Medea's Thievius Raccoonus RolePlay
This is for everyone who submited an OC and wants to RolePlay, as me and gw1000 started and it was his idea...yeah
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Yeah, if you aren't involved in my story submit your oc here


11/13/2011 #1
Grand Helios

Name: Kurai Akatsuki

Age: 2300(Looks 23)

Gender: Male

Species: Kyuubi no Kitsune(nine tailed fox)

Parents: Yukio and Rei Akatsuki(adopted)

Appearence: 182.88 CM, 80 kg, long white hair(hair touches bottom of back), white fur, bloody red eyes, body and face looks a little feminine.

Usual Clothing- A black kimono with red vines design all over it, and a pair of kimono sandals with socks.

Fancy- A black tuxedo with a purple button up shirt.

PJs- A white kimono.

Swimwear- Black swim trunks.

General Personality: calm and gentle, child friendly,

Good points: Always cheerful in dangerous situations, fast, quickly improvise, stealthy, and friendly, even to enemies.

Bad points: Short tempered, violent, scary at times, takes risks, can't make perfect disguises that doesn't make him look like a girl.

Fears: He honestly doesn't know.

Habits: Dozes off at random times.

Pet Peeves: Being called a girl, someone making fun of his daughter.

Likes: Orange juice, his koto, strawberries, sleeping, and practicing his swordplay.

Dislikes: Annoying people, overconfident people, tuxedos, and alcohol(one sip and hes drunk)

History: Kurai was created as darkness itself in his world. He was suppose to assassinate the person whom he was cloned from, but instead befriended him. This lead his creator to hunt the kitsune. During the time, Kurai met a she wolf whom he married. The creator finally found and caught Kurai, but was forced to let him go after being defeated by the she wolf. The kitsune and his wife was chosen to take a special trial which would lead them to become Kyuubi no Kitsune, which in their world, was the highest rank, and made them a leader of their representing clan. Both managed to pass with few injuries. Kurai decided to travel worlds after 2000 years. The 2 settled in Japan. For 275 years, Kurai began stealing magical artifacts, keeping them away from the wrong hands, under the alias of "The Phantom Thief." After that was over, the kitsune waited 15 years for The Phantom Thief to disappear from history, then took a job at Interpol.

Occupation: Inspector in the Tokyo Interpol branch.

Weapon: A 6 foot black katana with a black blade called, Muramasa. Martial arts, and magic like shadow tendrils, dark ball, and using the darkness as a way of travel.

What are they good at: Magic, swordplay, and martial

What are they bad at: Driving, piloting, using high tech, can't handle riding in planes, and handling firearms.

How would they interact with others within the gang?: Kurai would treat them as a second family.

Anything else: Ask me.

"My my..... what a strange fellow you are...."

Kurai was aiming a shock pistol at a robber with a ski mask.

"Not the best way to hide a face, but works nevertheless. You're under arrest. Resist, and I will be forced to use force and yadda yadda yadda."

The robber quickly begin to run. Kurai shrugged and chased after the robber.

11/15/2011 #2

can I join in please?

11/20/2011 #3

Yeah sure...I've already answered this...just post an OC here, wait for an opening in the story or something and jump in


11/23/2011 #4

Name:Sabrina Garnet Williams




Parents:Cyrus and Alyesse Williams

Appearance:5'4"ft 90kg,Shoulder length black hair with a pink ribbion in the back,white fur with pink stripes,Green eyes,petite body

Usual Clothing-:pink short sleeved shirt with a yellow star in the front,short lighe blue dniem skirt, white thigh high with short light brown high heel boots,wears a silver pendent around her neck

Fancy:Black short one piece Dress with red heels

PJs:Light blue tank top with Pink Pj pants

Swimsuit:Blue two piece

Personailty:Kind,Caring,Friendly,Smart,Playful,A bit Childish,helpful

Good points:Look on the postive side of things,quick on her feet,fast thinker,think of others

Bad points:Scary when mad,Can't help but aww what see see something cute,get flushtered easily


Habit:Says mew when mad or trying to act cute

Pet peeeves:Someone calling her a child

Likes:Stuffed animals,Candy,singing,art,dancing

Dislike:Thugs, alcohol(Drinks one cup and she becomesdrunk and a flirt),rude people

History:Sabrina grew up in a shealtered life and never got to see the outside world,she was confined in her family mansion and was forced to to be groomed into becoming a proper lady so that one day she can be married off and help the Williams family grow,Bur Sabrina wanted her freedom and to live her life the way she wanted so without her parents know she trained her mind and body to it limit in hope of escaping her home she calls a prison one day,she also found ould book from her decesed Greatgrandmother which shows her how to use magic ,by age 16 she was able to escape from her home to never be heard from again,She's now a thief that something goes under the name thief of the stars,Sings at club from city to city as a cover.


Weapon:Staff,Magic(Like:She can make herself invisable,slient her foot steps,summon balls of light),Bow and Arrows

What are they good at: Magic,First aid,Hacking Computers,Driving,Hand to Hand combat

What are they bad at:Talking to guys she think is attrative,Guns

How she treats the Gang:Like her true friends/Family

Anything eles:Just ask :3

11/23/2011 . Edited 11/23/2011 #5

What does she do? Is she a cop? a thief? an ally? Is she like super smart? does she have connections in high places, how does she fit within the storyline?


11/23/2011 #6
Name:Zelda Fiore(surname pronounced as Fa-Yor) disguised name is Mary Lawson---------- Age:23-------- Gender:female-------- Species:Golden retriever------- Parents:Sheila Fiore- Bones(deceased) Thomas Fiore(deceased)-------- Appearance:brown hair,caramel fur,blue eyes,aboat the same as Carmelita Fox,when disguised she has black hair and lavender eyes.Skinny body Usual clothing:black tube top that reveals her tummy,a red belt,a black mini skirt,red boots and a red jacket.when disguised she wears a pink knee-length dress,a blue jacket and pink high-heels.------- Fancy:black tube dress with red heels and a black mask--------- Pjs:She's just sleeps in a polkadot pajama that's all-------- Swimsuit:A bikini-------- Good points:she fast and has excellent aim-------- Bad points:when running past a dress shop she stops to look at the dresses in display,she thinks Carmelita is Sly Cooper girlfriend------- Fears:being bankrupt,jail------- Habits:of saying "woof"at the end of her sentences.---------- Pet peeves:The Cooper gang(except Sly) teasing her a boat her crush on Sly------- likes:Sly,Money,Clothes-------- Dislikes:Carmelita-------- History:Zelda's family also joined the Cooper gang but she never got to know her parents since they were killed when they went face-to-face with the fiendish five.She is good with the gun in fact she even knows how USE a gun when she was born.She knew Sly ever since they were children.But when she saw Sly with Carmelita,she thought she was his girlfriend.She told the Gang going to do a "Mole job" which she coded as "Spy on (that wretched) Carmelita Fox so she disguised herself as Mary Lawson.------------ Occupation:Inspector(Mole job),Thief--------- Weapon:Gun--------- Good for:tranquilizer dart,bullets,destroying locks------- Bad for:Getting keys,Throwing------- How she treats the gang:like they were her best friends.-------
1/14/2012 #7
Hetalian Miss

(I think she sounds good! Give Carm a new rival...heh heh heh)

2/1/2012 #8

Hm, Sly Cooper? I'm in

Name: Sigurd Lowell

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf

Parents: Unknown, abandoned at birth

Appearence: 6'2", 220 lbs ( all muscle), dark grey fur, scar down right eye, dark blue eyes, very muscular (Not steroid poster boy of course)

Usual clothing: Black S.W.A.T pants, black S.W.A.T vest, white bandage wrappings around hands and feet, dark red dust goggles with black lenses (worn during day, resting around neck at night)

Fancy: Simple black tux

Pjs: Sleeps without vest but keeps pants (No sleeping in the buff, sorry ladies)

Swimwear: Jungle camo swim trunks

General personality: Militaristic, quiet, semi-loner

Good points: Calm, effecient, loyal, strong, tough as nails

Bad points: Not good at being social, intimidating, not very trusting of others

Fears: Failure, enclosed spaces, deep water (cannot swim very well)

Habits: When bored, will twirl a knife between his fingers idly humming a nameless tune

Pet peeves: Blatant disrespect

Likes: His knives, training, reading, practicing his drawing

Dislikes: Traitors, arrogance, rapists, people who don't deserve their position

History: Abandoned as a pup, he was raised in an orphanage where only the strong would survive. When he reached age 8, he was promptly kicked out. He later snuck into a military base and started living there. He was found by the local garrison and was raised by them. They taught him hunting, how to fight, using and cleaning weapons, and all a child his age needed to know. One day while he was out practicing his hunting skills, an enemy group attacked the small base and killed everyone there. Sigurd returned to find the buildings aflame and blood everywhere. Taking his hunting equipment, he hunted down the group and killed them all by himself. When the military sent in a force to do it, all they found was the boy digging graves for the garrison. He was taken back to headquarters where they began to raise him to be a soldier, specifically Spec-Ops. Many years later, Sigurd was in charge of his own squad. But when a misson went horribly wrong, he was blamed for what happened even though his CO was to blame. He was discharged and went on to make his living as a mercenary.

Weapons: Knuckle dusters, a matte black kukri knife, Judo and Muay Thai

Good at: Fighting, knife to sword use, driving, fire-arms, tech

Bad at: Swimming, stealth, long range fighting

React to others: (Meh, it's like military planning. As soon as the battle starts, plans get tossed out the window)

2/5/2012 #9

may i join?

2/9/2012 #10
Final Kage
Name: Alphonse Drake Age: 18 Gender: Male Species: Coyote Parents: Alexander and Samantha Drake Appearance: 152.4cm, 40.82kg, short dark brown hair, green eyes, his body has a thin frame. Usual clothing- A gray vest over a navy blue T-shirt, blue jeans and grey sneakers. Fancy: A grey tux, a light blue tie and a navy blue under shirt. PJs- plain, blue and grey striped pajama pants and pajama shirt. Swimwear: Grey swim trunks General personality: Timid, loyal and thoughtful. Good points: His loyalty could last through hell and back, stealthy, never goes against an order. Bad points: He's clumsy, struggles to capture criminals, couldn't intimidate someone even if his life depended on it. Fears: clastraphobia, death, his surperiors. Habits: Constantly stutters, daydreams when bored. Pet peeves: hates being called short or a coward, being called Alponso, and hates being teased by a thief he couldn't catch. Likes: Reading, bananas, grape juice, his fellow officers, running and fencing. Dislikes: Theives, idiots and drugs. History: Alponse was born into a poor family that stuggled to support him, his clothes were like rags, the public school was good, but the teasing ate away his confidense. One day when he was walking home he saw a thief running on the rooftops and frowned thiking 'Why should thieves get away with stealing when there are people who struggle to make an honest living'. He went though the years with high grades in schools and a fair amount of comunity service, but he knew when he graduated from highschool that he couldn't afford going to college, so instead he joined Interpol as an officer to help send thieves to prison. Occupation: Officer in the Europe interpol division. Weapon: A rapier with a three foot long blade, a shock pistol. What are they good at: Fencing, giving persuit and gunplay. What are they bad at: Driving, talking, going undercover and getting directions right.
2/21/2012 #11
Final Kage
Sorry, ran out of room. How they would interact with others within the gang: Alphonse would treat them like criminals and attempt to capture them. Anything else: Not really. "P-put t-the bag d-down and th-this won't be p-painful" Alphonse was aiming his shock pistol at a robber, before the robber ran off. "H-hey! get b-back here!" Alphonse ordered running after the robber.
2/21/2012 #12
Hetalian Miss

(Eh, come on in, Austin. We need someone new.)

2/22/2012 #13
Final Kage
(I'll see what I can do.)
2/22/2012 #14
Hetalian Miss


2/22/2012 #15
Proffesor I.P. Freely

Name: Jacob Atlar

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Komodo Dragon

Parents: Lorrie and Jack Atlar

Appearence: Dark green, with black splotches. Slitted pupils, bright green eyes, and small horns protudin form his eyelids ((Yeah yeah, I know)) physically fit

Usual Clothing:Shorts, t-shirt or Pants and polo shirt

Fancy: Suit, of which he owns one.

PJs: boxers

Swimwear: Trunks (cept in france)

General Personality: Rather happy, and notorious for out the wall pranks. Inside is kinda depressed, but manages to drown it with the occasional beer.

Good points: Can do rapid calculations in his head, excellent sniper, doesn't mind hard labor

Bad points: when he does, drinks too much, sometimes the pranks are a little... far, and has a small gambling problem

Fears: high heights (greater than100 ft)

Habits: Follows a soldiers schedule in the mornings, does finger drums when bored. (( as in actually tapping out the beat of songs))

Pet Peeves: people stepping on his tail, someone touching his weapons.

Likes: Swimming, running, shooting, rock 'n roll, playing guitar

Dislikes: arguments, country music, plumbing, bulldozers

History: Normal childhood, witha an english mom and a soldier dad. When he grew up, he joined the marines as a sniper. Received an honorable discharge (Heart problems, stress related), joined Interpol as crises sniper support.

Occupation: Interpol Crises sniper support

Weapon: Barret M82, tactile tazer, pocket knife.

What are they good at: Sharpshooting, swiming, quick combat resolution

What are they bad at: computer things, socializing

Anything else: Nothing I can think of right now.

3/27/2012 #16

Name: Cino Cooper

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Species: Raccoon

Parents: Ty and Elio Cooper

Appearence: Black fur, smokey on his nose, head, chin, tips of his ears and backs of his hands. 4' 10". 155 lbs. Lean and wiry. He is blind in his left eye and it is completley white and his other eye is light blue. He has a scar running vertical from above his left brow to his left cheek bone.

Clothing: Navy hoodie with black cameo design, black jeans, black two-toed shoes with navy detailing.

Personality: Semi-loner, he is tough as nails, never backs down and is cold and calculating, acting like a machine when commiting crimes.

History: His father was taken by the police and his mother was also killed by them.

Era: 3002

Occupation: Mercenary

If you are interested in my character, I have a story going that I am updating frequently

6/14/2012 #17

Name: Mimi Lee

Age: 18

Gender: Girl

Parents: David and Claire Lee

Species: fox

Appearence: Golden fur, Black on the tip of her tail. Her eyes are sky blue. 4' 30. 120 pounds she is skinny.

Clothing: Sky blue shirt with Lee on it, dark blue shorts with netting under it, Black shoes, Black netting gloves

Fancy: Sky blue dress with black high heels

Swimwear: light blue 2 piece

pjs: Blue silk pants and a tee shirt

personailty: happy, sly, funny and acts like a kid sometimes

likes: Cute stuff, Spicy food and gold

dislike: sweet stuff and bronze

Occupation: Theif

Good at: pick pocking, Sneaking in places and her staff

Bad at: Hacking and driving

Wepon: Staff (it also turns her invisibal)

Ask me if u need any more info

7/20/2012 . Edited 7/20/2012 #18
The Perverted Overlord
Hey this is my guy. Name: Horatio ladrĂ³n Species: Fox Proffesion: Dancer/Thief (cool mix right) Appearance: Dark brown fur, light beard, Spanish dancing outfits but a very dark purple and blue, highway man mask Abilities: he can pull of several moves and tricks like sly but he does to more of a spanished themed dance routine. His unique ability is acctualy the power to create a tornado by doing a twist like dance, which engulfed his enemies then fired them everywhere History: horatio was an only child but his greates passion in life was dancing, because both his parents did it for a living and they bring him to work to join in. The reason he became a thief is so he could collect enough money to help his father pay off a debt to the local cartel, but continued the thieving career when he found out the pleasure and joys of the theft, let alone the treasure gained. Likes: dancing, somba/Latin style music, drinking with friends (he is a partying drunk and on many occasions he has slept with many women), pretty woman, dancing. Dislikes: heavy metal, swimming (he can but he doesn't like to), stealing from the poor, those who steal from the poor, the police, the cartel. Weapon: anything he can get his hands on but generally he uses his castanets which turn into those slings you throw that wrap around people. Misc.: he is a charmer but isn't shallow at least (when he's not drunk anyway), he lives in Spain, he travels a lot across the world, he generally works alone
4/30/2013 #19
Name: Inspector Tana Tiger Nicknames: Tiger or Ginger Rank: Inspector Species: Tasmanian Tiger Enemy: Cooper gang Weapons: Pocket Knife Shock gun Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Ginger with a black tip Fur Colour: Ginger Ear Markings: Ear tips on both ears Tail: Black tip Clothing: Pink jacket Red top Pink bandana Wears a police collar Blue jeans Yellow shoes Accent: Australian British Birth Place: Tasmania Mom: Dead Dad: Dead Sisters: Dead Brothers: Dead Age: 24 Gender Female Quotes "I'll get you Cooper gang and lock you up in jail!!!" "G'day mate I'm Inspector Tana Tiger of the Paris police force"
5/19/2015 #20
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