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Raven's Spark

As Terezi and Pyral dived, the dragon above slowed down, but kept above the two. The only difference now was that he was higher than Pyral. With an unspoken command from the larger dragon above Capreo, the smaller one dived down for only a few seconds before he was at the same heighth above the two as he was before.

Capreo and his dragon did not attempt to escape the larger dragon above them because they knew they would not escape.

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I am the antihero Calmasis


"Damn," Terezi muttered, clenching her teeth. "No good." She had to stop herself from saying "no dice" - Vriska was rubbing off on her...

"Pyral," she whispered. "We're coming up on a lake. Dive into it."

I'm not a sea dragon! she protested. I'm not like fish breath senior and junior!

Terezi snorted, but shook her head. "Still! Do it!"

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Raven's Spark

(Glodos and Adoremus. BRB!)

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(this is what Lily's dragon looks like: and it is a water dragon.)

Lily and Pura were currently under the water of said lake, chasing fish as Lily held her breath. They had been down there for a few minutes when Pura suddenly burst through the surface of the water so that Lily could get some air. They drifted along the top of the water. The silver dragon's wings were pressed against her side.

5/12/2012 . Edited 5/12/2012 #34
Raven's Spark

The dragon above Pyral and Terezi sensed they were about to do another dive right when he saw the pool. But what he thought was that they were going to go as close to the water as they could before hitting it, then pull up. As they did this, he thought, he would keep his pace, flying above them as before.

But unlike the smaller one, the larger dragon, who had more experience with maneuvers and tricks, knew immediately what they were going to do. It was small ticks in the behaviour of the Rider and Dragon that gave it away, and he saw those ticks as if they were all the two did. So he gave a sort of sighing roar and sped up, leaving Capreo and Argon behind to help the younger dragon.

5/12/2012 . Edited 5/12/2012 #35
I am the antihero Calmasis

Terezi deepened her breathing, taking larger breaths as they approached the surface. This has to work. Pyral dove into the water, creating a large wave that shot several yards into the air as she dove deep into the lake. The Rider struggled to keep from breathing in, but nudged her right foot into her dragon's side, urging her to go that way.

That way it is, Pyral said, swimming in the direction Terezi told her to. She snaked her way through the water, going the length of the lake to try and lose their pursuers before they had to surface for air.

5/13/2012 #36
Raven's Spark

The larger dragon made a motion to the smaller, which flew up higher, keeping an eye on Capreo.

The larger hovered above the lake, flapping his wings slowly and without much power so as to stay in one place and not fly off. He watched the water with infra-red vision, trying to track the large red life form of Pyral. He could barely make them out, though, for the water was cold and many other smaller animals were already inside the lake. The large dragon snorted and decided to wait for the two to run out of breath.

5/13/2012 #37
I am the antihero Calmasis

((I can assume they can also speak via telepathy with each other?))

Terezi clenched her teeth and dug her fingers into the saddle.

Should we surface? Pyral asked. She was fine - dragons had larger lungs than humans or trolls, so she could stay underwater longer.

Terezi nodded. But only me! And only for a few seconds! Then back under!

Pyral snorted, then shot toward the surface, Terezi gasping when she was out of the water. What she would give - sometimes - to be a stinky sea dweller...

"Down! Now!" she yelled, taking a deep breath as the water closed around her once more.

5/13/2012 #38
Raven's Spark

The large dragon saw them come up and dived, just missing them before the went down. He stopped his dive and flew back up.

Down in the lake, a little farther away from the large black dragon and the land-dweller sat a large white dragon, it's Rider upon it's back.

The Rider was watching the large dragon trying to get the smaller cream one.

It was Raven and her half-sea dragon Hydra.

Should we help them? Hydra asked.

Why not? Let's go help that poor land-dweller... Raven replied and the two began swimming towards the scene.

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I am the antihero Calmasis

Terezi bit down on her lip, drawing teal blood. We have to get out of here! I'm having a hard time breathing!

Then you should have told me to surface and fly away! Pyral reprimanded.

Fine! Fly out of the lake - but do it carefully! I think that dragon is still there! Stupid licorice dragon...

Pyral swam up to the surface and leaped out of the water, spreading her wings and soaring away, but quickly turning left to try and fool the other dragon. You are so annoying!

You're the annoying one!

No, you are!

5/13/2012 #40
Raven's Spark

Hydra and Raven burst out of the water, flying straight out towards the black dragon. They collided and the group went flying towards the shore. This bought time for Terezi and Pyral to escape, but little did they know, the other dragon was ready to follow again.

5/13/2012 #41
I am the antihero Calmasis

Did you hear that?! Terezi whirled around, taking in a deep breath to try to "see" who it was.

Of course I did! Now we leave! Pyral flapped as hard as she could, then took off, trying to distance herself as far away as possible from the other dragons.

5/13/2012 #42

Vriska sat on a hill nearby, glaring at the small blue hatchling beside her. The dragon, Marquise, had hatched recently, and she had spent the past week watching it attempt to fly and fail miserably.

"Seriously, you must be the dumbest dragon I've ever seen," she commented.

Takes one to know one, the dragon replied. Besides, it's not like you have wings.

"I'd fly circles over your head if I did."

We'll see about flying circles once my wings get big enough to hold me.

"So you're telling me you're fat?"

5/13/2012 #43

Lily and Pura swam to the shore to dry off in the sun. Pura was a medium sized dragon. Lily had be 10 when she hatched so she was about six years old now.

That was when Lily noticed the dragons chasing each other over the water. She found herself wondering what was going on.

"Do you think we should investigate?" she asked the silver dragon.

I think that would be a good idea.

Lily got on Pura's back and they took off into the air to go help the cream-colored dragon and its rider.

5/13/2012 #44
I am the antihero Calmasis

"You really shouldn't say that to your dragon," said a girl from behind Vriska.

Well, there were two. An albino troll, and a human with dark auburn hair slung over one eye. Behind the human was a fairly small (though larger than her) dragon with dark red scales and horns that formed a large frill around his head, empty black eyes staring in Vriska's direction. In the troll's arms, was a small lilac dragon with big, sapphire blue eyes and large paws, large fins stretching from it's head. It was still a hatchling, but had extremely large wings that were plastered to its back.

"Yeah, that was really mean, Vriska!" Shiva agreed, nodding her head. "We're supposed to support our dragons! They essentially are ourselves, remember?!"

"Yeah!" the dragon in her arms agreed. "You are supposed to support your dragon!"

"Cygnus!" Shiva reprimanded as the dragon lowered its head and against her arms.

5/13/2012 #45

"And when did this become your business?" Vriska snapped.

5/13/2012 #46
I am the antihero Calmasis

"When you started calling your dragon fat," the redhead snorted, her dragon letting out a deep throaty laugh. "Geez, that's no way to support your partner for life."

5/13/2012 #47
Raven's Spark

The large black dragon pushed it's way out from under the half-sea dragon.

Ruining our little game again, Hydra? It was annoying the first time, now it's getting frustrating. It said to the white dragon.

You're chasing innocent people and their dragons. Hydra replied, before moving back into the water.

"Well, Let's see where Glodos and Ambers are." The Rider on the back of the large black dragon said.

Just as he said this Glodos and his smaller black dragon, Ambers, landed close to the group with the younger dragons.

The larger dragon and his Rider was Adeodatus, the Rider, and Aemilius, the dragon.

The smaller dragon, Ambers, was a female, but most people wouldn't be able to tell unless they were close up, and usually they would be dead if they were too close.

The Aemilius and Adeodatus began making their way over to Ambers, and also the group with the young dragons.

5/13/2012 #48

"I'll support her when she gives me a reason to be supportive," Vriska replied.

5/14/2012 #49
I am the antihero Calmasis

"You should always be supportive," rumbled the dragon next to the redhead, Cassandra. Gladiator - as Cass named him - was a dragon that preferred to speak out loud; he didn't care if others heard him. He had a deep gravelly voice which was a bit odd for a dragon that young (he wasn't as young as Cygnus, but still wasn't an adult.)

5/14/2012 #50

"It's my business," Vriska retorted. "Marquise can take care of herself without others meddling!"

5/14/2012 #51
I am the antihero Calmasis

"Fine, then live with an insecure dragon that doesn't trust its partner," Gladiator said, rolling his eyes - though it was impossible to tell as his eyes were completely black.

5/14/2012 #52

"Live with not meddling," Vriska snapped in response.

5/14/2012 #53
I am the antihero Calmasis

"They just want to help you," Shiva said, smiling weakly. She had held up her hand to stop Cassandra and Gladiator; she was Vriska's friend; she wanted to convince her that she could trust them.

5/14/2012 #54

"If they want to help, they can stick to their own business!" Vriska replied, and Marquise nodded in agreement.

I'm not helpless, Marquise agreed.

5/21/2012 #55
I am the antihero Calmasis

Shiva pouted. "Fine." She raspberried at Vriska with a slight smirk on her face. "Then I guess you won't find out what I know about Joohnn!"

6/6/2012 #56

Vriska shrugged. "You're probably bluffing. How would you know anything about John that I don't?"

6/6/2012 #57
I am the antihero Calmasis

"Well, I do know that he and Liv have been spending quite an awful long time with Rose and Zazzerpan," Shiva said, looking away. "What they're doing...I won't tell you."

6/6/2012 #58

"Rose has finally separated herself from Kanaya. Never though that would happen," Vriska snorted.

6/6/2012 #59
Raven's Spark

(Leave it to John to name his Dragon after a stupid movie.)

6/6/2012 #60
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