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Also, let's set this in Kanto. -nod-

Also, list of Gym leaders:

Summoner: Gym Leader/Flying - Viridian Gym

Psiionic: Gym Leader/Psychic - Saffron Gym

Disciple: Gym Leader/Normal - Pewter Gym

Dolorosa: Gym Leader/Grass - Celadon Gym

Redglare: Gym Leader/Dragon - Cinnabar Gym

Mindfang: Gym Leader/Bug - Fuschia Gym

Darkleer: Gym Leader/ Electric - Vermilion Gym

Dualscar: Gym Leader/Water - Cerulean Gym

Elite 4:

Handmaid: First Elite Four/Psychic

Grand Highblood: Second Elite Four/Dark/Fighting hybrid

Sufferer: Third Elite Four/Fire

Condesce: Fourth Elite Four/Water

Doc Scratch: Champion/Various

~le begin~

3/20/2012 . Edited 4/4/2012 #1

Feferi always loved Cerulean City in the evening. It was only a short walk to the bridge, which was always a thrill to dive off of. She had even acquired a small shiny purple Remoraid, and hoped and could not wait to take him on an adventure.

3/20/2012 #2
I am the antihero Calmasis

"You're pitiful, you know that?"

Karkat glared at the tiny Krabby in front of him. It wasn't even paying attention to him! It was just snapping at the bubbles that formed at its mouth...

"I really should get rid of you," he threatened, glaring at the small Pokemon.

Again...no response...

"Oh, what am I doing?!" he yelled, standing up and slapping his hands to his forehead. "I'm talking to a Pokemon and expecting it to respond to me! What was I thinking?! I wasted time on nothing!"

The Krabby made a clicking noise, ticking Karkat off right away.

"I wasn't talking to you!" he yelled, turning around and pointing accusingly at it. Why did he even bother...

3/21/2012 #3

"Aww, it's the little Karkrabby!" Feferi said to her Remoraid at the sight of the two. She pranced over to them and knelt to the small crab, which subsequently bit her.

"That's not nice," she muttered and wrinkled her nose.

3/22/2012 #4
I am the antihero Calmasis

"See why I want to release it?!" Karkat exclaimed, fighting the urge to kick the small pokemon. "That Riolu I got is much more helpful than this thing! And it's only a baby! And - for reason she won't tell me - it's blind!"

3/22/2012 #5

Feferi blinked. "I didn't even know that was possible... Well, it makes sense."

3/22/2012 #6
I am the antihero Calmasis

"Trust me! When it comes to Terezi, all of her Pokemon are blind!" Karkat ranted. "I don't know if she blinds them, or if they just find her! It's ridiculous!"

The Krabby just returned to snapping at bubbles.

"Stop that, you dumb pokemon!"

3/22/2012 #7

Feferi shrugged. "Whale, if it works for her... Oh, by the way: Does she still have that Magikarp or has she figured out that Gyrados isn't a dragon?"

She was referring to the young Magikarp Vriska had given Terezi, promising that it would grow up to be a strong dragon-type. She was lying, of course, and had made Feferi promise not to tell.

3/23/2012 . Edited 3/23/2012 #8
I am the antihero Calmasis

"She still has it," Karkat said, rolling his eyes. "And somehow managed to get it to evolve. She is ****ing smothering it! I don't think she care at this point if it's a dragon or not!"

3/23/2012 . Edited 3/24/2012 #9

"...Wow. That's determined."

Feferi looked down at her Remoraid. She had given him an Everstone ever since some odd fisherman had raved about Octillery and told her that Remoraid was likely to evolve soon. He probably also would have evolved if she hadn't given it an Everstone, but then again, her mother's company had managed to find a way to give Remoraid Pokerus.

...Her mother's company was very powerful.

((Team Trident, anyone?))

3/24/2012 #10
I am the antihero Calmasis


"You're telling me."

Karkat rolled his eyes and fingered a pokeball, before letting it out, a small blue dog-like pokemon appearing.

"Riiiaa?" said the small Riolu, stumbling around before regaining its balance. It looked up in the general area where Feferi was and tilted its head to the side - in curiosity.

Karkat sighed and knelt down next to the pokemon, placing his hand on its back it could know where exactly he was - and so it wouldn't fall over (like it did a lot).

"It can't use its aura sensing ability yet," he explained - an almost worried tone in his voice. "It should have learned it by now, but it hasn't."

For once, he actually seemed worried about something.

3/24/2012 #11

"Oh, maybe it's just a late bloomer!" Feferi replied encouragingly. "If it's a worry, then I'm sure the Team Trident grunts could help you with that. They're very nice!"

"...Or the Pokemon Center," she added.

3/24/2012 #12
I am the antihero Calmasis

"I tried the Pokemon Center," Karkat explained, placing his other hand in front of the Riolu to stop its falling as it tried to walk forward. "They didn't know what was going on. They thought it was because Riolu was blind."

He shook his head. "I even let it battle - even though they told me not to! I thought...that maybe getting some practice would help. Heh, it just got knocked out more often than not! It can't...It can't tell where things are, and pays for it."

He picked up the Riolu and ran his hand over its head. "I guess Team Trident is my last option. The Aura Sense is this guy's only hope at being able to see where he's going without my help."

3/24/2012 #13

"Oh, I wish you luck!"

((Can I play the Grunt?))

3/24/2012 #14
I am the antihero Calmasis


Karkat nodded. "Well, thanks, Feferi...I guess."

3/24/2012 #15

"Great!" Feferi replied. "Well, I have to go now!"

She smiled and ran off.

3/24/2012 #16
I am the antihero Calmasis

Karkat just nodded and turned to the Riolu in his hands. I hope this works.

So he made his way to where "Team Trident" made their base - obviously in Cerulean City.

3/24/2012 #17

Team Trident Grunt wore his magenta-and-white uniform proudly. He gave less than a shit about the fact that he was a male wearing a magenta wetsuit with a trident on his chest, and he marched back and forth for all to see.

3/24/2012 #18
I am the antihero Calmasis

Karkat looked around for someone from Team Trident.

Honestly, it wasn't that hard; a guy walking around in a magenta and white wetsuit...really hard to miss. How weird.

Of course, Karkat wasn't one to talk; he was probably the only person in Kanto with a Riolu (like he cared). Then again, that Riolu also happened to be blind (which was obvious by its glazed over eyes), and Karkat...was kind of carrying it. It just looked weird - someone who looked like he'd more likely kill someone, than help them, carrying a small Riolu.

"Hey! ****ass!" the quick tempered trainer yelled, walking over to the grunt.

3/24/2012 #19

An exclamation point went off in Team Trident Grunt's head, and he strode towards Karkat.

"Hello there, kid!"

3/24/2012 #20
I am the antihero Calmasis

Karkat glared at the grunt, but sighed and rolled his eyes.

"I need...I need..." He struggled to say it; he struggled and struggled.

"I need help. Because my Riolu hasn't learned it's Aura sensing ability - and needs it."

3/24/2012 #21

Team Trident Grunt scrutinized the young Riolu. It was blind and rather weak, but it was a rare Pokemon, so treating it may take a while.

"Oh, that's unfortunate," Team Trident Grunt murmured. "Would you mind if we take it in for a bit to examine and treat it?"

3/24/2012 #22
I am the antihero Calmasis

Karkat hesitated, but shook his head.

"Go ahead." But, then he added: "Don't hurt it."

3/25/2012 #23

"We won't," Team Trident Grunt promised. He was given the Pokeball, and the blind Riolu returned to it. "Good day. We will contact you when it's better, alright?"

3/25/2012 #24
I am the antihero Calmasis

Karkat nodded.

"It better be fine," he murmured under his breath, biting onto his lip. "Or else I'll have some Trident ass to kick."

3/25/2012 #25

Team Trident Grunt strolled into the HQ building, and took a lift down to the underwater buildings they had made their base. Now to find a trainer, weak Pokemon were pretty damn useless against anyone.

As he entered the Rehabilitation Department, he approached a young woman, one of the Team Trident Secretaries and a woman he dealt with often. He had never found her particularly attractive, and actually found she looked like the other Team Trident Secretaries, and she knew and regarded him with a bored tone, as did most of her colleagues.

"What have we here today?" she asked Team Trident Grunt as he came close. "Another Shiny Goldeen?"

"Er, no..." he murmured, blushing slightly. He was well-known for bringing common Pokemon in, and often finding Trainers for the weaker Pokemon was a challenge. The Team Trident authorities were more lenient on Water-types, though.

"Then what do we have here?"

"A Riolu, actually," he replied proudly.

"Wow, I'm actually really surprised," Team Trident Secretary responded. "Stregnth and Physical condition?"

"Er... It's weak and blind."

"And my level of surprise just went back down to zero. Well, you know our answer, we can't find it a trainer if it's blind."

"I know... What about its Aura Sense?"

"It's pointless to take a chance with that. I can assign you to the blind weakling if you like, but I can't get Team Trident to spend money on a hopeless case."

"Then I'll take him."

"Good luck..."

As Team Trident Grunt left the Rehabilitation Department, he let the small Riolu out of its Poke ball. Cute little guy, and he was Team Trident Grunt's now. Well, he knew who wouldn't be getting a call back.

3/26/2012 #26
I am the antihero Calmasis

((OH NOES! Is Riolu gone for good?!))

Karkat stuffed his hands in his pockets and paced through Cerulean City. He would never admit it, but he was really worried about Riolu. How did he know that he'd get it back?

"If they don't give it back, they're going to meet Terror," he mused, fingering a black and yellow pokeball - a Great Ball.

It was this Luxray Nepeta had insisted on giving him. It was only a Shinx when he got it, but it had quickly grown into a powerful Luxray - a lion-like Electric type.

...Of course, Nepeta had already named "her" Terror...

Karkat just stuck with it. Wasn't hurting him, why should he care if it was named?

...Why did his friends insist on giving him pokemon, though? Though...it really was only girls that gave him pokemon...He wasn't sure why.

Zoroark was his only decent pokemon he had caught. Found it randomly in Sinnoh - for some weird reason. He caught it as a Zorua, and always kept it at the head of his team.

...Why this information - useless as it is - is being said now, was completely beyond Karkat's knowledge.

3/26/2012 #27

((Mebbe. We'll see what happens. :D))

Nepeta strolled down Route 5 proudly, patting her wallet. She had just challenged a Rich Boy to a battle, and had won easily.

"Great job, Purrsian!" she murmured, stroking the back of the cat's neck softly. Her and her partner Pokemon were almost unstoppable, and Persian was a Normal-type.

Cerulean City was not what she remembered.

3/27/2012 #28
I am the antihero Calmasis

((Wait, are they trolls or not? XD))

Karkat crossed his arms and ground his teeth in frustration. He could be doing something! Challenging someone to a fight! ...Getting in a fist fight! Crabbing at some dumbass!

...But he was just pacing around, doing nothing. He couldn't understand why.

****ass! Do something interesting! he yelled to himself, biting his lip to the point where it began to bleed.

3/27/2012 #29

((I'd think so~

Also, do you want to have Gyms?))

3/28/2012 #30
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