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Silvia squealed the moment Johnny's tongue got busy on her G-spot. Hitting it with sucks and licks, tasting her honey while his two fingers jutted around in her asshole with speed. She was such a good slut, moaning for him freely, and feeding into his desire. Mrs. Drake was set for some good dick after she came too and Johnny didn't have to wait long for it.

"Ohhhh yes Johnny don't stop~ Don't stop, Don't stop~ FUCK!~ FUCK I...I-I'M CUMMING! AH!~" Silvia screamed. She came hard on Johnny's mouth and fingers: Legs shaking, sex juices gushing, anus and vagina tightening around his digits while she gripped her sturdy work desk. That was just how good she came.

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the assassin of hope

Johnny would drink down her orgasm as he would soon slowly removing his fingers and mouth away from her holes. "I got to be honest that was great." he replied soon standing next to her, Hoping it was his turn to get the pleasure, His mother used to show him porn videos of Silvia when he was 13 and the promise he made was that one day he would fuck her, And that dream was sure as hell coming true today.

"Do you mind sucking me off so we can level the playing filed." he replied as he would then start to rub her thigh as his cock Looked painfully erect.

6/11 #2,192

Silvia made her ass wobble just to give Johnny a final glimpse of that posterior he loved so much before facing him. She worked with Mira a couple of times as porn actresses even though girl/girl or even boy/girl/girl during their time in porn. As for Johnny. There was something special about fucking Mira's son, knowing he was grown and sexy and ready to fuck her senseless.

"Well it's only fair~" Silvia smiled before dropping to her knees and facing Johnny's dick up close and personal and weighing and stroking it with her hands, "Oooh I made you so hard, so excited, don't worry I'll give you what you need~" The businesswoman cooed before taking it into her mouth. She could barely deepthroat it, it's length and girth rivaling her husband's. She was going to have so much fun with Johnny in and out of the boardroom.

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the assassin of hope

Johnny moaned softy as he would lean into the desk and would allow her to suck on his meaty shaft, Sure it did rival her husband, but at the same time nothing can beat her husband when it comes to the sack or romance, For Johnny this was more along the line of setting a good business deal, One that will sharpen the very future of this world.

"Don't be scared to take breathers if you need to." he replied as he would slowly thrust into her mouth, Wanting to feel every inch the pornstar had to offer And boy was he gonna get his money's worth. Maybe when he's fucking her up the pussy or ass if he's lucky, Maybe she can look over some pictures of what the other models will look, Each bringing a different think to the plate.

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That was a novel idea. Maybe Johnny could bend her over while she checked out some sex android model pictures on her computer, or while she mounted him she could scroll through some images on her tablet. There were some good possibilities after she finished sucking him dry in the name of multitasking. They were set to make a lot of money, a lot of consumers happy, and have a lot of fun.

Silvia stroked Johnny's strong dick while he pumped into her mouth. Moisten, suck, blow, moisten, suck, blow. All in that order to taste him and stimulate his whole tool with every thrust with wet sounds coming from her mouth.

"Slmr~ Slrm~ mmm~ sll~ lg~ llg~"

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the assassin of hope

Which they were in luck, Johnny brought his flash drive which had the pictures of the many models he was planning on doing, Both male and Female, And all races if possible and countries. The male knew that this would set up all his kids for Life, and maybe their grand kid's lives, And of course boost the stock of all the share holders in both companies.

Johnny leaned more into the desk as he would allow Silvia to suck on his large cock. "Oh You want to drain me don't ya~" he replied as he place his hand on her head and was running his hand though her hair.

6/12 #2,196

Silvia looked up at Johnny with attentive and slutty eyes. She was happy to drain him dry. In fact, she had an idea to show her will to impress and please Johnny even more.

"Mmm awww your balls look dry. I'll take care of them~" Silvia cooed, taking Johnny's dick out of her mouth so she could suck his big cum-filled balls. It was as if she knew how much Johnny had been wishing for this day to come. If Silvia was as passionate about sex as she was with business there was no doubt their sex androids will make a lot of money for them

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the assassin of hope

Johnny groaned softy as it had been a while since he had a good ball sucking, his cock was resting against her head while she did this, What she didn't know was that he was ready to cum, but he couldn't get the words out due to how good her mouth felt.

"G-gahh!" he groaned out as he would then start to shoot his cum load all over her face, Some it ending up in her hair due to the angle of his shaft, He hoped she was okay with this, he never wanted any of the girls to know this, but the trick to make Him cum fast and hard was a good ball sucking and Clearly Silvia found it.

6/14 #2,198

"I guess I now know the trick to getting you off~" Silvia smirked before sucking Johnny's balls one final time before letting them go with a lewd *pop*. Silvia was quite the pleaser. She was unafraid to explore kinks and new positions and do freaky things just to see what her partner liked. She held that spirit from her days as a porn star to now and it never let her down. Especially when it came to finalizing deals in the office.

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the assassin of hope

"Just don't tell my lovers that trick, I'm pretty sure they'll drain me dry if that's the case." he replied as he would soon pull out a flash drive from his phone. "I also got some other designs on this flash drive if you want to look them over." he replied as he knew that they were gonna start screwing each other, Question is how would she like to Proceed chances are that she might end up with the PC in doggy style or even cowgirl with the tablet.

6/15 #2,200

"I do want to look them over, while you look my big butt over while we fuck in doggystyle," Silvia answered impishly while taking the flash-drive. She knew Johnny was an ass-lover and she was anxious to get some business started with him so that was the best of both words.

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Lt.James lugnerische

(Hey boss, I sent ya a PM)

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the assassin of hope

Johnny grinned with glee as He would start to stroke himself off for a bit before slowly dry humping her big round ass, Mostly to get himself hard and ready to pound the living hell out of this Mature Bussneiss woman, In some ways you can say it was a dream come true, for it is a One.

6/17 #2,203

While Johnny was stroking his dick back to full hardness Silvia had assumed the position and was angling her laptop with Johnny's flash drive in it so she could view the prototype models from Griff-Tech

"Let's see what you have here. How about..oh!~" Silvia piped in surprise the second Johnny began to dry hump his hips into her perfectly angled backside. But then the surprised look turned into a sincere smile, "I knew you were gonna love me like this~ Ass up, just waiting for you~" She purred, egging him on to fuck her hard. If her plumpness was bouncing so nicely on his hips from dry humping thrusts imagine what they could do with actual sex...

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the assassin of hope

On the screen she would see multiple designs and how Johnny wanted to Make sure that all the races of the world had an Android, Even the UK get's a super busty power house based off the Model Leanne Crow.

Johnny couldn't handle it anymore taking his cock he would then shove it into Silvia's tight pussy and began to thrust wildly Into her, Having known that she is married, Johnny will pull out Which was a hard thing to do, But at the same time he respected Her husband for taming such a hot piece of ass that he'll only paint it white with his cum. "feel free to keep clicking the button for the next slide or set it to Slideshow mode." he replied as he was fine either way.

6/17 #2,205

Once Silvia began clicking files and checking data she was admittedly impressed with what Johnny had to present. The models, both female and male, looked pleasing to the eyes and even though they were in the prototype stage like Yoko was they seemed capable enough for improvements and almost ready to be on sale. Perhaps her team could help Griff-Tech with some new designs...

But before she got too comfortable on the computer Johnny reintroduced her to his dick. One balls-deep thrust inside of her followed by quick strokes that made Silvia gasp in pleasured surprise and then moan like the seasoned slut she was.

"Yes~ Yes fuuuuuuck~ Mmm you don't waist any fucking time do you?~" Silvia moaned while she looked back at Johnny with a smile on her face before turning back to the computer. Every stroke made her ass gyrate and her pussy juices coat his shaft. No wonder pulling out was going to be a difficult feat but she was a married woman, only her husband could come inside if her. But Silvia had no problems with Johnny releasing his seed on her.

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the assassin of hope

Plus it might look hot as hell to have His seed either shot all over her sexy face or even that sexy fat ass of hers, The designs were pretty well, But Johnny's Griff tech Plant is small right now with only 5 Andriod's being made in one hour with IC's help maybe they mass produce 50 Per hour.

Of course There was the matter of this first, Johnny would grip both of her plump hips and began to thrust into her with soft little thrusts but made sure they were deep, He knew that pulling out was gonna be a tough thing to do, But Johnny wanted to play It cool with the Drake's.

"Well I like to with a young girl, But for a Mature Woman like yourself, I feel the need to go right for it~" he replied in a lusty tone as he would play with her large tits, Wanting to keep both of her arms free so she could keep clicking though the slide show.

6/18 #2,207

"Any man can please a girl but it takes a real man to please a woman~" Silvia moaned with a little wink, "Oooh just like this baby, give me every inch of that dick while you play with my tits~"

Silvia loved a man who knew how to put her pussy to work. Those soft but long strokes let Johnny savor the tightness and wetness of her walls while he gave her backshots. Letting him feel the pleasure of her vagina while he saw that ass move and felt up her breasts. But the sex wasn't the only thing that made her feel good. The thought of the money they could make with the designs from the sex androids as a part of this joint product kept her feeling good.

6/19 #2,208
the assassin of hope

Johnny would grip her hips tighter as His cock was getting deeper into her with each thrust he did into her. "O-oh fuck yeah this feels so much better then that fake pussy you were selling years ago." he groaned out as Nothing really did beat out the OG puss.

The designs were good, from the looks alone LC-500 was the latest model in mind and was thick and with a British accent to boot. "We also got some plans for a 600, But I need to find a Thick Latina to base the female on." Johnny replied still talking about business while fucking her.

6/19 #2,209

Fleshlight toys were always a reliable seller but there was nothing like the real thing and Johnny was finding that out firsthand.

"I have some connections with models we can use. Mmm fuck~ Ahhh I'll call them once you're done banging me good~ Ahh~" Silvia responded with a moan. God that long dick was so good to her. And there was something a little kinky about talking business while having some good sex.

6/19 #2,210
the assassin of hope

Johnny would keep thrusting hard and fast as he was also finding it kinky talking about business while banging. "Oh that would be great." He replied as he would thrust harder into her tight pussy until he groaned. some of his pre cum leaked into her, But not enough to get her pregnant.

"Oh fuck get on your knees I'm about to blow my load!" He groaned softy as he pulled out of her pussy and was jerking himself off.

6/19 #2,211

And Silvia quickly moved into position right then. Getting on her knees in front of Johnny's hot, throbbing, dick so she could catch his cum on his face, "Mmmm yeah baby give me all of that cum~ Seal the deal baby~ She coaxed in anticipation of his seed.

6/21 #2,212
the assassin of hope

Johnny kept jerking himself off as he then groan, Shooting His load all over her face and some of it landing on her plump tits. "Oh fuck that felt good." he replied as he was resting his cock near her face. "And with that our Companies are gonna work close with each other~"

6/21 #2,213

"And it's going to be great~" Silvia smiled with cum on her slutty face and big breasts. She was glad that she could seal the deal with Johnny with sweet sex. Maybe if they made a profit with the sex androids quick enough he'll let Johnny fuck her ass next. But of course, after they counted their revenue together.

6/21 #2,214
the assassin of hope

Soon The door Open as Yoko walked in as she was cover In Semen. "I'm finish." She replied with a sweet smile, Clearly having a rough time but thankfully was still in one piece. Johnny would lean on her desk slightly, His cock Loosen hanging between his legs. "So Yoko how many Creampies did you take?" He asked as Yoko thought on it for a second. "8 In the Pussy, 4 In the ass, And Two came On my body and face before they needed to lay down~" She replied as she would grab a wash cloth and was washing herself.

6/21 #2,215

Fortunately, Silvia always kept some soft, fresh, body face & body wipes handy just for this moment to clean herself up after getting some cum on her body. And once she was done she dressed back up and went to join Johnny in her office and took in the sight of Yoko's fun, "Combined 12 creampies and she still looks good post-gangbang. I am pleased Yoko," Silvia said with a light smile while she adjusted her top.

6/22 #2,216
the assassin of hope

Johnny smiled as he would start to clean up Yoko as the Android was putting on her clothes. "So me and Yoko need to return to work, just come on over whenever you want to look up on any of the models we are working on." he replied leaving with the Japanese Android, Being glad that he got this deal in.

6/22 #2,217

"Understood," Silvia said while she adjusted her suit top over her generous bust, "I'll send someone over to your office to discuss potential models and see the ones you have already," Silvia answered formally before a small smile graced her face, "and by the way Johnny. You really know how to close a deal~"

7/1 #2,218
the assassin of hope

Johnny smiled at this. "Why thank you." he replied as he would figure that he had a new office near RND so he can overlook the Android plant that's gonna be put In. That's when Silvia's Husband sent her a text and a picture. 'So it turns out that Mr.Griffin had sent over someone to help sweeten the deal with me as well, And well...Let's just say that I can't wait for you to come home babe~' and in the picture it was Cinder fall in thigh highs, Stripper heels, A red lace bra and panty with gold detailing, Along with a trench coat. 'She's gone home now, But I still got an erection~' Gotta love open relationships.

7/1 #2,219

Silvia was in an open relationship herself with her husband. Of course, their love life was a unique one given how they were married and had their own business ventures and multiple kids but sex was too much fun to have it be just between themselves. Hence their open relationship. They even swung on occasion.

"Now to tell my hubby about my meeting~" Silvia said to herself. Her email to the shareholders could wait. She had to let her husband know about how good her meeting with the Griff-Tech executive...and tell him just how horny she was after it all.

7/2 #2,220
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