday: May 29th Age: 19 Gender: Male Family: all dead Species: Human Eye color: Black Hair color: Grey Personality: Sarcastic, dark, doesn't talk much. But if you know him. He will. He doesn't trust much. History: His parents died in a house fire when he was 10
7/16/2012 #125

name: calla swift

nickname: call

age: 16

birthday : july

family : dad is alive but mom isn't

species: human

eye color: blue

hair color: black

personality : fun to party with, is very loyal to her friends, cant stand marcie, ,has a very big problem with trust and likes to shop (but only at places were they sell all black)

extra stuff: mom was killed by a fallen angel, and was there to see it, she almost died but patch saved her. she has a scar on her left shoulder where the angel tried to stab her

7/28/2012 #126


8/3/2012 #127

omg i havent been on forever

10/3/2012 #128

Name: Emily Seri.

Nickname: Emma.

Age: 18.

Birthday: March 10th.

Family: They all have kinda pushed her away. She tries hard to keep contact. But they don't care. She has a mom, and three sisters. Her dad died. Her oldest sister abused her and her little sisters.

Species: Human.

Eye color: Orange-y-brown. With green mixed in.

Hair color: Blonde.

Personality: she's a very sweet girl. And love everyone around her. But she's not too smart, and very nïave. She's a little selfish. Very obedient because of what her sister had done to her. Hard to keep up with.

History: her older sister abused her mentally, physically and sexually until she was kicked out of her house for snapping back. she lived on the streets for a while until she got some money. she's lost in the world. Waiting for help.

10/7/2012 . Edited 11/4/2012 #129

Name: Samual Cliff MD.

Nick Name: Sam, Sammy.

Age: Stuck at 20.

Birthday: He doesn't remember. But he was remade November 6th.

Family: They have all died. All he has is his creator Ethan. And 4 girls that he feeds off of. Shelby, Jasmine, Star and Hailey.

Species: Vampire.

Eye color: When hungry: Dark brown, almost black. Rest of the time, they're soft brown.

Hair color: Light brown.

Appearance: He is very tall and has a very strong jaw. His hair is shaved off short most of the time, unless he gets lazy. He has strong muscels in his chest and arms.

Personality: he has a very kind heart. Is always looking out for other people before himself, which is why he became a doctor. He loves helping people. But he is very controlling, and has kind of a temper sometimes.

History: He was dying when Ethan found him. He had been caught in the middle of a fight between two drunk men and nearly beaten to death until he was bitten.

10/11/2012 . Edited 11/4/2012 #130

Name: Ethan Rise.

Nickname: Eth.

Age: stuck at 19.

Birthday: Doesn't remember.

And doesn't know when he was reborn.

Family: he has a brother, Hayden. And a sister, Lea. He has a son Loklin and an adopted daughter, Jade from his girl friend.

Species: Vampire

Eye color: when hungry: Black. Otherwise they're hazel/green.

Hair color: Dark blonde.

Appearance: Tall with a lean muscular body. Shaggy hair. A cute suductive smile. Long arms an legs.

Personality: Not always happy. But when he is, he loves to show it. He loves being with his son and the rest of his family.

History: Got made in the 1600's during a small war by mistake. He doesn't know his creator. And doesn't want to. He has created 3 vampires. His brother, sister, and Sam.

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Rose Suicidal

can i rp as Elliot?

10/27/2012 #132
10/28/2012 #133

Name: Anne Stue

Nickname (optional) Anna, Annie

Birthday: 12/11/1993

Age (include D.O.B if Angel): 19

Gender: female

Family: two brothers, and mom and dad. They live in her home state of Texas.

Species: human

Appearance (can be a picture):

Innicont looking face, but she really isnt. petite body, skinny, but with curves. yVcW-wINnigDM:

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Black.

Personality: She will do anything to get what she wants. she's a real big partier. Doesn't like people her age so she got a fake ID and picks people up at clubs and bars. shes very nïav, and rreally stupid. And also very cute and loving.

History: She grew up in Texas with her family as a cheerleader. But when she came out of the closet, her family didn't know how to take it and sent her to Maine to live with her uncle and aunt. But then she started going to college there, and doesn't think she'll go back to Texas.

11/18/2012 #134

Name: Ella Mice

Nickname (optional) Ellie, Cinderalla, Blondie, Barbie

Birthday: 09/02/1988

Age (include D.O.B if Angel): 24

Gender: female

Family: A step mom, and a sister.

Species: human

Appearance (can be a picture): HApIqanSVM:

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Blonde

Personality: Very hard working, and determined. She's very polite and nice to mostly everyone she meets. She's not really a bug talker out side of her bar that she tends. But is very loving.

History: when her mom passed away when she was younger, her and her sister grew very close and very gangly at their dad when he remarried. Their step mother was very cruel to them. When Ella turned 14 and her sister turned 12 their father cried from cancer. Their step mother made them do everything in the house. When she was 16 she got imancipated and lived a lone until her sister joined her.

11/18/2012 #135

Name: David Storm

Nickname: Dave


Age: 24

Gender: Male

Family: mom, dad, sister, brother.

Species: Human


Tall, super buff, high cheek bones, cute smile. African American

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: no hair.

Personality: Very hyper, and loving. Always happy. But when he's not he's really moody and snappy.

History: Came from a rich family.

11/19/2012 #136

Name: Ariel Greene

Nickname (optional) Ari

Birthday: Februrary 11, 1980

Age (include D.O.B if Angel): 22

Gender: female

Family: Distant dad, brother

Species: human

Appearance (can be a picture): She has long red hair that stops just past her rib cage, fair, even skin tone, curvy, large hazel doe eyes, and somewhat average height.

Eye colour: Greenish-brown Hazel

Hair colour: Red

Personality: Manipulative, flirty, clever, very selfish, but can be very caring and loving when she's truly being herself.

History: Her dad died when she was thirteen causing her mother to become an alcoholic. Her 5 year older brother stayed around to look after Ariel until she was old enough to take care of herself, he finally leaving home when Ariel turned seventeen to get away from their scatterbrained mother. Her mother currently lives somewhere in the midwestern USA, job-hopping to keep her finances in check. Her brother, Aaron, joined the military soon after living, now only seeing Ariel once a year. He was truly the only person that she truly cared about and respected, and he showed the same feelings towards her. She moved to New York after high school, having earned a partial scholarship to Julliard Academy of Performing Arts for musical theatre, but had to drop out when she was unable to take care of herself financially. Dropping out caused her to get more bitter towards life, becoming much more of a party girl and caring less and less about the people around her. Her first job there was actually as a stripper when she was twenty. She had promised herself that it was only a temporary thing to get her through beauty school. She currently works as one of the top hair stylists in Coldwater, but still fills in at some stripclubs on occasion when a place is desperate and she feels she needs more cash. She finds it hard to trust others as well.

11/19/2012 . Edited 11/20/2012 #137
Name: Gonet Shepard Nickname (optional) Birthday: October 5 Age (include D.O.B if Angel): 1995 (17) Gender:Male Family: Has a dad in the military, which is the Nephilim Species: Human, but part Nephilim Appearance (can be a picture): Tall, but thin build. Scrawny overall with a smooth face and attractive features. Usually wears his hair spiked. Eye colour: dark blue Hair colour: black, however has a brown tint when down. Personality: Shy and nervous almost all the time. Tries to always be nice and defends those who become his friends. History: Raised by just his mom, Gonet and his mom move around a lot. Gonet's never really had any close friends. When he was little, he once saw his dad being beaten by a fallen angel, which he soon ran home and his with his mom. Shortly after his dad joined the military.
1/3/2013 #138

both accepted

1/10/2013 #139

name: johny flitcher

Nickname (optinal) lil john

Birthday: 2nd of may

Age (include D.O.B if Angel): 17

Gender: male

Family:one brother (name is optinal) no sisters mom died foster mum and pa

Species: human

Eye colour: midnight blue

Hair colour: bleach Blonde

Personality: a quiet boy doesnt want any trouble, shy, flirty once u get to know him, long term relationship kinda guy country boy

History:mom died in car crash at the age of 4 and dad abandoned her at age of 6. adopted by a loving mother and father, (mother, jennifer hoper, dad penny hoper) and lil john is now at the age of 17

2/15/2013 #140


2/15/2013 #141

woow and can i pweeez join the rp

2/15/2013 #142

can i pweez rp

2/15/2013 #143
Is this still going? I want to join but I've never done a Roleplay on here before...
3/18/2013 #144
Hey!! Ill RP with you!
3/18/2013 #145
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