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This is a topic made for ChuckMoeKing217 and Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass to RP in only. No one else can RP in this unless they ask for permission to join and confirmed by both of us. Thank you :)!

1/13 #1

(This is it, so ready to discuss what we should RP?)

1/13 #2
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Sure, so what you up for?)

1/13 #3

(Well are we doing RPs for both of us or doing one first before the other?)

1/13 #4
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Lets do both, would be better in my opinion, though we can do one at a time if you want.)

1/13 #5

(Well just don't want to overrun you if your not in the mood doing both RPs at the same time is all. We can, but don't want to be selfish on making you play female first if you interested on playing a guy more. You sure you want to stick with your choice or go one at a time first?)

1/13 #6
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Thanks for worrying, but i'll be good doing two RP's dude, so how shall it be, harem or single girl for us both?)

1/13 . Edited 1/13 #7

(Depends...I might be leading on harem more, but depends on what we fine and what we going for. Should we tell each other our kinks again since it been awhile?)

1/13 #8
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Alrighty, and well mine are in the first page of Land of M's introduction topic.)

1/13 #9

(I checked and I never done one of those before, so it's better I explain mine here then and you tell me what you think :). My kinks are open for the most part, but my top kinks are foot fetish (Women's feet only and bare feet with maybe stockings, but no shoes, boots, sandals, etc. during sex with the exception of clothed sex), curvaceous/voluptuous figure (Usually goes as far as Realistic Hyper, but can go farther if my partner is into that), and Fandom RPs (Only do this one if both me and my partner know the Fandom we are doing, not one of us). My dislikes/limits are Yaoi, Loli, Bondage (Except Light Bondage), Incest (Except Cousin Incest, In-Law Incest, and Step-Incest), Gore (Except Light Gore), Vore, Water Sports, Scat, Toilet Play, Pegging, Oviposition, and Tentacles (Off and On). What you think?)

1/13 #10
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Damn, quite the list, seems good, nothing that'd limit what I'm hoping for in the RP in your dislike list.)

1/13 #11

(Great to hear :). Though how you like my top kinks I am into like my foot fetish and curvaceous/voluptuous figures? You go Large, Hyper, Macro, or in-between somewhere there with the figures?)

1/13 #12
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(I like em, and i'm up for any figure really)

1/13 #13

(Even Hyper or Macro?)

1/13 #14
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(I have a good idea what Hyper is i think, but not marco...mind explaining?)

1/13 #15

(Macro is larger than Hyper and goes on more Unrealistic Body Type a lot more compare to it. Do you have an picture of what you see as Hyper?)

1/13 #16
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Ah, okay well yeah I'm good with that, and no I do not.)

1/13 #17

(Alright then, well we will use pictures to see and judge whether we like them or not.

So feeling like doing an fandom atm. Mind listing down all the Fandoms you know and seen?)

1/13 #18
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Sounds good to me.

Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Overwatch, are more but these are my usual go to's. x3)

1/14 . Edited 1/14 #19

(Hmmm....Interesting. I also check your profile and you seemed to know Cartoons like Total Drama, Avatar, etc.. Do you know more Cartoons than that as well?)

1/14 #20
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Hmm...none that really come to mind, at least not that I'd like to do a harem RP with.)

1/14 #21

(Alright. Don't want to make you feel uncomfortable so we try those you suggested. Though how deep you know each fandom you said above?)

1/14 #22
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Pretty damn well i'd say, mainly Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Ball the most though.)

1/14 #23

(Hmmmm...Honestly been wanting to do RPs for awhile for any of these except Kingdom Hearts since don't know that one well.

If I am being honest...Might try doing one for possibly One Piece, Dragon Ball, or Fairy Tail. Though also interested in Naruto and Bleach too. Ughh, can't decide clearly DX XD! What would you think? What would you have to choose between Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, or Fairy Tail? Which you craving more?)

1/14 . Edited 1/14 #24
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Ah, well that's to bad, it's a great game series, ya should really get into it, the third numbered game is coming out this year. It has 8 installments at the moment.

Lol...hmm, I'd say Dragon Ball because i've really gotten into again thanks to Super, we can do different ones if your craving of the others more.)

1/14 . Edited 1/14 #25

(Maybe one day, but will be a lot of money tospend to get them all xD.

Maybe, but can you tell me how far you are in Super? Also tell me how far you are in the other series I mention. Knowing where are currently will let me know which one to pick and what idea we can do.

Also sorry for these questions. Just making sure things go smoothly for both of us.)

1/14 #26
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Completely caught up with Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Bleach, mostly caught up with Fairy Tail and Naruto.)

1/14 #27

(Tell me each arc for each lol xD.)

1/14 #28
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(For Super, BOG arc, ROF arc, Universe 6 arc, Goku Black arc, and currently Tournament of power arc. For Bleach, forget what the first one is called, then there's some filler arcs, Arrancar arc, full bringer arc then Quincy arc. Don't actually recall the names of the Naruto and Fairy Tails, which One Piece, there's the east blue arc, um forget what chopper's arc is called, some filler arcs that I don't bother remembering the names of but most are good, Alabasta arc, Skypea arc, Water 7 arc, Thriller Barc arc...can't remember what the one after that is called, WhiteBeard arc, Fishman Island arc, another one I can't remember the name of, then Dressrosa arc, and now Big Mom arc.)

1/14 #29

(Hmmmm....Good to know.....Well looking at this. I think I will have to go with the One Piece Fandoms judging by this, but before I make it official, need to ask a few things.

Do you want an Consensual, Non-Consensual, Dub-Consensual, or mixture of all three (Only if we doing multiple characters for this choice)?

You want more story, more smut, or mixture of the two? What would be your ratio?

What your post-length desire?)

1/14 #30
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