Hush, Hush roleplay! :D
So its just like what the title says, its a Hush, Hush roleplay, you can make your own Characters or pick one of the mains, its lots of fun so come and join... pweeessseeee
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1) Don't kill characters.Unless it's an OC and both people agree, or it's a cannon and they can come back to life.

2)Keep the couples & langauge & everything T rated as much as you can. Because of the site rules.

3)Please don't advertise on the roleplay or take our ideas we made up, organization, etc.Also with the forums, please don't invite all of us on.It counts as spam and it's not hard to search for different people to ask to join your role play.

4)We'd prefer that character's sexual orientation to be straight.Because there's sides and opinions to that and some people are offended, others don't like it that much, some don't care, but it's better to leave it so there is no argument or annoyance to it.

5)Please don't have a character cheat on his/her mate.It makes people ticked off, causes problems, and you wanted them together and accepted and/or you picked the character, so you shouldn't have a character cheat.

6)Keep the characters and plots like the books as much as you can. However we are bringing some people that were killed in the book back to life for choice purposes.

7) Couples have to be accepted before going ahead with anything. Flirting is okay with characters, but kissing, holding hands, going on dates, etc. IS considered a "couple activity" and that is to be kepy to couples ONLY. If your characters don't appear as dating or on the permanent list, it's a rule break. Same with sex and pregnancies: accepted couples ONLY.

8)Keep langauge under control with characters and yourself.As in what you say can't be offensive or too M rated, keep it clean, don't get too insane.

9)Don't argue or fight with eachother. If you have a problem, message a moderator or take it to PM's don't fight on the roleplay. Fighting with characters is okay.

10) If you play a main character, you have to be on at least once a week minium. if your not then we will give your character to someone else temparayly

11) Please PM me or a mod before going over seas so we know weather your going to be on or not

The Slightly Smaller Rules

13)Changes that happens to change a character, plot, etc. should be accepted by a moderator.Don't go ahead with anything, if you have an idea, get it accepted first. Couples included.

14)Please don't come on or post anything until you're accepted. If you're not sure if she accepted you, then message me or another moderator

15)Don't be too overly dramatic with your character.Which means don't always have them getting hurt, always in trouble. It can get annoying to some and cause problems after a while, try not to.

Suggested Things To Message A Mod About Before Brining On The Forum

- New Character or Dropping A Character

- Characters Switching Covens

- If You Play a Main and Want to Change Something That's New Or In The Books About Them

- If You Want Characters To Date and/or Be a Couple.

- If You Want A Wedding or Certain Event.

- If you want a character to have or adopt children.

- If you want characters to gain a power (you dont have to message a mod about dropping a power)

Ok thats all

Have fun!!!

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Phantom Sin

I agree! :)

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