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Dorm and Room Number (2-5, girls odd boys even):

(Dragon, Phoenix, Turtle, Tiger)



Arcana: (Fool, Judgement and World unavailable.)


Reason for joining SANCTUM (Lawful side):




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Name: Galea

Age: 19

Dorm and Room Number (2-5, girls odd boys even): Dragon dorm, N/A (Lives outside of dorm)

Appearance: Galea is a tall young man, with a slender frame and pale skin. Short, light green hair stretches down to his ears, and he wears a sharp pair of glasses over his golden eyes. His curved face completes his body's appearance. As for clothes, he wears a blue and white vest and shirt, along with the crest of Tomoya, and a white tie. This is standard apparel for teachers.

Personality: Galea is a quiet one, to be sure. Aloof, picky about his words and tending to make use of his verboise vocabulary, Galea prefers keeping to himself above all else. Even when he might have an opinion he wishes to make clear, he'll prefer to hang back from the conversation and shoot off the occasional quip, if he speaks at all. Distant but not cold, Galea is difficult to get close to, above all else.

Arcana: Justice

Persona: Angel

Reason for joining SANCTUM (Lawful side): He's the founder. Upon discovering the situation, Galea takes it upon himself to form SANCTUM for the sake of the world, using his own (and as much of the school's as he can be given) money as possible.

History: To Be Revealed.

Weapon: Tome.

Other: Goes to church on Sundays, and tries hard not to have SANCTUM activites take place on Sunday.

11/24/2011 #2

Name: Nobuo Maeda


Dorm and Room Number (2-5, girls odd boys even): 404, Phoenix

Appearance: 6'3, thin with little muscle. Dark brown hair that just about reaches his ears. Wears glasses with thick black frames and rectangular lenses when reading, but for normal situations he does not. Noticeably paler than most people. Outside of school, he wears a dark-blue t-shirt and a grey spring jacket when it's colder, as well as black pants and sneakers.

Personality: Easy-going, laid back. He's more concerned with having a good time than with being successful. As lazy as he can be academically, he is passionate about helping people in need. Believes strongly in order and trusts the law greatly, though that's not to say he wouldn't ever break it to do something he believed was right. He loves film, and plans to be a director someday. Also fond of sarcasm and dry humor.

Arcana: Sun

Persona: Caelus (Wind/Support)

Reason for joining SANCTUM (Lawful side): Nobuo joins SANCTUM because he views them as more of a peacekeeper than NOVA. He believes heavily in social order, and considers upholding order and law to be necessary for humans to prosper. He also realizes that he's not a very responsible person, and seeks to change that.

History: Nobuo comes from a pretty middle-class family. They make enough to afford sending him to school. He's led a rather dull life, as he views it, which is why he springs at the chance to be special and have some excitement, as well as help people.

Weapon: Brooms/Spears/Javelins/Polearms.

Other: Very insecure about his future. Has no confidence in his ability to actually get his dream job, but can't bear the thought of taking a boring "normal" job. Relationships with friends suffer because of his reluctance to do things. Not very interested in romance. He'd rather watch a good movie by himself than go on a date or do . . . other things that couples do. ;D

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