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Loneliness Gundam

"Did you enjoy your first sex?" he asked.

3/6 #20,761
Sakura moonstream

I think so

3/6 #20,762
Loneliness Gundam

He pecked her cheek again and gently cuddled her.

3/7 #20,763
Sakura moonstream

Relaxed slowly

3/7 #20,764
Loneliness Gundam

(I'm kind of out of ideas for this one...)

3/8 #20,765
Sakura moonstream
(Me too)
3/9 #20,766

(hey! could i join?)

5/24 #20,767

(Anyone want to RP here?)

5/26 #20,768
Lt.James lugnerische

(Hey Kya, wanna start here?)

6/25 #20,769


Emilia sighed as she walked into the courtyard of her new high school. Her skirt was longer than most girls and she was pretty nervous. She had just transferred from another school and so felt quite the outcast.

6/25 #20,770
Lt.James lugnerische


As she did she would have noticed a boy passing to the side of her with a small smile

"Mornin." he greated

6/25 #20,771

Emily nearly jumped. "M-morning." she replied sheepishly waving.

6/25 #20,772
Lt.James lugnerische

He chuckled at her "Newbie huh?" he asked as he ciricled her once as he walked along

6/25 #20,773

"I guess y-you could say that." she said scratching her head in embarrassment. "My name is E-Emilia, but you could me Emi." she replied.

6/25 #20,774
The Reader of Fanfiction
(Hey, Kya, sprry to ask again, not sure if you saw last time, but wpuld you be up for an RP
6/25 #20,775
Lt.James lugnerische

He smiled softly at her

"Emi huh?, well it's a pleasure to meet you." he mused with a grin "You need any help getting around?"

6/25 #20,776

"Um yeah, I'd like that." she replied shyly with a small nod.

6/25 #20,777
Lt.James lugnerische

"Sounds good."

He commented with a smile, strolling with her

"Well, down the hall we're going in is the class rooms, compuster, sience, math, music, all that, and the office is at the end, where I think you should stop and give your student application and get an ID." he told her with a smile

6/25 #20,778
The Reader of Fanfiction
6/25 #20,779

"Th-thank you, It was nice meeting you." she said giving a small nod and headed into the office to get her student info checked out. After that she walked around trying to figure out where her classes were. She continued to think about the boy she ran into until she froze and felt herself getting hard. 'Oh no...not now! w-where is the bathroom?' she thought frantically walking quickly trying to not look suspicious. It was her first day and she didn't want to cause a scene.

She finally found the ladies room and closed the door behind her. She looked over the door to check if anyone was in the restroom. Seeing that it was clear she lifted up the toilet seat and pulled down her panties revealing a 8 inch dick. "Its really twitching." she said softly trying not to moan as she started jerking off. She jerked faster and faster until she came several thick ropes of cum all over the toilet. "Oh no..." she murmured looking at the mess.

She would've cleaned it up but her first class was going to be starting soon. She quickly pulled up her panties and hurried out as if nothing had happened. She was relieved that her dick went soft again going back to 3 inches and staying unnoticeable.

6/25 #20,780
Lt.James lugnerische

(heh poor girl.)

After a while indeed the class she had gotten to for the morning was the simple computer scienes class, as she entered the teacher would have instructed her to greet the others, and then pointed to her seat, again, next to the boy she had met eariler

6/25 #20,781

Emi shyly introduced herself and then sat down next to the boy she met earlier. She tried to focus on her school work and nothing else. She also was worried about what the other girls would do when they found the mess she made in the bathroom.

6/25 #20,782
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam looked over with a small smile and a wave to the girl as he cracked his knuckles and began to go to the typeing assigment, before opening a 'private' IMI window and sending a 'Hi' to her computer

As for the mess, well, it hadn't been found luckily, buy, a poor janitor that was cleaning the rest rooms could only groan about damn kids pranks as they cleaned.

6/26 #20,783

Emi blinked for a moment looking at the message. 'Hi' she replied back.

6/26 #20,784
Lt.James lugnerische

Getting the responce, he smiled and typed in 'how are you doing?'

6/26 #20,785

'I'm okay...who is this?' she typed back. She looked around confused and back at her screen.

6/26 #20,786
Lt.James lugnerische

"Guy from eariler, back row, right side." he typed with a small smile as he had the chat bar opened in one window, the other was the school work.

6/26 #20,787

Emi blushed a bit. 'Oh hi.' she typed. 'thank you for earlier.'

6/26 #20,788
Lt.James lugnerische

"Course, glad to be of help." he typed with a grin "so, want to hang at study hall later?"

6/26 #20,789

Emi thought about it for a second but then nodded. 'Um...yeah, sure.' she typed back.

6/26 #20,790
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