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The Bystander who doesn't care

Date: April Fools, 2018

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12/5/2011 #1
The Bystander who doesn't care

"So Kuroi-senpai, what is your favorite type of science? I mean you must enjoy it if you have come to Toyama Academy," Yumeji asked as he walked into the library. To say it was huge was an understatement. With 5 floors, it sported a modern look. The outside was white with blue windows that reached about 3 floors. To say that it was nice was also an understatement. And Yumeji was thrilled.

"Such a wonderful library. It seems as the city itself also enjoys learning." Yumeji examined the library. There were wooden tables and occasional plants. But what excited him the most were the books. Yumeji didn't have to worry anymore about being bored here.

12/5/2011 #2

"I guess my favorite science would be... quantum theory. I love the complexities and indefinities behind it. It has a lot of holes that are just waiting to be filled by normal people like you and me." Kuroi replied. It was the first bit of genuine passion he had expressed towards Yumeji since he met him.

He took a seat in a table and intertwined his hands. "What about you, Yumeji-san?"

12/5/2011 #3
The Bystander who doesn't care

"Biology." Yumeko answered this one herself. "I love all living things and I just love reading biology books." Yumeko picked out a book on mythology before taking a seat across from Senpai.

"Say, whose your favorite mythological being?"

12/5/2011 #4

"Well... to be honest, I don't know about mythology. I prefer to keep with the facts instead of looking into pretty much useless stories..." Kuroi said with a shrug. "Why do you ask?"

12/5/2011 #5
The Bystander who doesn't care

"Perhaps... I was just feeling sentimental." Yumeko smiled a small smile. The book she had chosen was about Tamamo-no-Mae. "Besides, I love stories. Sometimes it's nice to... immerse yourself in the 'useless facts.'" Yumeji flipped through before getting up.

"Come on. Let's go upstairs. The Science section is on the fourth floor." He gestured upwards.

12/5/2011 #6

"Okie doke..." Kuroi got to his feet and located the staircase upwards. He and Yumeji eventually arrived to the fourth floor.

(Gotta go for now.)

12/5/2011 #7
The Bystander who doesn't care

"Let's see...." Yumeji browsed through the books selecting the ones that interested him. Which meant most of them. As he selected them, he placed them in a tower next to him. By the time it was done the tower was about his height. Now came down to the process of elimination. Which one he wanted to read the most right now was the one he kept. Which was going to be hard.

"So Kuroi-senpai... Which one should I choose?" Yumeji asked Senpai for his honest opinion.

(Kay. Leaning Tower of Biology)

12/5/2011 #8

"Do they have anything on cellular structure?" Kuroi asked.

12/5/2011 #9
The Bystander who doesn't care

"Of course." Yumeji carefully pulled out a book near the bottom of the stack.

"This one's on cellular structure. I think some of them might dabble a bit but this one is centered around cellular structure."

12/5/2011 #10

Kuroi ensured that the stack didn't fall by supporting it with his hand. He looked over to Yumeji and made sure he got the book he needed.

"Phew. Alright then, what now?"

12/5/2011 #11
The Bystander who doesn't care

"I need some books on," Yumeji paused to take a breath before continuing, "Astrology, Magic , Quantum Theory, Chemistry, Number Theory, Advanced Algebra,Calculus. Specific books include Putnam and Beyond and the Math Olympiad Compendium along with The Prince by Machiavelli." Yumeji looked at the stack of books that senpai was holding.

"Let's put the books back first." Yumeji smiled, placing down the book he chose and started placing the books that composed the tower back where they belonged.

12/5/2011 #12

Kuroi trembled at the thought of how many more towers like the one before them. "Well... let's get cracking I guess."

He let go of the stack of books and looked around for where the next book would be.

(I'm sorry, but I can't concentrate right now. I think I'm gonna go. o_x)

12/5/2011 #13
The Bystander who doesn't care

"Don't worry. It usually only takes a few hours!" Yumeji smiled as he finished putting away the books. "I trust you know your Quantum Theory books enough that you can choose a good one so go find one. I'm heading to the Astronomy Section."

So what if it might take a few centuries. It kept Yumeji busy.

(See you tomorrow then~)

12/5/2011 #14
Imai Kazuya

Kyouya glanced up from the shelves he was browsing, hearing other people nearby, only to notice a stack of books swaying dangerously. He winced minutely when the stack fell with a mighty crash and a yelp of pain was heard. Glancing around and noting that he was the only other person around he stepped up to the pile.

He noticed a single twitching hand and pulled up a single book to uncover a face screwed up in pain. Kyouya raised an eyebrow and stated simply.

"Need a hand?"

(since By put the books up and walked away, I'm going to say that it was Mask they landed on, being nearby and all that)

12/13/2011 . Edited 12/13/2011 #15
The Bystander who doesn't care

(Nice to see you! If Mask no come by Thursday, I'm starting plot)

The sound of books crashing surprised Yumeji. He was pretty sure that yelp of pain was Kuroi-senpai too. Pretty sure. He steadied the book tower next to him and went to go see what happened.

"Are you okay, senpai?"

12/13/2011 #16

A groan came out of Kuroi's mouth as he tried to get to his feet. "This is why I HATE unorganized libraries..."

12/14/2011 #17

"What was that?" Nobuo asked distractedly as he started to walk away from where he'd been standing. It sounded like a ton of books had fallen on the floor somewhere across the library, and he was sure he'd heard a yelp or something.

"Oh no you don't," his friend Daisuke said as he tugged his shirt. "No investigating loud noises until you find this book."

"But someone might be in danger!" Nobuo said with mock concern.

"This is a library, if you manage to put yourself in harm's way then you deserve what's coming to you."

"True." Nobuo yawned and began to lazily search the shelves for his book.

(Figured this might need a little stimulation, so here's Nobuo's sarcasm Grand Debut /sarcasm. Daisuke's just a pal, a "bro" if you will. He's pure NPC, no Persona or anything)

1/10/2012 . Edited 1/10/2012 #18
The Bystander who doesn't care

"Now now. I'm sure next time you will be able to dodge that. Come on, let's get going. I think it's almost time for the mandatory check at the dorms. We're starting school tomorrow after all." Yumeji smiled a bit and waved to the stranger. "Good day."

1/10/2012 #19
Imai Kazuya

"Yeah, good day to you too." Kyouya frowned as the pair walked away. Tomorrow was the start of another day, and a new semester at that. As he turned away from the pile of books, a flash of long black hair and four deep gashes on a cheek caught his eye. However, as he tried to get a closer look, a flash of sunlight reflected off a nearby table blinded him.

When he looked again, all he saw was his own reflection. Puzzled, Kyouya shook his head and returned to his dorm.

1/13/2012 #20
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