Let's Discuss the BBC RH WWII Don't Series by Neft
Discuss, armchair quarterback and wail if you must among a group about the "Don't" series, WWII-era AU/AT stories that transplant characters and plotlines from the BBC series set in 1192 to the Nazi-Occupied Channel Islands in the 1940s.
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It's not got things on it that have yet to occur as of Chap. 43 in Lips.

As of 1943 (beginning of 'Lips')

Zara Carter born 1939 (4 y.o. present time)

Her parents are naturalized citizen Thomas Carter and Tasha, American-born daughter of Polish immigrints (we are not given Tasha's full name)

Carter born Prince Alexsei Igorovich Komonoff, 1904 (age 38 in 1943)

His life: From Russia to America pre-March 1917 (12) [the Octobrist Revolution was dubbed October due to the Russian calendar, which varies from the one used in the West. It did not take place in the month known as October in the Western World.], returns to Europe in 1938 to fight in Finland's Winter War against the Soviet (age 34).

In Russia, nobility is a status, a social category, but not a title (his mother is very close with the Tsarina). It could be transferred by inheritance, or bestowed. When Russian names were anglicized, Russian nobles used the ending -ff instead of -v, hence Carter being Komonoff rather than Komonov.

Parents: Prince Igor Fomovich Komonoff, Olga Petrovna Komonoff(a) (now Olive Carter)

* Anya Grigorovna always uses her familiar name (which is to say her first name would actually be 'Anna', Anya being a pet name her family (and only very close friends) would have called her). She does not give her family's surname (as Carter's is Komonoff), perhaps as a consequence of living through the revolution, where to look more normal, rather than throwing around the name of an aristocratic family, she used the more everyday patronymic (derived from her father's name it says literally, 'daughter of Grigor/Gregory'). So the character's true name would be Anna Grigorovna (+surname). We are never told her surname.

Marion born 1917 (age 26)

1847 Silver mines on Little Sark abandoned

1936 Robin arrives at Mayfair, drunk, thrown-over by Tish

1937 Saracen's Beau is born, late February

1937 Late Spring pre-proposal as Robin leaves for France

1937 Early Summer/June proposal

1939 January - Marion leaves for the American Equestrian Circuit

1939 Feb/March Robin enlists ('dies' Oct/Nov)

1939 by sometime in Nov, Marion is back in UK

1940 March Marion to Guernsey

1940 last week of June/first week of July Occupation

1940 August, Battle of Britian begins

1941 All those not born on the islands deported in reprisal of Germans ejected from Persia

1942 British raid Les Casquets (off Alderney) and take the 7 lightkeepers to England as POWs

1942 Dec. Pearl Harbor

1943 'Don't' Series Begins

1943 October, "Don't Go Walkin' Down Lover's Lane" begins

1943 (near year's end) Islander Louisa Gould arrested for having a wireless and sheltering a Soviet prisoner; Robin and Marion wed

1944 June 6, D-Day invasion of Normandy coast of France

Robin, Robert Oxley II or Jr. born 1912/13 (age 30), to Oxford @ 17 (1930), 1934 graduate

Sir Edward, Lord Nighten born 1869 (74)

Lady Miranda Nighten, aka Kate Bridges, born 1891 (52 at present, so, 22 year age diff. w/ Edward)

*from age 17 to 22 active in the Cause of Suffrage, until June 1913 Derby. 1928 universal suffrage granted

Married @ 19 in 1910 (year of Conciliation Bill), Ed was 42

Clem Nighten born 1911 (age 33), in 1927 to university, grad in 1932 into job at Ministry

(6 years older than Marion)

- His last holiday on Guernsey: May 1939, leading to Seth in Feb. 1940 (3 going on 4)

Daniel Heindl is 17 in 1943

Some things you might like to look up about ways British women served in WWII:

British Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS)

Brit Army WACS: telephones, cooks, clerks, storekeepers

QUAIMS - Queen Alexandra's Imperial Nursing Service - nursing

Women's Land Army - Land Girls

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Glorious Clio

Thank you for this! V. helpful. :)

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