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Weiss Rose Schnee

ive never heard of that and i wouldnt mind doing soe...

12/18/2011 #31

I can explain GC really quick. If you wish~

So there's 10 characters with 4 classes, which leads to 40 different characters. There also 3 demon characters that have 2 classes, that leads to 6 characters and a new character so in total we can have 47 characters. No counting characters that can take over canon supporting characters roles

12/18/2011 #32
Weiss Rose Schnee

i see..is it like a rpg?

12/18/2011 #33


RPG in it's pinnacle. MMORPG to be exact.

There's the Knight, Spearman, Sword Master, Savior, Archer, Hunter, Arch Ranger, Nova, Mage, Alchemist, Warlock, Battle Mage, Thief/Ninja, Assassin, Dark Slasher, Striker.... Etc... Loads of characters that can be here

12/18/2011 #34

I still think following it by the book would be too hard.. if you explain more on gmail to me, I could always try to think of a fantasy world similar to it to suggest, but yeah.

12/18/2011 #35

But that what I meant, something similar to that. I can give you the website wiki for it.

12/18/2011 #36
Weiss Rose Schnee

hmm works i guess..xd..

12/18/2011 #37
I Am The Raptor

I say yes to SoE.

And the other idea sounds fun.

12/18/2011 #38
Weiss Rose Schnee

cool..perhaps we could do another version of haunted mansion or consert virus?

12/18/2011 #39

I also had an idea for another RP, although this would more of a dyspotia romance thingie?

In this RP, society drastically changed leaving women with absolute power. Men are now viewed as inferior and often treated as slaves. In order to procreate, women found a different way other than using men, and extreme women prefer using men as the carriers for their babies.

Yuri is greatly encouraged in this society and het is greatly frowned upon and even forbidden by law. What happens if a few women start developing feeling for some men slaves? What if a few men start plotting a rebellion against the strict female leaders?

Oh wow, this RP seems extreme beyond measures.

12/19/2011 . Edited 12/19/2011 #40
Weiss Rose Schnee

wow sounds interesting..but a bit extreme....

12/19/2011 #41

omg, social sciences student here is a HUGE fan of dystopian society themes. I give that idea 23847529635487354 points.

The cool thing about a plot like that is that it's so easy to pit characters against each other, since we'll have to have some who are quietly plotting against the government (if it could be so called), and the ones who don't want to change a thing, and maybe some in-betweeners who have to be swayed one way or the other.


12/19/2011 . Edited 12/19/2011 #42
Weiss Rose Schnee

yeah that is true..well have some who are for...some against...and some who dont take sides...well on the subject of that i am playing ruko..and shes a hermaphodite so yeah...it would make for a nice story...

12/19/2011 #43

Natsumi would be one of those really strict ones that eventually grow a soft side and actually falls for one of them, while Sakuyo is friendly to the guys.

And I just remembered that if the babies are born boys they're raised with the women but then when they turn 12 they're turned into slaves. There's a plothole that was just solved.

So... I'm glad that you guys liked the idea. It came to me when I was hearing the song 'Run the World' or was it 'Girls Run the World'? Oh nevermind.

12/19/2011 #44

I think Lily would be all for keeping things the way they are. Mikuo would probably go along with whatever he was told to do, as long as he wasn't mistreated, but Ren would want to be independent - definitely a part of the rebellion, maybe even to the extent of give-me-liberty-or-give-me-death. Yuuma is such a yaoi character to me that I might consider not playing him in this RP, unless something /really/ interesting could be thought up 8D

Questions: A man is a slave to one woman, correct? Could wealthier women own more than one? Although with the way our characters are divided, it wouldn't really be possible to have /harems/ of men. At what age do the women choose (buy?) their slaves? What does society think of a woman who /doesn't/ keep a slave(s), or perhaps one who treats hers exceptionally well? How are they /normally/ treated? How are boys treated before the age of 12? Is this a stereotypically Eastern or Western society, and what's the time frame? (Victorian era, medieval Europe, traditional Japan, modern Japan, etc.)

These are all things that we can decide as a group, too. Just ideas for discussion C:

Also, something that was mentioned in relation to SoE but would definitely apply here too: pairings maaaaaay have to be changed, so everyone make sure that your characters are flexible enough to pair differently in different RPs.


12/19/2011 . Edited 12/19/2011 #45

Here in my attempt to answer the questions:

1. Correct

2. Yes, think of the time where there were slaves in the real world.

3. At 21 they are able to buy slaves although at the age of 18 they can leave their homes.

4. Hermaphrodites are considered to be second class citizens, also women that don't have a slave are seen as inferior. Private lives of mistresses are not normally discussed, especially on how they treat their slaves. So it is normally indifferent what society thinks about how a woman treats a slave.

5. Every woman has a different way of treating their slaves. They can be kind like Sakuyo, or as harsh as Natsumi and (if in the RP is allowed) her mother.

6. Before the age of twelve they are somewhat treated hm... a good analogy? Think of obvious favoritism. Girls being pampered all their lives while boys get second grade materials and objects and being forced to do the girls' chores. Something like Alex and Joshua from Silent Hill Homecoming -shot for Silent Hill reference-

7. I was thinking of a modern setting with a Western Culture, since we are most familiar with western culture.

So what do you think of the answers? That's just my opinion, you guys can put in your opinions too.

I'm too excited for this roleplay. And I am sure that Kiyoteru would be the type of trying to sway the others in not starting a rebellion since the rebellion could be harshly suppressed and Emilio would definitely be in the rebellion too.

12/19/2011 #46


This idea seems le epic, but I need to read everything over OTL

12/19/2011 #47

Okay, double post but whatever.

So, for starters, siblings close in age (Rin/Len, Miku/Mikuo) would probably live together, but in an SoE-esque relationship.

(I'll finish later, at a friend's xD)

12/19/2011 . Edited 12/19/2011 #48
Weiss Rose Schnee

everything sounds good to me...and yeah im sure lily would enjoy the way things are...kiku would be all for it...nami indifferent sience shes a kid.....ruko would probably hate how things go....zatsune probably would be mixed...velonica would hate it...sience she has a gentile heart and hates all evil things like slavery...so all in all....thats how it would go...

12/19/2011 #49

I'm excited for it toooooo slfgjhsldfhgfh. Hopefully we can pull it off :D

Our oldest female OCs are 17, though, so 21 might be too old. And also with the boys starting at 12, that's a big gap. Maybe 16 would be better for the girls. And 13 for the boys? But the rest of it all makes sense and sounds good to me. =w=)dd

12/19/2011 . Edited 12/19/2011 #50
Weiss Rose Schnee

yeah i hope we can to..so everyone whos females going to be sixteen and the males thirteen? gonna be weird but fine..i can have velonica go back a age..shes seventeen....

12/19/2011 #51

Noooooooooooooooooooo, sixteen is the age at which they can buy slaves. They can be whatever age they've always been.

12/19/2011 #52
Weiss Rose Schnee

oh sry misunderstood....thank you for clarifying....

12/19/2011 #53
Weiss Rose Schnee

another question is how are we going to change the pairings? i know some will have to change...i may change who my people like...depends...

12/19/2011 #54

We can just keep multiple lists in the pairing thread. Or we can list one and then specify after that it's for one RP thread only.

As for the actual act of changing them, it'd be exactly like it was when they were made the first time. :)

12/19/2011 #55
Weiss Rose Schnee

ok that works....ive got a few pairing changes in mind...

12/19/2011 #56
Weiss Rose Schnee

probably going to want to be paired with someone elses person instead of me rping one pairing on my own..ie velonica and zatsune...

12/19/2011 #57

Alright then boys at the age of 13 become slaves and the girls at the age of 16 can buy slaves.

So... are we going to need mother figures for the OCs and canon that are younger than 18?

12/19/2011 #58
Weiss Rose Schnee

i suppose we could...nami and velonica would need them sience they are under eighteen...and some cannon figures are under eighteen...and thats reasonable with the ages one can be a slave and buy slaves...

12/19/2011 #59

Yeah, it would be better if the under 18 had mother figures. -kind of planned Natsumi's and Sakuyo's mother figure-

12/19/2011 #60
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