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The world is collapsing. Or rather, collapsing into another world entirely. The Abyss is forming between the two, and it's up to you and your friends to seal the Abyss, find the cause, and save your worlds. Welcome to the completely original adventure, wr
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The Bystander who doesn't care

Did I mention how many threads are named this EXACT same thing? Nope, don't think I have! Well now you know and KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!

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11/22/2011 #2
The Bystander who doesn't care

I know. Plot details thread is in works right now, please wait warmly.

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11/22/2011 #4
The Bystander who doesn't care

Plot thread V0.01 done!

11/22/2011 #5

To those reading the Tomoya thread... Yes, you get a STAT screen just for signing up. STAT SCREEN!

You're welcome.

11/22/2011 #6
The Bystander who doesn't care

Sorry for all the horrible puns he just made. I was the one who made it first...

11/23/2011 #7

Well, since we're techinically talking to no one, high time we brought actual people here, no?

11/23/2011 #8
The Bystander who doesn't care

Sure. We got both sign up sheets for place holders so why not?

11/23/2011 #9

What are the groups' motives/missions? It's sorta hard to pick a team without knowing anything.

11/23/2011 #10

In short? While you're characters won't actually be part of the team when we start, they'll be recruited by which team you pick.

For actual motives? It boils down to this.

SANCTUM: Seal off the abyss, and cast out the Demons.

Re:NOVA: Use the abyss and Demons to do whatever needs doing.

Or, more specifically, SANCTUM = Law, Re:NOVA = Chaos. That help? And remember, this is open ended. Your character doesn't have to completely agree with the team it's part of.

11/23/2011 #11

What kind of state is the world in? Which Persona is it most similar to I guess? P3, P4, or P1? Also, would it be okay to use Trismegistus as my OC's persona?

11/23/2011 . Edited 11/23/2011 #12
The Bystander who doesn't care


Welcome to Toyama City! I am your tour guide for this fine afternoon so feel free to ask me any specific questions but let me start first!

Toyama city resides in the Kanto region of Japan and could be considered a port city too. While still growing, Toyama is already quite large and this is reflected at the academy which is one of the most prestigious in the nation. The food here is famous for spicy sea food and sweet desserts! Enjoy a beach that is open to public, the museum which houses many historical objects and the observatory on the neighboring mountain. Have I mentioned the mountain? The neighboring mountain has various wild animals and citizens of all ages enjoy hiking there on weekends and days off.

P3 I suppose. It takes place in a city to give more lee way in locations. It's fine as long as Mind approves too (I don't care) and he isn't overpowered but that goes for every persona!

I take that back. P1 takes place in a city. So I guess a mixture of P1 and P3.

11/23/2011 . Edited 11/23/2011 #13
Imai Kazuya

Ya know, I'm just paranoid enough to think that someone in here or P3RES knows me in my forum.

Cause nearly everything mentioned for Pi was decided as the overarching plot of my forum, just a few slight differences.

*Rewinding sound*

Whoops, sorry.

11/24/2011 . Edited 11/24/2011 #14
Imai Kazuya

But, anywho... I wouldn't mind joining up here.

If you'll have me and all my paranoia that is.

11/24/2011 #15

Uh... Never heard of this forum. Ever.

Seriously, ever.

Must be just something SMT fans just... Come up with naturally.

And Kazuya, we SERIOUSLY need to work on your double posting. If you need to say something extra, just edit the damn post, man!

11/24/2011 . Edited 11/24/2011 #16
The Bystander who doesn't care

There ain't no neutral group. Sorry but that just ain't fair~

11/24/2011 #17
Imai Kazuya

Right, sorry Mind. Forgot we had an Edit button.

And By, that's fine really, I was just stating some similarities I saw.

11/24/2011 #18

Well, you're clear to make up a character for either team. Just remember to follow the rules I set up, and we'll see how it goes.

11/24/2011 #19
Imai Kazuya

Okay, I have a huge list of characters that float around in my head at all times, some won't fit here, unless they were Demons, but meh.

I have Tenku Mae, a chauvistic flirt with a hint of psychotic tendencies.

Kurosaki Apollo, a simple guy, but very devoted to his sister, with just a touch of incest mixed in to spice it up.

Mitarashi Luna, a spiritually broken girl with serious patricide issues.

And that's all I have at the moment. I'm leaning towards Luna though, just to try out seriously RPing in the opposite gender.

11/24/2011 . Edited 11/24/2011 #20

Ah, nothing quite like incest to spice up a roleplay. Gives it that taboo zing. And possibly the hatred of parents reading over shoulders. (MEH. We're fine with it.)

Seriously though. Just pick whichever one you feel would work for you. If it's the flirt, good luck to you. If it's Brother Love over there, so be it. And if it's Luna Killgood... Well, I'll be worrying about how many people get killed off.

11/24/2011 #21
Imai Kazuya

*blinks slowly*

Huh, I seem to have a thing for 'broken' characters don't I?

I think I'll spin up someone new for here, but definitely going to be female though.

11/24/2011 #22

Meh, your call. Biologically, we've already got more than a couple females, but if you want to, so be it.

Me, I'm grabbing some cold pizza. Be right back.

11/24/2011 #23
The Bystander who doesn't care

Biologically..... Thanks Mind.

See yeah~


Let your creativity flow free!

11/24/2011 #24
Imai Kazuya

Posted up my new guy (yeah, was so sure this one would be a chick, but he decided differently I suppose).

And I have no idea how to describe Kyouya in a few short words.

11/24/2011 #25
The Bystander who doesn't care

Well then don't describe him in a few words! Let the words flow!

Anyways I'll check the character sheets after I've gotten dressed, eaten breakfast/lunch and in general had some P4.

11/25/2011 #26
Imai Kazuya

Funny, as of the Chaos side are the "Dream Boat, sexy, smart ones".

Makes me wonder how Law will appear overall.

11/25/2011 #27
The Bystander who doesn't care

Considering Yumeji's tendencies....

Also I'm totally thinking of having a mission which the Chaos team raids a Yazuka hideout. Using their demons.

11/25/2011 #28
Imai Kazuya

Sounds interesting. But what reason would they have to raid it, hmm...

I think I'm going to very much enjoy Pi when we get off the ground and really soar.

11/25/2011 #29
The Bystander who doesn't care

Because Re:NOVA's original goal was to bring justice in illegal ways. AKA using the demons to bring justice. Of course I contemplated the advantages (awesome) and disadvantages (some chaos members may not be okay with it) of killing the boss. Then I figured that even if most members were okay, the rating wouldn't.

It's a darker Persona. Or a Shin Megami Tensei with Social Links and perhaps a bit happier.

11/25/2011 #30
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