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The Bystander who doesn't care

Hey there! Yumeji here! Welcome to our team thread. As the de-facto leader I'm in charge of this thread. :D If you want to join totally awesome team just say so!

Sheet for General Stats




Current Persona:



Name:Watanabe Yumeji/Yumeko



Current Persona:Unknown (Tamamo-no-Mae)

Equip:Male School Uniform Set, Locket

Actual sheet



Dorm and Room Number (2-5, girls odd boys even):

(Dragon, Phoenix, Turtle, Tiger)



Arcana: (Fool, Judgement and World unavailable.)


Reason for joining Re:NOVA (CHAOS!):




And in case you were wondering:

Name:Watanabe "Yumeji

Age: 16

Dorm and Room Number: 401, Phoenix Dorm

Appearance:Snow white messy hair and blue eyes that are just brimiming with optimism? That can only be one person and that's Yumeji! Despite being short for his age and thin, Yumeji still has a pretty face that makes all the girls want to hug him. His usual attire is his school uniform but during week days he enjoys proper dress likes a white dress shirt and black jeans and black loafers.

Personality: Yumeji is very outgoing and polite. He's nice to everyone and so is very popular. He knows all the manners but even then you can tell by talking with him, he is a honest and intelligent boy who wishes for the best in the world. While not easily angered when he is, beware.

Arcana:Tower Persona: Tamamo-no-Mae


Reason for joining that team: Because I believe that true justice can not be dealt following the rules.

History: Has been PM'd

Notes: Yumeji is part of the soccer club.

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Imai Kazuya

Name : Shikyo, Kyouya (Four Deceptive Mirrors)

Age : 19

Dorm and Room Number : Dragon 404

Appearance : Narrow rimmed glasses over golden eyes. Long brown hair tied into a loose ponytail reaching the middle of his back. Wears the school uniform at most times. Can be seen wearing a black turtleneck and dark blue jeans occasionally.

Personality : Appears stoic to the casual observer, easily bored with anything he deems unworthy of his time (as many fangirls found out the hard way), sadistic to those he deems his enemies.

Arcana : Star

Persona : Callisto

Reason for joining Re:NOVA : Boredom, a need for entertainment

History : Kyouya has always been pressured into academics by his parents, but he always wanted to goof off instead. His parents became victims of a mysterious murdering spree when he was about 12. Focused hard on his studies to honor their memory. After achieving placement in the top percentile of his year, he grew bored with what he had. Kyouya wanted to find something to keep him entertained, but was unsure what it would be.

Weapon : Fists

Other : Tattoo would resemble four claw marks across the entire left side of his face.

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Name: Kuroi Hakuseki.

Age: 17.

Dorm and Room Number (2-5, girls odd boys even): Turtle 206.

Appearance: Stands at roughly 6'1", and weighs about 165 lbs. Has clean cut brown hair that's always combed down on all sides and reaches his neck. Also wears a pair of black glasses that have rectangular frames and lenses. When he's not wearing his school uniform, he wears a black/white checkered button up cotton shirt and blue jeans. Keeps his STAT in a container that is attached to his belt.

Personality: Rather laid black and lazy, he chooses to let problems run their course and resolve themselves rather than doing something about it himself. He has a blurred sense of justice and questions his own morals, and is always trying to find some sort of ideal to cling onto. His lack of a parental upbringing caused this, though he doesn't dwell on this fact and chooses to keep trying to fill the void.

Arcana: Fortune.

Persona: Lachesis.

Reason for joining Re:NOVA (CHAOS!): To find a side to choose and support, and a reason to do so. He believes that Re:NOVA can help him find a purpose to live for and something to fight for.

History: Kuroi was fathered by a wealthy business owner while his mother was one of his father's interns. In order to not cause a publicity stir, Kuroi was put up for adoption discreetly, though he eventually ended up in the orphanage after going through the foster family system for several years. His natural affinity for academics was furthered even more, as he had free time aplenty in the orphanage to study. This didn't go unnoticed by Toyama, where he now attends school.

Weapon: Dual Handguns.

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The Bystander who doesn't care

Sure why not? Approved.

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