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Alignment(Good or Evil, Chaotic,etc):




11/23/2011 #1

Name: Allora

Gender: Female

Race: Elven

Appearance: long black hair w/ green streaks pulled back in a braid, silver eyes, tall & skinny, has dragon wings tattoed on her back

Background: parents killed by humans yet I know that not all humans are bad it can get ugly if invoked by one, no living realitives, became more tough living on my own

Alignment(Good or Evil, Chaotic,etc): good but can be chaotic at times

Personality: tough, short temper, swift, cunning, wise

Class/Abilities: Rouge, good at; stealing, picking locks, and using dirty tricks

Other: has a pet fox named Dante

11/23/2011 #2

Name: Michiah Deyden



Appearance: Long curly blonde hair that goes down to her shoulders, Blue eyes, Thin figure and tan skinned. Her armor is Ancient Eleven armor set but normally doesn't wear the helmet unless needed.

Background:When Michiah was a young Dalish elf girl, a group of slavers raided her camp and killed everyone except for her and a boy named Ricardo. The only thing Michiah was able to take with her was her mothers armor The two remaining elves were sold into slavery under a Tevinter Magister named Illyana. As Michiah grew up, she learned how to used Dual Blades and eventually started to fall in love with Ricardo, who was know the apprentice of the Magister. Then, one night when Michiah went to see Ricardo, she witnessed him trying to resist Illyana as she set him up for a blood magic ritual. Michiah tried to interfere and killed the guards while Illyana escaped. She tried to help Ricardo, but it was to late as he was dying. Before he died, Ricardo gave Michiah a book on Rangers that he took from Illyana. Michiah then traveled from Tevinter Imperium to her home land of Ferelden and is traveling around the land searching for any sign of Illyana.

Alignment(Good or Evil, Chaotic or Lawful): Good Personality:What was once a cheerfull person even as a slave is now a cold shell of a person. She does not beleive in mercy and is hard to be taken out of her comfort zone unless the right person comes along

Class/Abilities (Just a basic outline of the type of skills your character can do): Rouge- Ranger

Summon wolf


Dual-weapon finesse

Dual striking



Dual weapon sweep

12/19/2011 #3

Hope its ok to join O.O'

Name: Luna Umai

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance: Pure white hair down to her waist, clear skin, 5'7, Ice blue eyes

Background: Luna is a mage that escaped from the fereldan circle and is constantly hunted by templars, She managed to destroy her phylactary so she has managed to stay free for a couple of months.

Alignment: Chaotic

Personality: Luna is stubborn but is incredibly skilled. She is determind to stay free but usually keeps to herself and stays calm and collective, She always carefully analysis the situation before rushing in.

Class\Abilities: Mage, Luna can summon spirits and demons without being possessed(Dunno if thats spelt wrong) and she usually uses Ice attacks, She can also summon spirit animals when in battle. She can heal minor injuries.

Other: Luna likes reading and eats a lot so its probably best not to say you'll pay for her cause she'll empty your purse.

Hope she's ok!

12/22/2011 #4

jamesss your character is accepted

12/28/2011 #5

Darkest15 your character is accepted

12/28/2011 #6

(lol hiya)

Name: Kihonaya Verian

Gender: Female

Race: Elf


hair:Red, always tied up in a messy ponytail.

eyes:Olive green


body type:Slender

Background: Kihonaya's parents were slaughtered in a random attack by giant spiders, and she has no one to depend on. Her only friend is her mabari, Twinkles.

Alignment: Nuetral

Personality: Closed-up (emotionally unavailable), though she sometimes spouts out philosophical phrases.

Class/Abilities: Mage


1/1/2012 . Edited 1/1/2012 #7


broodingwriter your character is accepted

1/11/2012 #8
Phantom of War

Name:Drake Cousland



Apperance:short black spikey hair, pericing blue eyes and a tattoo over his right eye and left cheek, tall, lean muscular built

Alignment:chaoic good laws don't affect his desidsions

Class:duel weilding warrior

Other:he has a soft spot for the little guys and children

1/13/2012 #9

Before I post my whole thing up, I'm curious... Are you still taking people?

5/20/2012 #10

(I dont know if you are still excepting, but if you are here is mine :) )

Name: Zinnavyre

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance: Ear-length choppy blue-black hair, piercing green-gold eyes, 5'4", slim, fox-like features, 19 years old

Background: She is an apostate who grew up living with her older brother and father, her father was also an apostate and trained her in the way of a shape changer. She lived with them always moving around to keep templars off their trail, until she was 15 when they fled right into a trap, she barely escaped after her brother and father were killed setting off the trap. She ran until she reached the kocari wilds and she had survived in there for a few years before she decided to leave and look for a new place to stay

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: She strives to do good for others in little ways, even though the whole of ferelden would see her trapped in a tower. She is caring of her friends and very protective of them, she will do anything for those she loves.

Class/Abilities: Mage- Shapechanger, Primal- fire, Minimal healing but enough to heal light and moderate wounds

Other: Has a pet raven whom she has a telepathic connection to

5/28/2012 #11

Does this start in Origins?

5/29/2012 #12
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