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The link this idea came from:

I saw a picture of this, and thought this'd be the greatest thing. So yeah. The character's alpaca!self is the same color as their blood, and they have their symbol on their butt.

Another helpful link:

3/20/2012 . Edited 3/21/2012 #1

Kanaya screeched impatiently. This was the third time in the past five minutes that she had bent down to eat some grass and gotten her red scarf dirty, and frankly, she could no longer stand it.

3/21/2012 #2

((Why did this RP get no attention I am sad.))

11/23/2012 #3

Nekaria was nervous. She was new. She was an Ampora and she didn't like being an Ampora. She wasn't proud of her name.

8/13/2016 #4
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