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(Cool! Btw you prefer NSFW or none of that or both? Also what type of body type you like for her to be other than just having a big table ass included XD?)

6/22 . Edited 6/22 #811

(Small, but not flat chest and a smallish waist. Not wasp-like thin but enough to give her a nice bottom-heavy figure.)

6/24 #812

(So she has small breasts and slim waist, but have wide hips and huge rear? Is she like pear-shape then or something else?)

6/24 #813

(No you got it right! Small breasts, slim waist, wide hips, huge rear, with a pear shape. Definitely thicc.)

6/30 #814

(KK, I think I got the right picture for her body type. You want it real life picture, right? No fictional drawings whatsoever?)

7/3 . Edited 7/4 #815

(Nope. No fictional drawings)

7/4 #816

(KK, cool. Then how about this body type then:

I think this body type is what you been looking for in Pear-Shaped, Table-Booty, and THICC XD.

What you think of it?)

7/5 . Edited 7/5 #817

(Alright. I can work with her. Brandy looks something like that :)

7/10 #818
(Cool! Though we agree you do the appearance while I got the body type, right? Don't want you think I am making her look something else from what you want from your appearance side.)
7/19 #819

(Yes we are in agreement man.)

7/26 #820
(KK, cool. Anything else to discuss on?)
8/8 #821

(A startup post. That's all we need. I'm thinking that to build things up we have Brandy console your character after a hard day's work, dote on him a little bit to build up to a classic romantically-fueled lemon.

8/12 #822

(I see, so have Brandy be a loving girlfriend and cheer her boyfriend up which soon leads to a intimate encounter at the end of it? Then after their romantic love/lust intimacy, they go into talking in bed about meeting her folks and friends and soon start of the growing harem he soon as she felt it's time for him to finally get to know and see them?)

8/17 #823

(Quite frankly to be honest after looking back at our year-long conversations on multiple sites and Forums I don't give a shit. Let's just get this roleplay started. Just tell me your character's name. I'm tired of planning and discussing...)

8/18 . Edited 8/20 #824

(Sure thing, let's do that. Sorry for taking awhile to post my side. My character's name will be Lamars "Mars" Knight. Yours is still Brandy McDowell or something like that, right? Also who doing the starting post again?)

8/20 #825
8/20 #826

(Alright go ahead. Let's do this! Also getting prepare for later events on how to move and add characters too, so no need to worry. Let's get to it :).)

8/21 #827


8/25 #828

(I'm here. I was just caught up in School coming back in session)

9/5 #829

(I see. How was it? Still want to post first or should I?)

9/8 #830

(Honestly, truthfully, you should post first for this idea. I was a little too squeezed with work to get a post started for this idea.)

9/11 #831

(KK, please remind me though on how Brandy will be in this? I know they will be a couple, but what is her job and other things about her?

Also mind do a similar situation like the bus thing from Ryu's forum in this, but instead of that, maybe we can try something like being stuck on a elevator and are the only ones there or maybe not and there other people, but they do 'stealth stuff' despite it?

Maybe something to do with the Beach they meet on and hang out which one thing led to another before 'smexy' stuff happens?

What new way and start you think we should go for or you have ideas of your own? Sorry for asking this, but since it been awhile since we talk again. I need to know what be best way we start things here before I post so I don't mess up.)

9/11 #832
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