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I'm slapping my head for not making this help topic in when I first made this fine forum....

This is where you list your characters for easy location within the creation topics.

(character), (creation topic), (page number) (optional extra information)

9/11/2014 #1
Bone Master
(Nagato) (Person Creation.) (Page 53.)
9/25/2014 #2

(Kenneth Hopkins) (Superhero/Villain) (9) (Post 244)

(Deion Huffman) (Person Creation) (53) (Post 1571)

9/26/2014 . Edited 9/26/2014 #3

This isn't a RP topic, Asal.

2/15/2015 #4

yeah I removed Asal's posts here

also what's up?

2/16/2016 . Edited 2/16/2016 #5
Artanis the Flesh Eater


6/26/2016 . Edited 6/26/2016 #6

(Mei) , (Person Creation),(page 77)

2/4/2017 #7
( archer knock ) ( furry cration ) ( page 11 )
2/4/2017 #8
the assassin of hope

(Mira Griffin) (Griffin family:Mother) (Page 78)

(Johnny Griffin) (Griffin family:Son) (Page 78)

(Johanna Griffin) (Griffin family:Daughter) (Page 78)

(Ivy Brannigan Griffin) (Griffin Family: Daughter of Johnny Griffin and Lily Brannigan(Green Mouse OC) (Page 81)

(Rose Brown Griffin) (Griffin Family: Daughter of Johnny Griffin and Marie Brown(Gundam's OC) (Page 81)

(Jeane Griffin) (Griffin family: Goddess) (Page 81)

(Alexis brown) (Brown family: Mother of Marie Brown, One who gave birth to her(Gundam's OC) (Page 82)

(Mad Mike Griffin) (Griffin family: Son of mad moxxi and Johnny Griffin)(Page 82)

(Sam Brannigan Griffin (Son of Lily Brannigan(Greenmouse OC) And Johnny Griffin, Oldest son of the 'Brannigan line') (PG.82)

(Zeke Brannigan Griffin (Son of Lily Brannigan(Greenmouse OC) And Johnny Griffin, Youngest son of the 'Brannigan line') (PG.82)

(Ruby Red) (page.82)

AK-100 (AKA Yoko) (PG.83)

IO-200 (AKA Denise) (PG.83)

TK-300 (AKA Lisa) (PG.83)

Evie Griffin (Sister of Mira Griffin) (PG.85)

Serrna lobo Griffin (Daughter of Evie Griffin and Rodrigo Del Lobo) (PG.85)

7/4/2017 . Edited 7/7 #9
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