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This is where we go through the span of the 13 amazing episodes, and extra events if we would like. Pick a Canon Character or make an OC and choose who you want to be, a singer or a songwriter.
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Cinderella Girl626

Samantha blushes from the kiss but nodded. "Of course. Be careful Cecil-kun." Samantha said smiling to him.

12/24/2011 #91

"I will take care, I thank you for your concern." With a slight bow, Cecil ran off towards the school grounds again.

12/24/2011 #92
Cinderella Girl626

Samantha nodded as she watched Cecil run off. She smiled to herself. "Can't wait to see the others looks when I tell them this."

'Would they believe me?'

12/24/2011 #93
Cinderella Girl626

Christmas Dance

Samantha sighed as she got outside and walked around the campus as it got dark and sat down near a small pond a bit far from campus. "Good. At least I'm away from Mari and Vivian's dress up."

12/30/2011 #94

Hiro Kanemaru was wandering the grounds, not intending to attend the dance as well. He only came here on his brother's orders, so things like this didn't amuse him at all.

He spotted Samantha by the pond, recognising her as one of his classmates. Not wanting to be a bother, he stood a few feet away, watching quietly.

12/30/2011 #95
Cinderella Girl626

(Sorry Kits, but Sam went to the Rose Garden topic.) XD

12/30/2011 #96

(ah, damn. this is getting messy. )

12/30/2011 #97
Cinderella Girl626

(Sorry. I guess it was my fault.)

12/30/2011 #98


Mari would have ignored Sora until she was safely in her dorm room, if he never caught up to her and roughly grabbed her wrist.

"Wpuld you wait a minute." Sora hissed, his grip getting dangeously tight on Mari's wrist. She glanced at his hand and bit her lip from voicing her pain. instead she looked back at him with pure anger.

"Let me go right now." She demanded.

Sora ignored her request and went on like she never spoke. "You have been ignoring me since we performed. We have a project that's due and I don't want to fail."

Mari rolled her eyes. "Why don't you do it yourself, apparently you were able to last time." Mari spat, her anger rising. She tried to yank her wrist free, but Sora only tightened his grip.

"You're right. If I got up there with that crap you called music, we would have both failed then and there." Sora shot back, glad to see Mari flinch with offense and shock. "You are not cut out for the music career, not like your mother was." This time Sora released Mari with a look of disgust and began to walk off. "We'll meet in the music room tomorrow after classes." He glanced back to see that Mari was holding her bruised wrist and was staring after him with a mixture of hate, hurt, and shock. Seems like step two is starting off well.


12/30/2011 #99

Mallory heard yelling nearby the cafeteria, deciding to go check it out when she saw Mari alone, Sora already gone.

"Mari, are you alright? I'll get that Sora and give him the beating he'll never forget!"

12/30/2011 . Edited 12/30/2011 #100

(Sorry Mallory, but the conversation wasn't meant to be heard. It has to do with the story line I'm trying to build. Can you edit to after Sora leaves and you find Mari standing there? XD!)

12/30/2011 #101

(Yeah, that's fine.)

12/30/2011 #102


12/30/2011 #103

(I edited.)

12/30/2011 #104

Still in mild shock, Mari barley register Mallory's words. When she did, Mari turned to her friend and smiled, waving away what just happened. "No worries. Just me and Takeda butting heads again." Mari hid her hand behind her back, before Mallory could see the oncoming bruise. "He's worried because we haven't met up to discuss our song yet. Such a worry wart."

12/30/2011 #105

Mallory had a worried look on her face, but decided to let it be.

12/30/2011 #106

"Well anyways, I'm going to head back to class." Mari said as she turned to head in that direction. She glanced over at Mallory and winked. "Hyuuga-sensei really is a motivation for wanting to learn!" She laughed and ran off to class, keeping her bruised hand close.

12/30/2011 #107

Malory waved back to Mari, still worried about her friend.

12/30/2011 #108
Cinderella Girl626

Samantha sighed as she walked bak to the school entrance. 'That stupid Hiro. Why the hell did he try to black mail me like that? Well at least he didn't know anything important about Cecil.'

Samantha looked up at the sky and groaned. "This is going to be a long year. I can feel it."

12/31/2011 #109

Mari sighed as she got off the bus, stretching as she walked. "So who has to do what?" She asked her friends.

"I guess I should practice my song with my partner one more time." Ren said, though he didn't sound so enthusiastic about it.

Natsuki tilted his head to the side and threw an arm around Mallory's shoulder. "I have to do a dress fitting for Mallory, so we better head off now." He looked back at Otoya and smiled. "You can come to Otoya, You can give some input on the dress."

[Do you still have the pic of the dress you wanted Tokyo, cause I forgot what it looks like.]

1/10/2012 #110

(LOL It's really Pink...)

1/10/2012 #111

(K It's all coming back now XD!)

Mari nodded. "Well I can't wait to see the dress." She smiled, then grabbed Ren. "I guess I'll just tag along with Ren."

Ren didn't complain as Mari began to drag him some random direction. "See you guys." He called over his shoulder.

Natsuki waved back to them, smiling sweetly. "Bye!"

1/10/2012 #112

Mallory waved goodbye to the two, turning to Natsuki.

"You ready?"

1/10/2012 #113


Natsuki nodded and grabbed Mallory's hand, dragging her towards the boys dorm.

"You're going to love it I just know!"

(post in the boys' dorm thread)

1/10/2012 #114


With a sigh, Masato stepped onto the campus of Saotome and pinched the bridge of his nose. It was a long morning.

Natsuki skipped around Masato, swinging his bag. "Thanks for the help Masato-kun!" He said with a smile. "Well now I'm going to go bake." And he skipped off to make his less than edible treats.

"Well we had a fun outing." Ren laughed as he tossed his wrapped gift back and forth.

"Yeah fun." Masato mumbled to himself with sarcasm.

(Well the boys are back now. XD)

2/18/2012 . Edited 2/18/2012 #115


Otoya was bouncing along behind Masato, his gift held carefully in his arms. "I hope Mallory likes her present..."

Tokiya walked calmly behind him, followed by Syo who had a big bag of goodies.

2/18/2012 #116

As they walked back to their rooms, Masato whipped out his cell phone to send Vivian a text.


Meet me in the rose garden in a hour. Wear something nice.

Love, your Knight Masato

Ren peered over Masato's shoulder at the text and smirked. "Aww look at the softie Masato. I guess Mari and I are getting the room tonight."

"I never said that." Masato said as he snapped his phone shut and nodded at Tokiya, Otoya, and Syo before heading off to his and Ren's room. Ren followed after him.

2/18/2012 #117

"Good luck, Masa, Ren!" Otoya called after the two of them, then looked at Syo. "Aren't you going to help Natsuki bake?"

"Eh? And be the guinea pig for his first batch?" The short blond quickly shook his head. "Urgh, no way, man. I'm going to go find the other girls and give them their gifts." He walked towards the girls' dorm.

Otoya shrugged, then turned to Tokiya when his roommate tapped him on the shoulder. "Tokiya?"

"I'll be at the auditorium, and I would need our room to be free this afternoon," he informed him. "Make sure it's clear when I text you."

"Okay, Tokiya!"

2/18/2012 #118
Cinderella Girl626

White Day

Iori walked outside with Natsuki as it started to get a bit dark outside. "Wow, it's already getting dark. Time really flies." Iori said.

2/28/2012 #119

"It does." Natsuki agreed as he looked up to see the beginning light of stars. "So Iori-chan, what do hope to do after you graduate from here?"

2/28/2012 #120
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