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(Cool! Btw you prefer NSFW or none of that or both? Also what type of body type you like for her to be other than just having a big table ass included XD?)

6/22 . Edited 6/22 #811

(Small, but not flat chest and a smallish waist. Not wasp-like thin but enough to give her a nice bottom-heavy figure.)

6/24 #812

(So she has small breasts and slim waist, but have wide hips and huge rear? Is she like pear-shape then or something else?)

6/24 #813

(No you got it right! Small breasts, slim waist, wide hips, huge rear, with a pear shape. Definitely thicc.)

6/30 #814

(KK, I think I got the right picture for her body type. You want it real life picture, right? No fictional drawings whatsoever?)

7/3 . Edited 7/4 #815

(Nope. No fictional drawings)

7/4 #816

(KK, cool. Then how about this body type then:

I think this body type is what you been looking for in Pear-Shaped, Table-Booty, and THICC XD.

What you think of it?)

7/5 . Edited 7/5 #817

(Alright. I can work with her. Brandy looks something like that :)

7/10 #818
(Cool! Though we agree you do the appearance while I got the body type, right? Don't want you think I am making her look something else from what you want from your appearance side.)
7/19 #819
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