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A list of accepted OCs.

11/14/2011 #1

GlaciaLeafia's OCs

Name: Natsumi Kei

Age: 16

Appearance: Light brown almost blonde hair tied in a low pig-tail with pale green eyes to match. She has a pale complexion. Her clothes consist of a kimono-like top that is a lime-like green with black details. She wears black jeans and black shoes.

-Height: 162 cm

-Weight: 56 kg

Personality: She is what people can consider a tsundere mostly of a type A. She often doesn't like talking to boys but she cares a lot about her little sister Sakuyo Kei

Likes: To play sports, draw, sleep and dancing

Dislikes: Someone waking her up, jerks, Miku and people who insult her dancing, boys around her younger sister

Voice: One lower octave than Rin and has a stronger voice

Character Item: Blackberry

Any notable friends, enemies, rivals: One-sided rivalry with Miku

Bio: She was designed to be a dancing vocaloid and it was successful in that. She tried to download a softer voicebank to make her voice more versatile but her sing-and-dance at the same time drive was damaged due to a virus and she cannot dance and sing at the same time for long without getting extremely tired. So she tries practicing everyday that she can last longer.


Name: Sakuyo Kei

Age: 14

Appearance: Pink hair going to the middle of her back, part of her hair is tied in twin pigtails, lilac hued eyes to match the design. White complexion. Her clothes are short pink skirt and a sleeveless white top. She also uses white gloves with pink details and short pink boots.

-Height 156 cm

-Weight: 46 kg

Personality: Soft-spoken, she does not talk loud, she is timid and mostly lets her older sister to do the talking

Likes: Reading books, staying at home, writing, and playing board games

Dislikes: Having to stop reading a book when it reaches the climax, chores, and violence

Voice: One and half octave lower than Miki's. And it is also softer

Character Item: Raspberries

Any notable friends, enemies, rivals Friends: Her sister

Personality: Soft-spoken, she does not talk loud, she is timid and mostly lets her older sister to do the talking

Bio: She was designed to be a main vocaloid, more of the sex object type appeal. Her target demography was perverted young and old men. Fortunately for her, her design was more of a cute girl with a soft voice, no use for a sexy appeal. She was then shelved by her producers.


Name: Emilio Guerra

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is a rather tall, about the same height as Evan. He has dark black hair that always seem to be messy. Unlike pale Evan, Emilio is rather darkly tanned and has dark brown eyes to match. He is of an average weight as has a few defined muscles.

His clothes often consist of jeans, a button shirt slightly open to expose his hairless chest and a jacket to boot, a small chain with a small wooden ring as pendant is normally worn by him. He doesn't normally use his white hat, he only uses his hat when he's going to samba with a cute girl.


^ Inspiration to write the description)

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 76 kg

Personality: Usually pretty friendly. He tries to get along with everybody and tries to keep the atmosphere light. He often jokes around, but sometimes goes a little too far with his jokes and may actually hurt others or just annoy them. He often criticizes Evan on his attitude on criticizing others. He seems to be very attractive to human girls but he is simply clueless about it and thinks that Evan is the one that the human girls are after. He considers Evan to be his rival, despite not being vocal about it. He might not admit it but he easily gets drunk with caipirinha.

Likes: Soccer, samba, churrassco, pretty girls

Dislike: Losing a soccer game, people commenting about his inability to sing Japanese

Vocal Range: Uh... I don't know how to describe his vocal range. Uh... Something in this range: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sfe2kSERns

Character Item: Caipirinha

Friends/Rivals/Enemies: He is good friends with Miku, Piko and acquainted with Kiyoteru. He considers Evan to be his rival.

Short Bio: He is the first Brasilian vocaloid to be made. Thanks to that, he feels a lot of pressure to represent the country that made him. He can't sing in Japanese because of his voice bank but he is able to sing in English and Portuguese. He often tries to represent his country well. Now the problem that the company had was the lack of funding that left him without Japanese voicebank, the only way they found a way of trying to help him to communicate with the Japanese vocaloids. That equaled to installing a type of instant translator in his ear, making him understand Japanese. He was also programmed with basic Japanese skills. Despite being able to communicate, he had trouble with the speaking. So he kept practicing. Now he can speak Japanese, but he still needs help of bilingual vocaloid in order to translate what he means because of his heavy accent.

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chibis of evil's OCs

Name: Aiko Kiyoshi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long brown hair in a braid, with chocolate brown eyes. She's pale, and wears a long sleeved black shirt that covers her neck as well. She wears red gloves that go up to her elbows, along with long black skinny pants with red boots that go up to her knees.

Height: 5'7

Weight: 112lb

Personality: Aiko is generally a shy girl when you first meet her, but once you become friends with her, she's very hyper and active around you. She's extremely competitive, and often bites off more than she can chew. She cares about her friends, and is crazy over romance. She likes to joke around a lot, but is very brave when she needs to be. She's terrified of needles. In fact, she goes hysterical when she sees one. She also has a crush on the Vocalodn Kaito Shion, but wouldn't start bawling if he ended up dating someone else.

Likes: Her friends, twizzlers, video games, wrestling, romance, snakes, Kaito.

Dislikes: Perverts, people who think they're the star, cheaters, attention hogs, popular people.

Vocal Range: Her voice sounds like a mixture of Neru (lower pitch) and Ruko, and she can hit many high notes, but has trouble with low notes, which is strange, since her voice is generally low.

Character item: Twizzlers

Friend/rival/enemy: Her friends are Ryu, and anyone she meets along the way. Her enemies are people who act like any of her dislikes.

Short bio: When Aiko was young, she was abandoned, and later taken to become a science experiment, explaining her large fear of needles. She was later rescued by Ryu, and wanted to show the world that she was actually worth something. She's been working hard in anything she commits to ever since then, keeping her history behind her.

Other: N/A


Name: Ryu Yukio

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ryu has jet black hair that goes down to his neck, and his eyes are hazel with snake-like slits. His skin is unnaturally pale, and he wears a white T-shirt with a short-sleeved black leather jacket over it. He wears black jeans and black sneakers. He has a forked tongue, along with black fangs on each side of his mouth.

Height: 5'8

Weight: 115 lb

Personality: Ryu is an extreme pervert, and likes to seduce girls whenever he has the chance to. He has a burning hatred for Kaito, and has a yandere side to him as well. He hates being pushed around by other people, and if someone tries to, he'll do whatever he can to make him the dominant one. He's somewhat a bully, and enjoys picking on people that annoy him.

Likes: Girls, picking on people, doing stupid things, making Kaito's life miserable, snakes.

Dislikes: Kaito, boys that try to beat him at anything, birds, snotty people, adults, parents.

Vocal range: In summary, he has a generally low voice, and has no hope in the world of hitting high notes.

Character item: A snake

Freind/rival/enemy: Friends with Aiko, and hates Kaito's guts.

Bio: Ryu and his siblings were abandoned by the drug addict that had made them, and Ryu was forced to take care of them. When Ryu was older, his siblings suddenly just disappeared, and he couldn't find them anywhere, and later confirmed that they had been killed for an unknown reason. Heartbroken, he started wandering aimlessly until he met Aiko, who was a science experiment. Feeling guilty, he went all "POWERPUF GIRLS SAVE THE DAY!" and rescued her. They've been friends ever since.

Other: The reason for Ryu's snake like features are still unknown, but he thinks that snake DNA was accidentaly placed into his programming while he was being made.


Name: Aimi Yuuka

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Height: 5'6

Weight: 116 lb

Personality: Aimi is generally a very lazy person, and is pretty much a couch potatoe. She hates darkness, and likes the feel of warmth. She shows nearly little to no emotion at all. Her eyes are almost always lifeless, due to her emotionless personality. She only speaks when she needs to. When someone makes her snap from some kind of emotion, she freaks out in her mind, but doesn't show it on the outside. She'll cry if you push her hard enough, but she'll never snap from anger or excitement. She's yandere, but has no specific yandere target; it changes, depending on who she currently cares about. Despite her laziness, she enjoys running.

Likes: Warmth, sleeping, fighting, running.

Dislikes: Darkness, the cold, being around too many people, goody-two-shoes.

Vocal Range: Her voice, when she speaks, is very low, despite her being female, and sounds very mature.

Character item: A long knife.

Any notable friend, rivals, or enemies: She has a crush on Kiku, but doesn't have a hatred for anyone.

Short Bio: Aimi was originally supposed to be a Traploid like Ritsu, built for war. She was taught to be emotionless so that she felt no pain or fear, or remorse. She enjoyed the fight training, but she was told her body was much too frail to handle fights. She wants to prove her creator wrong, so she constanty trains with her weapons, which she carries a lot of. If she needs or wants to kill somebody, she does it quickly, silently, and keeps it clean.

Other: She has a bad habit of not responding to people.


Name: Evan Hills


Gender: Male (Because we need the sexy hormones of males in here...)

Appearance: Just another British bastard. He has sandy blonde hair thattends to just lay limp for a while there, emerald eyes, and a prominent Roman nose. His pale complxion easily complements anything he wears, but tend to be a hassle when he gets flustered. And he tends to get flustered a lot. He's got a slim build most of the time. He's always either underweight or overweight, and makes frequent visits to the doctor for low blood pressure. If Vocaloids ever had any blood in the first place, you know. It's implied he just goes to flirt with the doctor sometimes.

He has a sexy British accent that is an instant turn-on for girls with no lives like me. (ENVY YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT OTL) His voice is pretty deep, I don't know what you call that so whover edits this, just make sure it's not totally deep, just right, like Konishi Katsuyuki's voice. :3

He usually wears clothes with the British Invasion/Beatles/Sex Pistols logo with ripped jeans, as part of his "punk" fancade. Yeah, he's going through that British punk rock phase and stil hasn't gotten out of it.

He wears multiple piercings on his ear, 3 cartilages on the left ear and one normal piercing on the right ear.

His skin is clean, totally, porcelain china doll clean. There isn't one crack or scar. Which explains his fear of tripping. He walks in dainty little strides (hard to believe) to avoid falling.

All in all.

He is one sexy British bastard of a Vocaloid. 3

Height: I have no sense of height, but... Probably 179 cm? (I'm basing this off of anime characers, sorry)

Weight: VARIES. Like I said, he's alwas either overweight or underweight. You'll notice when he's overweight, he'll be totally bloated. In that sexy way of his. :3

Personality: And here comes the British bastard. He's full of himself and thinks he knows it all, he bitches anyone and everyone within a 5-mile radius from him, he critizises everything at every chance he gets, and basically acts like a fucking bitch when he doesn't get what he wants. He hates Mary Sues or Gary Stus, and always laughs at their sob stories, using the typical American slang, "Cool story bro tell it again". He is generally disliked, obviously, but he shakes it off as jealousy, being the pompus little sexy bastard he is. He often speaks what's on most peoples' minds, but no one else is able to say it. However, despite this crappy, trashy personality, he gets along with other bilingual Vocaloids very well, and sometimes even compliments them for being "somewhat like him". He will very rarely acknowledge others, but when he does, he means it. He enjoys looking in the mirror (due to his extremely narcisst personality) and complimenting his good looks.

Likes: Virtually nothing except himself. And his mirror. And British punk rock bands!!! :D And bilingual Vocaloids like him.

And seeing that he can get women to lose their ovaries with a trill of a noise.

Dislikes: Practically everything except the things he decides to like.

Vocal Range: Me no speak music, but not so low, not too high, he's... KONISHI KATSUYUKI (cuz Katsuyuki-tan' awesome enough to have his own vocal range)

Character Item: An electric guitar. He plays it quite well.

Short bio: He was created as a British Vocaloid prototype, and was sent out into the world to experiment. Hence his boredom towards Mary Sues and Gary Stus. He doesn't find their stupid stories amusing. He finds "hard psts" hard to make-believe.

Other: He has a small crush on Luka, who has an English voicebank, and SeeU, who has a Korean voicebank.

He secretly wonders if he could marry himself someday.

He's not that bright.

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CClaret's OCs

Name: Adachi Ren

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Black hair, casually messy (but is styled to be so), longer just over his right ear than anywhere else (this section hangs about to his shoulder, and the rest is about chin length), swirls from the left, long fringe. Hot pink eyes, framed with the kind of lashes that most girls would be jealous of. His favorite color is pink as well, and he's not ashamed of it and loves to reflect that in his clothing. His daily attire consists of things like ultra-skinny jeans, cat-eared hoodies, double-breasted coats and scarves, screen-printed tees, bows, ribbons, lace, fingerless gloves, and whatever else strikes his fancy.

-Height: 5'11

-Weight: 150lbs

Personality: Flirtatious, impulsive, and selfish. Tends to call pretty girls "Princess," even if it's the first time they've met. He's very easygoing and light-hearted, but he does know how to tone it down and act appropriately to the situation, although it may take him a while to get there. He's very much the protective - perhaps overprotective - type, especially with girls. Despite his behavior, he has a strong sense of loyalty.

Likes: Candy, soda, sweets, and junk food of all kinds. Pretty girls. Upbeat music. Video games.

Dislikes: Waking up early (read: BEING WOKEN UP). People who are boring, pity themselves incessantly, or have undue low self-esteem. His singing voice.

Vocal Range: Lyric baritone. He's uncommonly expressive and very human, but unstable and difficult to tune. Not that it matters, because you'll never hear him sing.

Character Item: Hard candy (which he ALWAYS has a stash of on-hand.)

Friends/Rivals/Enemies: He deeply envies the mature male Vocaloids, but it generally manifests as admiration and doesn't cause problems.

Short Bio: Ren was the creation of an unusually obsessive otaku, modeled after a character from an otome game. His voice was sampled from a popular J-rock artist but his creator did shoddy work, which gave rise to his musical difficulties. He's programmed to be less of a musician and more of a social butterfly, so the failed attempts at calibrating his voicebank didn't phase her. Unhappy with his life (particularly a feeling of incompetence, being built as an UTAUloid but without a remarkable voice), Ren left home in search of something more. Since then, he's found a niche for himself as one of the main visual designers for Yamaha, but wishes he had the singing talent of a real Vocaloid. Secretly, he practices singing almost nonstop...although he'd die of embarrassment if anyone knew.

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Zatsune Miku's OCs




appearence: she has dark red eyes and long bloodred hair done in a braid. she wears a gothic looking top and jeans. on her hands she has spiked gloves and wears laced boots. her outfit colors are black and red. she has a strange mark on her forehead in the shape of what looks like a small gem. her chest is a cup and she has semidark colored skin. Her bodytype is well trained,fit, and skinny but not drastically.

Height: 5.6

weight: 115

personality:cold manipulative selfish and possessive at times. if she admires someone shell do anything to have them. its rare for her to be nice to anyone unless she truly can stand them.She perfers to be left alone but sometimes will want to spend time with the others. she can also be untrusting of others. she is easily angered if anyone rubs her the wrong way and she hates to argue because when she does she could go as far as to harm the peron she argues with...if pushed to her limit. when in her true state she has a evil nature but underneath this evilness is a lonely voca who just wants acceptence.

likes:not many things in life except chaos and being in control of things and getting her way. tho she does enjoy a good cheesecake and infecting

dislikes: other vocaloids to some extent, being told she cant do things, People who anger her

vocal range:similar to zatsunes but lower more sedative and menacing but also has a bit of kiku. she can hit high notes and can control her voice to sound robotic and menacing as well as make her voice sound nonthreatening. She does not use her voice to charm others.

any notable friend rivals etc:v. zatsu hates all of the vocas based on miku which includes miku herself. she hates any friends of miku as well. her only friend would have to be luka. she views tei as her rival for some reason sience she claims she better at destroying everything when v. zatsune claims she has more talent and ways to despose of them. ironically even tho she hates mikus friends she doest hate luka even tho shes a friend of miku. V.Zatsu has a few crushes on Teto and Gumi

charactor item:a pendalum on a chain used for placing hypnotic suggestions into others heads.

short bio:V.Zatsu was created when the vocaloid program suddenly had a strange glitch in it. this glitch was revealed to be a manafestation of a type of virus that crashed thier systems and rendered some programming aspects of the program useless. she had no name at first but chose the name Zatsu because she had seen Zatsune and came up with it on her own. she is not based on any forms of miku tho as many believed her to be. she wandered the serves infecting everything. but in truth she was lonely and wanted to be accepted into the world of the vocaloids. the creators made various attempts to deleate her but she would not allow herself. one time they almost did but she was found and rescued by luka. Zatsu wasnt sure she could trust a real vocaloid and not a immitation but she came to trust luka.However her viral nature is slowely corrupting her. She had managed to surpress it but sience it is a part of her and she is technically a viral voca she finds herself infecting serves and such once again and drifting back to darkness.She doesnt have much time before she begins corrupting vocaloid also.

other info: Her true name is not known sience she was never given one. The reason she hates the miku knockoffs is because she finds them to be annoying and too cheerful well not zastune but miku and the others. contrary to what many will think she isnt another knockoff of miku.V. Zastu is in all truth a living virus.

11/21/2011 . Edited 11/26/2011 #5

This Is My Horse Dammit's OCs

Name: Sojourner Dawn (Aka Joey Dawn)

Age: ??? (appears to be 18)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brown hair with fringes in a side-swept style and red eyes behing a pair of rectangle glasses. Wears a casual red shirt under a unbuttoned brown sports jacket, black sort-ot baggy jeans secured by a black belt with a gold fastener, red sneakers. Usually carries a brown spell book with a sundisk in the middle of a diamond and crescent moons on the four corners. Has a strange soft brown horse tail as if he was cosplaying a neko but it's real! (Pull his tail, I dare you :3)

-Height: 5,8

-Weight: 130

Personality: Love and tolerance all the way baby! He may seem like the quiet type at times, Joey is actually quite the energetic one when it come to socializing. Always eager to learn something new and knowledgeable in as variety of subjects. His strange quirk is writing letters on what he learned at the end of each week and playing around with mini 2 inch figures of candy-colored ponies kept in his pockets... They have a another purpose though yet to be revealed.

Likes: Books, his pony toys, watching cartoons, rainbow colored desserts, learning a new thing, trying on different styles of clothes.

Dislikes: Anyone stealing or pearing inside his book, the secrets there are not for common eyes! And also someone pulling or stepping on his tail.

Vocal range: He doesen't usually sing but when he does it's a baritone voice unique to himself!

Character Item: His Spell Book

Any notable friend, rivals or enemies: We'll see...

Short Bio: Yet to be engaged in the vocaloid dimension as of now

Other: Not really a vocaloid, can cast spells, horse tail shakes when a annoyed, dimension traveller.

11/23/2011 #6

EnvyIsMySin's OCs

Name: Nakajima Hana

Age: 17

Appearance: Other than her bangs, Hana's hair is a soft pink, flowing in soft waves down to her waist- she's not supposed to cut it. Even in a high ponytail- as she usually has it- it still reaches her mid-back. She doesn't style it much, but has to brush it often to keep it soft. Her eyebrows are thin and shaped, the same color as her hair.

Her eyes are only a shade or two darker than her hair, slightly narrowed at the outer corners. They're framed by pink lashes, usually coated with dark mascara. Her skin is a light tan- which appears to be almost flawless, but is probably just a mix of both good skin and a stylist's work. Her body is the classic model's shape- thin, almost skinny, with reasonable curves and a small waist.

-Height: 5'8" or 5'9"

-Weight: 110 lb.

-Clothing: A sleeveless, sailor-like gray midriff shirt with a large light pink bow that reaches her belly button hanging off of it, and a gray, pleated mini-skirt with pink trimming. She usually also wears two loose, gray arm warmers with pink lace trimming.

She usually wears either a small gray headband with a small pink bow, or pulls her hair back using a long silver ribbon. She usually wears either pink and black stilettos or gray flats.

Personality: Rather mature due to her profession, Hana is a natural-born leader.

Despite this, she still has a few childish qualities bred into her- while she's on the cusp of adulthood, she's still prone to being possessive or fickle. She loves being the center of attention- which explains her choice of career- but tries her best not to hog the limelight. Hana's usually friendly enough, and gives people the benefit of the doubt- however, if she takes an immediate disliking to you, not much can change that.

Likes: Sweets (especially mochi, but she can't have much of that, now can she?), singing, modeling, hanging out with friends, anime, touring, America, colder foods

Dislikes: Being bossed around, idiots, most vegetables, spiders, hot and/or spicy foods, religion, prejudiced people

Voice: She has a rather wide range, but her voice is usually on the higher side.

Character item: Mochi

Any notable friends, rivals or enemies: She's already knows Ren well, and is acquaintances with Rin and Lily

Bio: Hana was made to be a side VOCALOID, like Luka. But, she developed human feelings quicker than the others and turned away slightly from singing and the company. Now, she models with humans, and has made friends with many of them. She's a somewhat famous model, and now singing is like a side job/hobby to her, even though she still hangs out with some of the Vocaloids.

Other: She is multilingual


Name: Raiden Walker

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: His hair is naturally black. He constantly bleaches/dyes it, so it has basically been all the natural colors plus a few more. Right now it's an odd mix- half is blue, the other half is purple. Like the color, his style also constantly changes. Right now it's straight, messy and slightly angled, layered only in the front. The shortest falls above his ears, the longest just above the base of her neck. However, it's very slightly spiked, so it doesn't lie flat against his head. The purple side is more traditionally messily-spiked, while the blue side is slightly flatter and neater.

His eyes are slightly narrowed, the irises a vivid violet color that almost appears to be blue from afar. This is also helped by the long(for a guy), dark eyelashes surrounding them. His eyebrows are thin and very slightly messy, also black. His nose is straight, with almost no curve. Her lips are thin and light.

Raiden's stature is slightly thin and moderately toned, although it is possible that he's still not done growing. His skin is a light tan with a warm golden undertone.

And because lazy writer is lazy, here's his approximate clothes, with his appearance xD;

-Height: 5'9 // 176 cm

-Weight: 137 lb // 62 kg

Personality: Normally laid-back, Raiden is a pretty friendly guy. He can socialize pretty well with anyone- although it's sometimes mistaken a flirting; how, he doesn't even know, although it somehow can sometimes get him mistaken as a player or pervert- and can easily fill most awkward silences. Despite this, he is a lot quieter than many of his friends, and if not for his appearance (coughthehaircough) he could sometimes be overlooked by a passerby.

His has a strange affiliation with bright colors, and has an eye for them. On the other hand, though, he hates things that are dull-colored. It's an odd thing, really, and most people don't know why.

Likes: Gum, cool colors, bright-colored hair and eyes, dogs, different cultures, gum

Dislikes: dull colors, math, cats, cockroaches, boredom, religion, studying

Vocal Range: Countertenor to tenor, slightly robotic-sounding with good vibrato. He can adapt to many songs, and has 2 main pitches.

Character item: Gum, usually green-colored

Friends/rivals/enemies: Friends with Evan (sorta? OTL) and Emilio. Generally knows most of the others. Doesn't like Meiko or SeeU much, but the only apparent reason is their color schemes.

Short Bio: Created to be a backup, Raiden was created with a rather basic appearance- his only outstanding feature was his eyes. He quickly broke away form that, though, leaving the company who had made him and coming to Crypton. However, due to this, he has an irrational fear of being left in the background, which he hides behind his obsession with bright colors and changing styles.

Since he changed companies, though, not anything too significant has happened, other than meeting some new friends.

Other: Raiden is a Eurasian Vocaloid, and has Japanese and English voicebanks. He also has a partially developed Korean voicebank.

11/23/2011 . Edited 12/12/2011 #7

PumpkinPrincessJac's OCs

Name: Ayame Hayashi (Aya)

Age: 13, almost 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Aqumarine hair with teal highlights to the end of her shoulder blades, her bangs covering her eyes most of the time due to her shy nature, rose quartz pink eyes under somewhat messy white eyeshadow, peach skin, clearly shows when she blushes, lips are small and bubblegum pink if anyone cares to pay 'attention' (X3)/Her birthmark shaped like three falling flower petals on her right shoulder that she likes. (Regular Clothes)Pastel grey long sleeved shirt with some wrinkles, black V-neck button down vest, a black skirt to her knee caps over knee-length grey leggings with some rips, grey cotton socks with lacy edges that cover the rest of her legs, & black Mary-Janes. On concert/music video costumes, she's a bit unpredictable with more skin and colors.

-Height: 4'11

-Weight: 125lbs

Personality: Shy at first meetings(reallyshy), self-concious except on stage, curious, a bit playful, sweet, can easily blush, smart though not a straight A-girl, a good listener

Likes: Soft and sweet/Lulliby songs, slight shades of colors, sweet vanilla cream lip gloss and her eye shadow, writing stories, lily flowers, pink ones especially, gum and sugar cookies

Dislikes: Mean personalities, bullies, sour things, demin (says it hurts her petite body)

Vocal range: High Soprano

Character Item: Bubble Gum

Any notable friend, rivals or enemies: Crush on Len, feels like Meiko and Kaito are like her parents since they're the first ones she meets when she wakes up.

Short Bio: Was created because the creators felt a shy personality and lovely talents would be popular. After being created, she wouldn't see the Vocaloids because they made her too shy. Until Meiko and Kaito come to personaly meet her and show they mean no harm.

Other: She is very sensetive, in emotions and ticklishness(secretly on the later). She will end up chasing the person who touches her like that afterwards before running to a secluded area to hide. When she is being flirted with, she is most effected by light touchs/nuzzling and sweet compliments. Though if you try to kiss her, she won't be afraid to slap you across the face because she gets freaked out by advances like that. If you do something nice and she 'like-likes' you, she'll let her playfullness side come out.

11/24/2011 #8

Kamikimmy13's OCs

Name: Kanon Sakurai (still)

Age: 16

Gender: Female (still)

Appearance: Errrmmm...She has brown spiky hair that's kinda like Yuna's (from FFX-2) but longer and straighter and reaches the bottom of her neck, her skin is tanned, and her eyes are a deep majestic dark purple. She's wears a pink plaid skirt, a black tank-top shirt thing with a weird motif, sleeveless jacket with tha knaji for her last name on the back, fingerless gloves, pink and black headphones attached to her neck, black knee-high socks and pink and black converse sneakers. She wears a pink scarf that she wears as a headband around her head. She has silver keys for earrings, a silver bracekets scattered on her arms.

-Height: 5'2 (still)

-Weight: (unknown)

Personality: Nowadays, Kanon's a pretty happy kid. She's pretty talkative and carefree MOST of the time. However, she DID get a bit of a mouth and gets upset easily, because she's very sensitive. She hates feeling left out, so she'll sometimes eavesdrop and sneak around people just to be a nuisance. C=

Likes: Music, fashion, singing, beating up Len (she HATES Len), writing songs and eating coffee cake

Dislikes: Len, when people pick fights over stupid things, LEN, conceitedness, being called short, LEN, sports etc.

Vocal range: Defenitely not a soprano. Perhaps a mezzo-soprano? (I think those are the ones that sing alto and a bit a soprano, correct me if I'm wrong...)

Character Item: The small key necklace given to her by omeone speeeciaaal

Any notable friend, rivals or enemies: She doesn't really have any rivals, but she seems to always get competitive against Rin or Gumi (although she loves them both), and she absolutely can NOT stand Len.

Short Bio: A terrible incident when Kanon was human caused her brain to have to be removed and placed into the body of a look-alike cyborg. All the cyborg knew how to do well, when Kanon adjusted to the body, was sing. So she worked to enhance her singing.

Other: N/A

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