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(My idea is that perhaps MC and Orihime do a project together and she could invite him to her place for that (Also due to being secretly lonely due to losing her parents and older brother if I remember correctly, right? Plus like on Ichigo, she could have a secret crush on him too). During the study "date", maybe an Hollow comes in or some spirit take possession of either him or her and things could go into a sensual territory as that Hollow could be looking to take their souls through possession and/or during sexual contact kinda like succubus/incubus. While either side will try to resist, they soon give into the pleasure and start being intimate with one another. Though during the "course" of things, Rukia could come in to stop this and also get rid of the Hollow in the situation which she soon does (Could also sexual remove it by "force" with Rukia if you want too?).

After that, perhaps due to the "sensual tension" in the air and such, Rukia could "assist" herself in helping them (preferably MC) on being relieve since they can see her with no problem and also she finds something "unique" with MC out of it (Could be similar situation with how Ichigo became an Soul Reaper through Rukia to fight the Hollow that is possessing Orihime or himself). When that is done, we can follow events of Bleach afterwards, but in an more "adult" aspect though ;).

What you think?)

1/19 #91
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Sounds good to me.)

1/20 #92

(KK, so any questions you have about it or to add? Also your answers to the ones I mention as "choices"?)

1/20 #93
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(No questions and hmmm...I'd say Hollow, possessing/influencing whatever Orihime, and nah with the sexual remove with Riku)

1/20 #94

(KK and alright, I have the Hollow possess MC then, but he will continue to resist back and forth, so maybe intimacy won't be fully or so. KK, but do you want Rukia and him be intimate afterwards when it's done or rather wait a bit more for that?)

1/21 #95
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(Alrighty, and Rukia and him to be intimate afterwords)

1/21 . Edited 1/21 #96

(Alright. I think that's everything, right? Will post tomorrow.)

1/22 #97
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass
1/22 #98

(Btw, are you busy? You seem to be posting form your mobile only.)

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