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The world is collapsing. Or rather, collapsing into another world entirely. The Abyss is forming between the two, and it's up to you and your friends to seal the Abyss, find the cause, and save your worlds. Welcome to the completely original adventure, wr
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The Bystander who doesn't care

A small boy ran through what appeared to be a temple. He wore a black tuxedo and a top hat, along with tie. Despite appearing all stuck-up though, he bounced around like a rabbit, running around in the temple chasing after a blue butterfly. His fine shoes clattered on the white marble floor as the butterfly suddenly stop.


"Yes Master! I shall open the door to the abyss!" The boy smiled and the butterfly disappeared into thin air. Adjusting the top hat so it wouldn't be troublesome to his white rabbit ears he turned around to face a giant marble door with a strange symbol carved onto it.

"I am the !@%&$# demon. Open the door as there are humans who must fulfill their destiny." The door swung open and a large gust of wind blew outward nearly blowing his top hat off his white ruffled hair. He smiled, and then just like the butterfly, vanished into thin air.


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