St. Vladimir Academy is still standing strong, long after the reign of the Princess Dragomir. Now, it is time for a new generation. But they aren't the only ones planning. Open RP.
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Once you've skimmed the rules and posted accordingly, please fill out your character's appication here.


Age: (I request characters to be at least 15, unless in the elementry/junior high levels of St. Vladimir.)


Occupation: (Moroi student, Moroi, novice Guardian, promised Guradian, unpromised Guardian, Strigoi, etc.)

Family Association: (Mainly applies to royal Moroi and decendents of actual characters; what family/families does the character have ties to? If royal Moroi, do they have enough of teh bloodline in them to bear offspring with the name?)

Region/City: (Please put the region and city your character is currently in. Are they at the attending St. Vladimirs, or are they running around Russia?)

Appearance: (Your character's hair, skin, eyes, body build, ect. No unusual/different features from what their kind normally has- ex. if Strigoi, they character must have the red-ringed eyes all of them do.)

Description: (Their basic outfit. What do they wear when hanging out? Going to a party? On a date?)

Magic Specialization: (Applies to Moroi only.)

Personality: (Do NOT use simple phrases. "Nice, cute, friendly," will not cut it. What makes them nice and cute and friendly? Is it natural, or a mask? Try to avoid making a copy of a real character; I know we all love them, but it's not really needed that we have 20 Lissas or Adrians.)

Biography: (Their past. This is optional ONLY if you explain it sometime in the roleplay; even in little bits.)

Weapons: (Mainly applies to Guardians; what are their favorite weapons, if any? Have they have a silver stake for so long, they've had it engraved or named? Do they specialize in a form of colse combat?)

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Sparked Interest

Name: Kiranah Allison Ivashkov

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: Moroi student

Family Association: The Ivashkov family line; carries enough blood to bear offspring.

Region/City: Attending St. Vladimir

Appearance: Auburn hair that goes down to the waistband of her bottoms; messy, as she doesn't really fuss over appearances. Green eyes. Extremely pale skin, a bit more so than most Moroi. Zero make-up, unless it's cover up for any scars she bears. Thin body due to her only feeding if it's a must.


Regular day: Simple black t-shirt. A black hoodie that bears a white music note on the back of it. Dark blue jeans with two pockets; holes in the knees. Surprisingly white sneakers; still a bright white even after her years with them. A simple flame-print band is tied around her right forearm. Small black bag that she refuses to leave for a minute.

Hanging out: Same.

Party: If fancy, she wears a slim form-fitting silver gown that seems to flow out behind her for miles. Modest white slip-ons. Accessorized with a golden choker with pearl enhancements and a golden bracelet with a single pearl hanging from it. Hair is normally tied back into a bun with a little hanging out on the left. If casual, she wears a black spaghetti strp black top and a tight jean skirt that reaches just above her knees. Black cowboy boots.

Magic Specialization: Fire magic user

Personality: Kira is as big of a free spirit as one could imagine. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, partying, and drinking rare and expensive Russian vodka. She doesn't pay much attention to what many people say about her and the reputation it gives her family; she simply quotes back to what her great great uncle did for the system, and how he helped put the Princess Dragomir on the throne. Her ultimate goal was to become a professional entertainer, mainly a singer. But due to her royal bloodline and ties, she's unable to pursue this. Though she tells everyone she's over it, she's really not. She's a hard-working soul, but only when you push her to do something multiple times. She much prefers to laze about, play with her fire magic, and ignore all royal responsibilities. However, if she gets too drunk, she goes into fits of manic depression and murderous aggression. This gets so extreme, her Guardian often has to restrain her and sooth her into sleep. These fits aren't only caused by the alchohol. "Trust me," she often says, "there's more to me than drinking and ignoring the rules."

Biography: (I'll go ahead and explain it later.)

Weapons: Unlike most Moroi, Kira knows how to fight. She knows basic fighting (punches, kicks, etc.) and how to handle short blades like daggers, but her most powerful weapon, alebit taboo, is her fire magic. "I've burnt more Strigoi ali... undead-er than I can count on my fingers and toes,"

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Maryanna Clarisse Darci

Name: Ellis Cecilia Dashkov-Dragomir (Nicknamed Elle)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: Moroi student

Family Association: The Dashkov family; carries enough blood to bear offspring (A side note: her mother was a Dragomir and a distant cousin of Vasilisa and contains enough Dragomir blood to be a Dragomir as the books say that the Dashkovs and Dragomirs have intertwine a lot)

Region/City: Attending St. Vladmir's Academy

Appearance: Ellis has chestnut brown hair with golden blonde highlights that reaches to her mid-back, naturally sun-kissed skin (I know that's rare for a Mori), and dark lime-green eyes without a touch of hazel . Ellis has a typical Moroi built standing at a height of six feet two inches and a thin build that's frail looking even for a Moroi.


Regular day: Whatever top her hands grab first in her closet and a pair of skinny jeans.

Hanging out: Same as regular day outfit above.

Party: Depends on what type of party but if it's a fancy party, usually a form fitting tea dress unless it's even more formal, then a early Victorian ball gown

Magic Specialization: Spirit user with just a little over adequate control over other elements, Ellis however doesn't know that she's a spirit user, merely that she's a late-bloomer.

Personality: Ellis is a calm minded though hot tempered, witty, ambitious, driven, and intelligent girl, though she is also quirky, demanding, eccentric, and seemingly passive to everything. Many of Elle's traits contradict each other so Elle can be unpredictable. Elle has a nearly perfect memory and thus easily succeeds in memory. Elle's also granted, a bit spoiled due to her upbringing though she rarely acts like a spoiled brat (even though she is).

Biography: Ellis was born to Forsyth Dashkov and Cecilia Dragomir on February 15 as Ellis Dashkov. Ellis was a precocious youth with a easy upbringing as she was very passive-aggressive in her youth making her very agreeable until she didn't get what she wanted which was rarely, almost next to never. Ellis is a distant cousin to Vasilisa Dragomir and Ellis was good friends with Vasilisa and Rose when they were young. However, Ellis never went to St. Vladimir's as she was educated via private tutors as her parents couldn't bear separating from their little girl and thus, frequented Court life and made high connections there.

Ellis traveled a lot during her youth and as a result is indifferent to different cultures and has an ear in distinguishing different languages. When Ellis was three however, Ellis's mother Cecilia Dragomir died after giving birth to Ellis's brother, Forsyth had decided to change Ellis's name to Ellis Cecilia Dashkov-Dragomir, realizing how small the Dragomir clan was getting and knew the influence the Dragomir name gave and was inspired whist thinking of the power of both the Dashkov name and the Dragomir name and realized how much influence his children could have to wield both. Thus, Ellis's name changed from Ellis Dashkov to Ellis Cecilia Dashkov-Dragomir and Forsyth named his son, Aleksei Valerius Dashkov-Dragomir.

However, when Ellis was 12, she was being driven to her father's villa in Nice when Strigoi attacked though the guardians managed to fend off the attackers, in the end, her father died, leaving Ellis and her brother Aleksei orphans. However, when the fighting was over, they realized that Ellis was gone though Aleksei remained. Ellis was in the end, kidnapped by a young Strigoi and was brought to a far away cave whilst the Strigoi hid from the Sun. Ellis somehow during the fray managed to get a head injury and had Amnesia. Ellis somehow managed in the end to compel the Strigoi to let her go but the Strigoi realized that he was compelled to late and by the time that Ellis's compulsion faded, Ellis was in the sunlight hence, she escaped however, she still had amnesia but ran away and got away. After a few weeks while on the run, Ellis managed to regain her memory but didn't know how to get back in contact with her family.

Ellis eventually decided to go into foster care and was adopted quickly being an agreeable person. Ellis was taught by her adoptive parent, martial arts and self-defense. Ellis eventually learned that her adoptive parent, Jane, was a foster child as well and knew how horrible it was, especially for the pretty ones such as Ellis and always desired to pay hero and thus, adopted Ellis. Jane had Ellis enrolled in martial arts classes for self-defense noting down how frail Ellis looked. Ellis however, led a separate life that Jane didn't know about and had at night, snuck out to feeding clubs in town for the wealthy. Ellis however never paid as she was always able to compel.

Recently however, Ellis and Jane were attacked by Strigoi and though Ellis had been able to kill the lone Strigoi that came, inevitably, Jane died. Ellis though ashamed, finally decided to track down her brother and found him eventually. After being caught up of the affairs since she'd been gone, Ellis sought safety and thus, decided to try school for the first time, not really feeling ready to actually join Royal Court just yet as she also hears that her distant cousin, Vasilisa goes to St. Vladimir's.

Ellis is completely aware of the scandal of Victor Dashkov's actions and is nervous to let anyone know her name, slightly afraid of the reactions though she may act confident and self-assured.

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