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Ready to face your worse nightmare? A school run entirely - by trolls. Oh, I guess Guardians are there, too, but they don't count.

Principal(s): Her Imperial Condescension (Condesce), and Doctor William Scratch

Social Studies: Karkinos Vantas

Art: Asraea "Redglare" Pyrope

Music: Marina "Dolorosa" Maryam

Math: Aremis "Spineret Mindfang" Serket

Science: Gilgam Captor (Psiionic)

English: Roxalynn Lalonde

Biology: Mitaur Nitram (the Summoner)

Alternian Script: Leonah Leijon (Disciple)

History of War: Hellea Megido (Handmaid)

Robotics: Kironn "Darkleer" Zahhak

Gym: Bylont Makara

Combat Training: Triton "Dualscar" Ampora

Follow the Teachers, and you won't be culle-expelled.

((Credit goes to Kokono/Lil' Cal for coming up with this. :3))

3/20/2012 . Edited by I am the antihero Calmasis, 11/23/2012 #1

Lily woke up and got ready for her first day at a new school.

(Is that a good first post? I'm really bad at starting things off, sorry...)

4/26/2012 #2

((Tis cool. :33))

By that time in the morning, Vriska was already waiting at the school bus. Her damned lusus made her get up really early to catch the bus, calling it 'character building', so she was always here every morning, waiting for the bus to show up while sunrise was barely beginning. As usual, the bus pulled up and John was waiting for her in the front. She hated morning people...

4/26/2012 #3

Lily wasn't looking forward to starting at this new school. She wanted to be back in the dining hall of her old school right now. Unfortunately it had been a private school and her parents couldn't afford to send her there any more. By now she was standing half asleep at the bus stop, sipping her morning coffee out of a thermos.

4/26/2012 #4
I am the antihero Calmasis

"Shiva! Get your lazy ass out of bed!" yelled a red head as she looked up a flight of stairs. "Seriously!"

Cassandra groaned and grabbed her messenger bag and slung it over her shoulder. Ever since her friend - Shiva - lost her home, Cassandra's mother decided to let her stay with them. Cass had been all for the idea, before she found out that Shiva's giant lusus would be moving in, too! It was this huge swan! Large enough for three people to ride on its back...

"Cassandra! Calm down!" Shiva yelled from upstairs. "I'm coming!" Loud footsteps came from behind her as an albino troll came down, a purple backpack slung across her back. "Sorry..."

4/26/2012 #5

((Shiyut, I need my Egbert, but he is not being founddddd... DDD:))

Nepeta sat on her front porch, an olive green backpack on her back. It was usually about now that the carpool came to pick her up in the dark blue minivan, Equius in the passenger seat with the window cracked slightly open. And right on time, the minivan pulled up her driveway, and she skipped to the car as the automatic door opened.

She entered, and the car drove the short distance to school, short enough that Nepeta could easily walk, but Equius insisted it was better if they carpooled.

4/28/2012 #6

Soon the bus pulled up to Lily's stop and she got on. She found an empty bench toward the middle of the bus. She sat down, put the large shoulder bag that she used as a backpack down, and stared out the window.

4/28/2012 #7
I am the antihero Calmasis

((Raven doesn't RP much anymore, so I could take control of John.))

Cassandra grumbled as she saw Shiva stumbled out of her house. She was such a klutz...and a time waster!

"Hurry up! The bus'll be here soon!" she growled. "I don't want to be late!"

4/28/2012 #8


Vriska sat down in the seat opposite John, then pulled out her sleek iPod touch and was about to put the earbuds in her ears when John interrupted her.

"Good morning, Vriska!" he said enthusiastically.

Vriska managed a tired wave.

"It's too early," she complained as she often did.

4/29/2012 #9

Urmaj woke up and got dressed for school. She grabbed her backpack and left her hive. She only lived a ten minute walk from school, which was nice because she got to sleep later and still get to school before the bell rang.

4/29/2012 . Edited 4/29/2012 #10

Lily looked around at the other kids on the bus. She made a note that some of them had horns. She saw a boy eating some kind of green slime at the back of the bus and in the seat across the isle from her a girl was reading something that looked like a romance book.

4/29/2012 #11
I am the antihero Calmasis

((I see you went ahead and took control of John XD))

When the bus finally arrive, Shiva and Cassandra quickly climbed on. Cassandra hurried to the back where Nathaniel sat, who messing with his iPad.

Whereas Shiva...

"Vriska!" she exclaimed, sitting down in the seat behind her. "How are you?"

4/30/2012 #12

((Somewhat. Hopefully Vriska and John doesn't have to be me talking to myself...))

Vriska turned around to greet her.

"Tired," she explained simply.

4/30/2012 #13

"Um, hello. I'm Lily." She said to the troll girl reading in the seat next to her.

4/30/2012 #14

Kanaya looked up and found a human looking at her.

"Hello, my name is Kanaya," she replied flatly.

4/30/2012 #15

"It's nice to meet you." said Lily. "What are you reading?"

4/30/2012 #16

"I highly doubt you would know about it," Kanaya responded.

4/30/2012 #17

Lily shrugged. "Well what's it about? Maybe I'll want to read it."

4/30/2012 #18
I am the antihero Calmasis

((I shall take him off your hands~!))

"Yeah...Cass said I slept in today." Shiva slumped her head against the seat. "I hate it when she yells at me to get up."

"Because you don't listen, otherwise!" Cassandra yelled from the back of the bus.

Shiva grumbled, but turned back to Vriska. "I'm just sooooooooooo tired...."

"Then sleep on the bus," John suggested.

"I don't want a concussion," Shiva muttered.

4/30/2012 #19

Kanaya blinked. "I doubt you would be interested, but alright..."



"First period," Vriska advised with a wave of her hand. "Nobody gives a shit about History of War except Ampora, anyway."

4/30/2012 #20

"Um...what are quadrants?" Lily asked, confused.

4/30/2012 #21
I am the antihero Calmasis

((I see what you did thar...))

"But that's kind of interesting," Shiva pouted. "I'll just sleep through math...I hate math..."

4/30/2012 #22


Also, are the ancestors parents?))

"Quadrants are the four sections of romance," Kanaya explained. "They consist of matespritship, which I've been informed is called a 'girlfriend', though I understand that there are many differences as well, and I often cannot fathom how one could compare them except very loosely, like comparing Earth cake to Earth fried chicken..."

She then continued to ramble.

5/1/2012 #23

Lily listened to Kanaya's rambling and waited until she was finished to speak. "Hm, that's interesting." She also thought it was a little strange. She'd known trolls existed, but she'd never met any before. None had gone to her old school and there were no other kids at all in her neighborhood so she'd never had the opportunity over summer break.

5/1/2012 #24
I am the antihero Calmasis

((You can decide if you want your character to have a parent that's a teacher or not. Though, I am going to make the English teacher Rose's mother *snickers*))

5/1/2012 #25

(Poor Rose! XD)

5/1/2012 #26

((...I wonder what Roxy'll think of that... XD))

"What?" Vriska spat, suddenly wide-awake. "You are NOT sleeping through Mindfang's class!"


"Yes, very. I highly doubt humans would understand the plot, but if you would be interested, I would be glad to loan you the book."

5/1/2012 #27

"Sure!" said Lily, smiling. "I'd love to give it a try." She took another sip of her coffee, which was started to cool down by now.

5/1/2012 . Edited 5/1/2012 #28
I am the antihero Calmasis

"But it's so boring!" Shiva protested. "And I always leave the class with a splitting headache..."

"Wait, trolls say headache?" John asked. "But I thought they had think pans, not heads..."

"John, a think pan is the same thing as a head. I just prefer to say headache over my think pan hurts," Shiva said, slightly ticked off at his stupidity.

5/2/2012 #29

Vriska sighed. John wasn't too bad, but he could be pretty thick-skulled sometimes.

"John, what the hell am I going to do with you...?" she sighed. "Or you, Shiva, who can't stay awake in Mindfang's class! You can't even play the narcolepsy card like that idiot Jade."

5/2/2012 #30
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